The Babysitter -- Chapter 2

Jay had fixed us a nice little supper meal. Although he was u******e, he
had managed to get his hands on a nice bottle of white wine which he served
with a nice roasted chicken and veggies.

We discussed what had happened the day that he left his parents place in
more detail and I realized that he was totally devastated by the events,
but not totally surprised. He had had his b*****r Ben over a couple of
times for sex and they were really enjoying each other, but Jay missed me.
I missed him, too.

After dinner we settled back on the couch and kept talking. I knew that I
couldn't justify much more time away from home, so I leaned over to Jay and
planted a tongue into his mouth. He reciprocated with passion. I rolled
right over on to him and we began to neck passionately all the while our
cocks grew harder.

I pulled off his boxers with my teeth. He had changed when coming into the
apartment. I started by licking up his inner thighs which sent shivers
throughout his tight body. I moved my way up until I was licking his
crotch without licking his balls. He was writhing in pleasure by now. I
went to his perineum and started licking my way back to his hole. He
smelled like my cum and I was getting hornier by the minute. I could feel
my cock swollen and dripping on his couch.

I started licking his butt hole, all the while tasting my own cum. Jay was
just moaning and almost frothing at the mouth. My tongue would dart in and
out of his cavity until all the cum was gone. I pushed in one finger and
then two and then three while I licked him out.

Then I moved up towards his balls while I fingered his butt. I licked and
sucked on those blonde balls with such intensity that they started to go
red. Jay started to buck his hips and I knew that he was going to cum
soon, so I slowed down a bit. I moved up his stomach with my tongue to his
lips until I was in his mouth again and our hard cocks were grinding each
other again.

With a shock he pushed me off of him and I landed on my back on the floor.
I was stunned for a moment until he landed on top of my dick with mouth in
full action mode. His magical tongue was swirling its way around my dick
head and flicking it just under the head. "This tastes sooooooooo good!"
He said.

My precum was washing the inside of his mouth now and he was treating me to
another one of his wonderful blow jobs. He started darting his tongue in
and out of my piss hole and then around the head and then flicking my
glands again and again. Then he started licking up and down my pole with
such madness that it seemed like he's been starved for cock for years.
Then he sucked on my balls turning them red too. I was rolling my head on
the floor while I firmly held his head in my hands.

Then he came back up for air and moved up to my pecs and started to tongue
them. He was so gentle at first. He lightly blew across my nipple and
then gently licked it and then would repeat this before finally gone full
face into my pec and sucking on my nipple hard. He repeated this for the
other nipple and then came back to the first and then across the second
again. He kept his hand firmly gripped on my throbbing, dripping member,
gently jerking me so as not to cause a premature explosion.

I reached down and grabbed onto his ever so hard prick and started to jerk
it and as I did I pulled it towards my face. I managed to guide him into a
69 position so that I could start sucking on his cock again. Once in my
mouth he turned his mouth's attention to my hard, wet cock too. We started
to suck each other's dick. He was on top of me and started to fuck my face
slowly, which I sucked him up and down the pole. I was moving my hips up
and down fucking his face at the same time. I could feel the pressure
building between my hips and knew that I was about to spring another load.
My cock was getting sooooo sensitive. I gently flipped Jay onto the floor
and grabbed my dick and stroked it a little until I could feel myself
starting to cum and then I stopped. Cum started to dribble out of the head
at which moment he bore right down on me and licked it up. I pushed him
off again and started to stroke again bringing a bit more cum to the
surface. He reached down again and licked it up.

I knew that I wouldn't get away with doing that a third time so I turned my
attention once again to his dick. After a couple of minutes he had his
face in my crotch again, licking my balls and perineum again. I felt his
hot tongue reach my love canal and I just about sprung across the room with
the jolt of electricity it sent through me. I couldn't hold back, I dove
into his hole and started to rim him as he rimmed me. We were biting
lightly and licking and sucking. I could taste more of my cum leaking out
of his but from the elevator and I started to rim him like an a****l. He
returned the favor vigorously. His cock was oozing all over my chest and I
am pretty sure mine was doing the same to him.

I then decided to take his cock into my mouth and start to move toward the
end result. He dove in even harder at my arse and balls. I was in heaven.
I could tell that he had no complaints either. His cock slid so easily in
and out of my throat. His balls were getting tighter and tighter. He
moved to my cock and started to suck and nip and lick and we both began to
move faster in and out of each other's mouths. My cock was sinking into
his throat with no effort as well.

Our cocks were really swollen now and our balls were tight against our
crotches. Jay began to grunt and I knew that I was about to get my reward.
I also knew that he was going to get his now, too.

All of a sudden he pulled out of my mouth and took my cock in hand and
pumped it for all it was worth. He pumped his at the same time and we blew
our loads with such f***e that if they had weighed any weight they would
have broken our noses. I shot my load all over his face. Shot after shot
spewed onto his beautiful face. He had his mouth open and was taking in as
much as he could even though I knew that he wanted a facial. I was
enjoying the cum being sprayed on my face, too. I decided that I was "full
enough" and just let it squirt all over my face and on my neck. With his
mouth open he was howling like a dog in heat. I kept my yowl bottled up

Then without pause, he turned around and started to lick his cum off of my
face. It felt so good to have it there, and it felt even better to have
his tongue there licking it off. He finished by licking the last drops off
of the nape of my neck, which tickled a bit. Then he sat up and used his
fingers to take mine off his face and eat it too.

I just lay there in total exhaustion. My heart was pounding and my cock
was so sensitive that I couldn't even touch it. Jay leaned back on his
knees and let out the deepest laugh of satisfaction. It was good to see
him smile and hear him laugh after the seriousness of our table talk.

I had my Jay back. What was to become of it all now...

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