Fixing the computer

For some time the PC I had been using had been in need of
an upgrade. Surfing the net was always rather slow, not
real good when you are trying to look at gay porn while
your wife is not looking! I have been happily married for
quite a few years to a wonderful woman who knows
absolutely nothing about my gay side. I told myself to
forget that side of me when we met but lately it has got
hold of me again and I just can't help myself.

A friend of mine sells and fixes pc's as a business
working from a shop in the local town. I called him to
ask what the cost would be to make our system faster.
Giving me a "mates" price I agreed to drop the PC off at
his place during the week and he would have it ready for
the weekend.

I picked up our computer after being upgraded, set it all
up again and was ready to surf the net at a pace somewhat
faster than the snails pace I was used to. As the rest of
the f****y was out for the afternoon I thought I would
check out my secret cache of pictures and stories I kept
hidden away, buried deep in a programme directory where
no-one I knew would know where to look. When I got to the
directory I noticed among all the jpg pictures I had
saved there was a text file called "Read me if ur
gay.txt". Not remembering where I got that from I double
clicked it and up popped the following...

"Hi Pete, this is Dale. Surprised? Your pictures weren't
very well hidden you know, and I had a good look while I
was working on your PC. You have some really hot pictures
there, by the way did you not know I am bisexual? I was a
little surprised to discover your interest, you never let
on did you? I think if you are game we could have some
serious fun together, maybe try a few of these positions
out in the pictures! What do you say? If you are
interested, give me a call and say your unit still needs
some attention, then just come on over. I'll be only to
happy to make time for us."

Shit! I thought I was so clever hiding those pictures
away, not clever enough for Dale, obviously. He is one
hot looking guy (to me anyway), a bit younger than me at
42, but well built and fit. It had never occurred to me
that he was bisexual, I knew he had the occasional woman
back at his apartment above the shop at times but never a
hint of this. Wow, what an opportunity... was I going to
let this slip by... no way! I grabbed the phone and
nervously dialled his number. On Dale's answer I said...

"It's Pete. I think my unit still needs a bit of work, is
there anything you can do for me?". After a slight pause
he answered.

"Well, if it's urgent you better get over here. Give me
about an hour then I can close up so we can work on the
problem uninterrupted, just come through the back way up
the stairs, I'll leave the door unlocked. Better tell
your f****y you will be late, some of these problems have
to be thoroughly tested to make sure you're satisfied.
I've got to tell you, I'd hoped you'd call, it's been
quite a while since I've had a piece of ass like yours".
I told him I was flattered and hoped I'd live up to his

Trying not to rush, I pulled the PC apart ready to take
it back to Dale's place (I had to at least make it look
as though I was still working on the computer!). I
started to rub my dick through my pants, it was rock hard
just thinking about what was to come. I wonder how big
his dick is, if it's as big as some in my pictures I will
end up being a bit sore by the end of the day. That was
OK with me but it had been years since I had been well
fucked so I was hoping Dale would be the man to oblige.

On arrival at his place, I went in through the back way
and up the stairs over the shop, calling to him as I went
up. He met me at the top of the stairs with a big grin on
his face "Glad you came, ready for a bit of action I
hope?" His hand cupped my ass and gave it a quick

"Oh yeah" I replied, "I'm as ready as I will ever be".

"Better come in and relax on the couch while I wash up"
he said "I've put a video in the VCR for you while you
wait. Don't get too carried away though, there's all
afternoon for some fun".

As Dale went into his bathroom I picked up the remote
control and pressed play getting more and more excited at
the thought of what was to come. As soon as the picture
came on I almost blew in my pants there and then. A guy
was busy sucking his friends big hard dick getting it
really wet with his saliva, then he let it pop out of his
mouth. As the dick bobbed up and down the guy being
sucked got his friend to bend over the couch making him
bare his ass to him. Without any preparation, the guy
about to be fucked spread his ass cheeks, the other guy
just pushed his dick into his hole using short prods at
first to get himself in, then just started full-on
fucking of his friend's hole. The guy being fucked was
whimpering and groaning each time his friend fully
impaled him and his balls hit his asscheeks. Shit what a
place to start watching a video! I couldn't help it, my
hand was down my pants rubbing my own dick in an instant.

"Why not take it out and show me what you've got?" Dale
was behind me without me realising, watching me and the
video! As I turned, I had a shock when my face brushed
the end of his very erect penis. He was standing behind
the couch naked, his horny, hairy body fully ready for
action. His penis would have to be long enough for me to
fit both of my hands around, but thankfully not really
thick. I think I could take this weapon with ease (and a
great deal of pleasure). I could not resist taking a
quick lick and taste of his uncut penis. As I sucked the
head into my mouth, Dale slipped one hand around my head
and with the other, pulled back his foreskin. The salty,
sexy taste that only a penis has, rocked my senses and I
began to suck him further into my mouth.

"Come on, get those clothes off Pete, as good as this
feels there will be plenty of time later. I want to do
to you what that guy on screen is doing". The guy "on
screen" was still humping his friend for all he was
worth, while his friend who was on the receiving end of
the action, was still bent over the couch with his hands
out in front of him grabbing onto whatever he could, to
help him withstand the sexual onslaught.

Letting his penis slip from my lips, I stood up and
ripped my clothes off in record time. My shorter 7" penis
slapping my belly as it stood to attention when I took
off my underpants.

