The Babysitter -- Chapter 3

"James, sorry to bother you! I know that you didn't want to be disturbed.
But there's a courier here from UPS who says that he won't leave this
delivery without your personal signature..." My intercom rang out to me.

"Okay, Julie, send him in. I thought that you were leaving early today?"

"If it's okay with you, I'll leave now."

"That's fine. Lock the front door on the way out. I'll let the courier
out my back door."

With that my office door opened with the gorgeous Julie presenting the
courier to me. My face hit the floor. There he stood with a courier pouch
under his arm, tall, thin, fit, blonde, with a giant smile on his face."

Julie closed the office door. "Sir, I have a package for you to sign for."

He looked back over his shoulder and saw that the door was closed. He
quickly came right over to me and planted a huge kiss right on my lips
while tossing the package and his PDA on the desk. I was totally floored.

I pulled away and said, "I didn't know that you were a courier. You said
you were working, but..."

"I know. I saw this package on the manifest for you and decided to deliver

"Jay it's good to see you."

"Am I disturbing you?"

"I'm already disturbed!!! You can only make it better!"

I reached up and started to tug at his belt. His "package" was already
bulging. I was pretty stiff myself. His dick popped out of his tight
pants with an electric flop. He was standing to attention already. He
pushed his rod into my face and I accepted it with mouth wide open. He
pushed it in and out with such quiet motion all the while with his eyes
rolling in his head and a quiet moan emanating from his chest.

I could taste the precum dripping out of his cock head and into my mouth.
I always loved the taste of his precum and cum. His cock tensed and he
pulled it out of my mouth and held it tight in his hand.

"Woe! That was too close, too fast! You are too good!"

He knelt down in front of me and unfastened my pants and belt and pulled
off my pants. I felt the cool air of the office strike my cock head. I
realized that I was soaked with precum, too.

Jay put his face into my clothed crotch and started to lick my g-string
pouch and then lightly bite it. I was so horny! I put my hands on his
beautiful full head of blonde wavy hair and stroked it while he did me.

His tongue worked its magic as my cock grew in size and pushed to get out
of the pouch it was encapsulated in. He then put his strong hands under my
butt and pushed my butt into the air as I slipped down into the executive
chair. He moved his tongue down past the pouch to the string that went
through my crack and started to lick my pucker hole. I was moaning like a
horny bull now. His tongue was doing a full licking on my hole. I could
feel the spasms reaching deep within to my prostate. Wait! That was his
tongue reaching in.

"Your hole is just gaping, James! You must want it bad!" He went back to
his breathtaking rimming. His tongue was soothing my hole and darting in
and out in repetition.

"I'm going to blow my load, Jay!"

"Go for it! I know you've got plenty to spare!"

I lost total control. I hadn't cum in days. My wife and I weren't doing
it since she came back from her trip. So I had resorted to hand jobs or
doing without, unless I saw Jay (which wasn't happening enough). My load
blew all over the inside of the pouch. My cock popped out the side of the
pouch as it was blowing and glob after glob shot out of the head. Jay got
it right in the face at one point. I was a total mess! My g-string was
besmirched; my chair was covered on the arm; and my leg was dripping the
gooey white stuff too.

Jay went right to work. He started licking up my leg. I was writhing in
my chair. He cleaned up the chair arm and then yanked at my pouch and
started to tongue out the cum, there too. My cock was still hard and
throbbing in mid-air as he did his clean up job.

Meanwhile he had been yanking on his own rod. He stood up and started to
moan as he stood. I grabbed his rod and pulled it to my mouth just in
time. He started to blast his load into my face and then into my mouth as
I got him in. He had a full tank too. He shot wad after wad into the back
of my mouth until he began to shake and his knees gave away. He ended up
on his knees again on the floor with his face in my crotch. I thought he
had passed out!

"Oh my Gawd! That was fantastic!" Came the exhausted and shaky voice in
my crotch. I pulled Jay up onto my lap and started to kiss him deep with
the surprise of his cum still in my mouth. We played with the cum between
our mouths and our tongues slopping it around. He spent the next few
minutes just kissing and swallowing his cum.

Then there was that familiar feeling which I felt was pushing against his
butt as he sat on my lap. Jay stood up momentarily just so he could bend
over and put his hot little mouth on my cock. He gave it a few hard
strokes with his hand and mouth and then pulled away leaving a huge amount
of spit on my cock. He stuck his fingers in his mouth and pulled out
another wad of gob and rubbed it on his love hole and promptly started to
settle down on my cock. It felt so good to sink my hard on into his love
channel. He flipped his legs over the arm of my chair and turned and
started to deep kiss me again. This was when I was really glad that he was
light. I started to push my hips up and down as I plunged deeply into his
boy cunt.

I reached down and grabbed his cock as I pounded his ass and started to
wank him. His head went back and his cock went as rigid as a steel pole in
my hand. He let out another moan and his cock started to empty its smaller
but still substantial load all over his legs and hips. This turned me on
so much that I couldn't hold back my load either. I felt the explosion in
my hips and right up my back into my head as my cock blew another load
inside of him. I kept bucking him into the air as my load emptied and my
head rang out with the electrical orgasm I was having.

"James, that is the first time that I actually felt your hot juice hit me
inside!" He said as we sat panting and holding each other with my cock
still embedded deep within him.

"Well, I didn't give you a long pounding like usual. It was faster than

"Faster, but fantastic too!!"

"I hate to say it, but I have other packages to deliver."

"I know! You made my day, though."

"I am going to get you on my regular delivery route."

"Well, I thought it was nasty doing the babysitter! Now I'm doing the
courier, too!"

"We can't tell the babysitter about the courier! That will have to be our
little secret. By the way...when would you like to see the babysitter
again?" He said with his impish smile.

Jay got dressed and I should him to the back door of my office. "Woops! I
nearly forgot to get you to sign for the package!"

To be continued...

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