The Babysitter-Part 1

The office phone rang. Nothing out of the ordinary for a regular day. I
was really pre-occupied with a major deal that we had been working on for
the last two months. I was floored to hear Jay's voice on the other end.

We had tried to get Jay to come and baby sit the k**s for us soon after our
weekend together only to find that Jay had left home in what turned out to
be a large fight.

"Hi, James."

"Hi There! How you doing? Haven't heard from you for weeks. Is
everything alright?"

"Yeah, I just needed some time to get organized. You probably know that I
left home. I stayed with friends for a couple of weeks and now have my own
place and a job."

"What happened?"

"My father confronted me three nights after our weekend when he found me
jacking off to a gay video in my room. He told me that no son of his could
ever be a faggot and told me to get the hell out within the next two hours.
So I did!

"I called a couple of friends after he went storming out of the house and
they helped me clear my stuff out of the house. I took all my bedroom
furniture and the living room TV, too, which I paid for. He's been looking
for me since..."

"Anyhow, I could tell you more if you come over. When can we get together?
I really WANT you!"

"Not sure. Let me think. I was supposed to be working late tonight, but I
seem to be getting the closing done much faster than we thought. I have a
great team to work with. Let me call you in about two hours and see what
happens. What's your number?"

He gave me his number and I spent the next two hours tearing through my
work and with a raging hardon. I picked up my phone, shaking and called
Jay. "Hi Bud, I am done for the day. Do you still want a visitor? "

"Are you k**ding? I have supper waiting! Come on over."

He gave me his address and I headed over to what I knew was a decent part
of town. I pulled up outside of his building and buzzed him from my car.
He let me into the underground parking. I drove around a couple of minutes
before I found the guest parking. He was standing there waiting for me
with a great big smile on. He had those incredible revealing shorts on
that he liked to wear. They were white short shorts and he also had on a
mesh black tank top. His hair had grown quite a bit and he looked hotter
than ever.

He came right over to me and planted the biggest, wettest kiss on my lips
and grabbed my dick in the process. I was already pretty hard.

I was really embarrassed and looked around tentatively to see if anyone was
around. Not a soul. So I kissed him right back, my tongue sinking deep
into his hot little mouth. He reciprocated with his own hot tongue in my
mouth. We just stood there for what seemed hours kissing. I could feel is
hardon against mine. I put my hand down onto his cock and found that his
shorts were soaked with his pre-cum. He grabbed my hand and pulled me
toward the elevator. The doors opened and we fell into the large mirrored
moving room. He hit the tenth floor button and gave me this nasty little
look and said, "Watch this! I checked this out last week and it was cool."

As he reached for the STOP button my heart sank. It was always my
experience that that always set off a bell. The elevator stopped dead. No
alarm! Jay turned and smiled his wicked little grin again and reached for
my zipper and started to undo it. Within seconds he was on his knees in
front of me and sucking me off. All the while he was undoing my pants and
pulling them off. He stood up and pulled off his shorts and bent over and
said, "Fuck me! I want it here and now."

You didn't have to twist my arm. He spread his cheeks and I could see that
he had this well planned. He was already well lubed up. I moved up
towards his crack and rubbed my cock up and down the crack of his butt. He
grabbed my raging hardon on and pushed back on my cock and sunk it to the
hilt into his no longer virgin hole.

I couldn't hold back. I started to pound his greasy hole with my now
greasy pole. I held his hips with my hands and just rammed my stiff member
in and out. I plunged deep and then completely withdrew and then plunged
deep over and over again. He was moaning and wanking his cock at the same
time. The sweat was starting to pour off my forehead. I couldn't hold on
any longer. I could feel that old familiar feeling building. My breathing
was ragged.

"Keep it coming, James, I'm gonna shoot!"

No sooner had he said that when I went over the edge. I blew my load into
his love canal with such f***e I thought that it would come up out his
mouth. "Aggggggggh!" He was grunting at the same time. I didn't realize
until he stood and faced me that he'd come all over the mirrored wall.

"Jay, we gotta clean that up!" He picked up his jockeys and wiped the cum
off the mirror and put it right in his mouth and licked his shorts. We
stood there holding on to each other to catch our breath for a moment
before we pulled up our shorts and pants and he pulled out the stop button.
We said nothing more as the elevator made its way up the "shaft". We
stepped out of the elevator and walked down the long hall to the end
apartment. He keyed open the electronic lock and we stepped in...

The saga continues...
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