"Not a bad looking dick Pete, but your cute little ass is
what I really want. C'mon let's get comfortable on my
bed." Not needing any encouragement I followed Dale into
his room and lay down with him on the bed. "Now Pete,
sorry about the rush but I am going to fuck you straight
off. I haven't had a fuck for weeks and I am close to
desperate. So get on your knees and get ready to be

Willing to do whatever he wanted (which was the same
thing I wanted), I rolled over onto my hands and knees as
he grabbed some KY and squeezed some over his dick. I
felt the coldness of the jelly in my hole as he rubbed
some inside me, his finger pushing some deep into my ass.
I eagerly pushed back against his finger but he pulled it
out, threw the tube on the floor, positioned himself in
between my legs and held his dick against my hole.

With his hands on my hips he said "You ready then? cos
you're about to be shafted". As I started to push out and
back I said with so much lust I could hardly believe it
was my voice,

"That's what I'm here for you big spunk. Give it to me,
fuck me now. Get that prick of yours into me and start
riding me". He obviously did not need any more
encouragement as the head of his dick pushed in past my
ring making me gasp. He shoved in a little way, then just
like the guy on the video he started to fuck me with
little jabs, getting deeper each time. I felt as though
he was all in, but he kept going deeper. Then,
withdrawing to nearly the full length Dale pushed all the
way in as I felt his balls touch the back of my legs.

"Oh yes, now start fucking me. I'm all yours, just keep
fucking me hard". With that comment, he pulled back and
shafted me deep again then just kept pumping my ass. I
could hear the slap of his legs against my asscheeks on
each stroke, each time he reached the deepest point he
knocked the air out of me in a gasp. My penis slapped up
against my belly each time he deep stroked me, I could
feel his balls on mine at the same time. I badly wanted
to come myself, I was that excited I felt I would come
without touching my dick at all but it didn't happen. I
was leaning forward on my hands while Dale was fucking me
and thought if I could support his weight and mine on one
hand I could start rubbing my dick myself. As I moved my
hand, Dale was on an "in" stroke and knocked us both off
balance and I quickly had to put my hand back in front of
me to support us.

"Let me do that for you Pete" he said rather
breathlessly. Dale had slowed down a bit but was still
keeping up a fairly strong fucking rhythm. He leaned
forward onto my back and reached around with one hand for
my penis. He slowed his pace right down until he was
taking about 5 seconds each to push all the way in then
another 5 seconds to pull out, it was a delicious
feeling. Then he started to rub my penis up and down
using some of the KY that was running over my balls from
my hole. It didn't take much I can tell you, before I
started to feel ready to shoot my load over the bed. Dale
had other ideas, as he felt me start to come, (my asshole
started to twitch and squeeze his penis) he moved his
hand to cover the end of my dick and as I shot my load he
caught most of it in his hand. After a few squirts Dale
started to fuck me a bit faster again and suddenly moved
his hand up to my face and f***ed his cum covered fingers
into my mouth.

"C'mon, suck it all off, get used to it you slut. There's
plenty more come gonna get in that mouth today, suck it
all off." Not needing any encouragement at all I greedily
licked my juice off his fingers and hand. This was just
too good to be true being fucked in this way, it was just
what I wanted. My cock was beginning to soften after
shooting my load and my arms were beginning to ache
supporting Dale's weight on top of me.

"Dale, please. Can you stop and let me lie on my back, I
want you straight back in me, I just can't hold us both
up any more." Dale pulled out and I turned over on my
back looking at him towering over me. Man he was hot and
active and not too happy to have had to stop fucking for
even a second.

"C'mon, get those legs up and wrap them round me. I'm
gonna fuck you silly now, fuck you till I shoot in your
asshole, fuck you until you are raw...". I lay back and
opened wide for him, I'm sure if I had refused he would
have ****d me then and there (but how do you **** a
willing partner?). As he re-entered me with his beautiful
long penis I wrapped my legs around his waist and put my
hands on his hairy chest as he leaned toward me pushing
that beautiful piece of man-meat back into me, I pulled
him in hard. His mouth came down on mine pushing his
tongue into me in time with his fucking, sharing the come
I still had lingering in my mouth. He grabbed my wrists
and held them above my head on the bed pillows as he
started to build towards his own orgasm. The "cute little
ass" Dale referred to earlier was doing a fair job of
taking the pounding his body was giving me. The
slap...slap...slap...slap of our bodies as they smacked
together was exciting me all over again, I may not be
able to come a second time so quickly but I was getting
hard all over again. Dale speeded up again getting faster
and faster, his mouth now grinding mine as his tongue
probed deep into my mouth. My wrists were hurting where
he was holding them so tight, but it just added to the
intense pleasure I was feeling. Then I felt him become
tense and shove his penis as hard as he could up my ass,
trying to get every bit of his meat into me as he started
to inject his sperm deep in my hole. Each time he rammed
and held his tool deep in me I could feel more sperm
shooting and Dale would grunt and growl deeply as each
spasm hit him. I joined in the moaning with him, trying
to hold him in with my legs clamped around his middle.
All I was doing was riding along on this powerful machine
that had just fucked me.

As Dale came down from his high, he relaxed and lay his
weight on me, giving me just a few gentle, slow strokes
of his penis in and out of my ass. It felt so sexy with
the come and the jelly combining to make my hole a very
slippery passage and my once again hard penis trapped
between our sweaty bodies. Dale started to kiss me and
probe with his tongue again, in between telling me what a
great fuck I was. He said that now he wanted to get a
mouthful of my cock so how about a long slow 69 session
then maybe I might to fuck him!!!

I could see that my PC was never going to be just right,
it would always need a bit of extra service, particularly
extra RAM!

100% (3/0)
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