My boyfriend's brother

This story is partly true and partly wishful thinking. It involves my
boyfriend, who is 8 years older than me, and his younger b*****r who is 17.
My name is Matt, which is short for My Ass Takes Terry, which happens to be
my boyfriend's name. If you are concerned whether the names have been
changed to protect individual privacy then you really ought to get a life!

This story is dedicated to 2 guys whom I've never met, but for over a year
have helped me cope with getting my life back together through the Internet.
I love you Mike and Jeremy.

Like I said, my name is Matt and I just turned 20 last month. My
boyfriend's name is Terry and he is 28, blond, a real hunk, and most
importantly, MINE! We've been together for 6 months, and we are planning to
grow old together.
Before I met Terry I was in a brief relationship with my best friend
from high school (Read Truly Blessed- May 2001), which left me devastated,
and on the verge of a breakdown. I had been accepted to Harvard and, taking
the advice of everyone near and dear to me, I went.
Although I had no trouble with the work, I realized that I really didn't
want to be there so when the first semester was over I dropped out. Rather
than go home I moved into my grandparents' guesthouse and got a job at my
grandfather's company. About a week later I met Terry and my life has change
Until about 2 months ago, my thoughts were only of Terry. I would joke
about having relationships with other friends of his, but Terry was enough to
make me happy. It was when he took me home to meet his f****y that my joking
became serious. I met his mom (his dad died a few years ago) and we hit it
off nicely. His mom was cool with our relationship and was glad her son
finally met someone who made him happy. About fifteen minutes after meeting
Terry's mom, his b*****r, Adam, came home from school.
I could not help but stare. Adam was a young carbon copy of his b*****r. He
had the same haunting blue eyes, the same blond hair, and the same killer
smile. The smile didn't last long, because Adam didn't know Terry was gay.
He had come out to his mom about 3 years ago, but they kept it from his Adam.
Terry took Adam up stairs to his room and finally told Adam that he was gay
and that I was his boyfriend. Needless to say, Adam didn't take it well and
he avoided me the entire time we were there.
About three weeks ago Adam called Terry and told him that he had had time
to think things out and he had come to accept the fact that Terry was gay,
and he felt bad that he had treated me like a leper. Terry and Adam patched
things up and then I got on the phone and Adam apologized to me. We talked
through the Internet a few times and in talking, the three of us made plans
for a weekend at Disney World. I told Adam that I could fix him up with a
date if he wanted, as my s****r and her boyfriend live in Orlando and they
would be meeting us. My s****r invited a friend of hers so Adam wouldn't
feel like a fifth wheel and we had a great time. Afterwards, my s****r, her
boyfriend, and her girlfriend went back to their apartments and Terry, Adam,
and I went back to our hotel.
We stayed in one of those hotels with 2 bedroom suites so Adam wouldn't
feel uncomfortable, even though Terry and I had decided we would behave
around his b*****r. I woke up about 3 in the morning and went to the little
refrigerator in Adam's room so I could get a soda. As I was pouring my drink
I heard Adam's voice asking that I pour him some too. I did and I brought it
over to his bed and sat down. As we were drinking, he started asking me all
kinds of questions about Terry and me, and things we did together. I was a
little uncomfortable telling him and avoided details and descriptions.
He then gave me the shock of my life. He asked me if I would give him a
blowjob so he could see what it was like. At first I didn't know what to
say. Here he was, asking me do something I fantasized about. I had told
Terry after meeting Adam that I thought he was cute and I joked that I
wouldn't mind doing a 3-way. I did, however, think about it on more than one
Before I could answer him, I heard the door creak and Terry poked his
head in to see what was going on. He came over and sat down with us and Adam
immediately told him that he asked me to give him a blowjob. He told Terry
that he was horny and that if he couldn't get one from a girl, I was the next
best thing. Terry was about to yell at him for being so nasty, but Adam
explained that he didn't mean it as an insult, and he really liked me as a
friend. Terry looked at me and I told him that I would never do anything
with another guy. He smiled and told me that it was okay. If I wanted to do
it with his b*****r, he was fine with it and he would give us privacy. As he
left, Terry said he wasn't into i****t and could never do it with his
b*****r. He closed the door and told us to have fun.
I asked Adam if he was sure he was okay with it and he smiled that
killer smile and said that he never would have said anything if he wasn't.
He threw off the covers and I saw his naked body for the first time. If what
I saw in clothes was a carbon copy of Terry, out of clothes was not a
disappointment. He looked to be almost as big as his b*****r, and was almost
as thick. I started to lick his nipple and he pushed me further down till my
face was staring at his beautifully hard 8-inch dick. I took him into my
mouth and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life. I eased off a
few times to keep him from cumming too fast, and each time I sucked on his
nuts, or tongued around his ass. Adam was moaning quietly and begging me to
make him cum. I return to sucking on his cock and started to deep throat him
when I felt his cock swell, and he released what seemed to be a quart of cum,
which I swallowed with no problem, since I was used to his b*****r.
After we both recovered I asked him how it was and he told me he had
never had anyone come close to how I made him feel. I jokingly told him that
his b*****r says the same thing and that's why he loves me. I also told him
that although I enjoyed it, I thought it was best that it was only a one-time
thing, because it was Terry that I was committed to. He agreed, and as I
left he told me that he was glad I made his b*****r happy, and that he was
happy to have me as a b*****r-in-law.

EPILOGUE: In case you were wondering, everything was true up to the part
where I woke up to get a drink. I am also happy to announce that now that
I've gotten my act together and my life is back to normal, I'm returning to
college in the fall and I plan on becoming a c***d psychologist to help gay
and lesbian k**s realize they are as normal as anyone else!

If you like this story, email me ( with any positive comments.
I'm not planning any more stories at this time, but you never know. If you
have any negative comments, don't email me as I am very sensitive and can't
deal with criticism. (Wait a few years till I take courses on how to deal
with it!)

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4 months ago
I thought your story was very good. I can totally understand why you would fall in love with your carbon copy brother in law. I believe the best stories come from fantasies. Keep up the great work and hope to read more stories from you again. Also good luck on the Psych major!! :-)