Soccer Stud Sex

James was feeling the years creeping up on him. At thirty one he was the
eldest player on his soccer team, and boy did he feel it. His whole body
ached as he sat on the dressing room bench. Even after a good hot shower he
still felt like shit.

He gave up trying to dress and decided to just relax for a while. He lay
back on the bench and was soon daydreaming. His mind recalled his sexy team
mates. Not long ago they had all been in the shower and James had to fight
hard against popping a boner. But now he was alone his thick cock was soon
pointing due north. He tugged on it, milking the fleshy foreskin back and
forth, exposing his bulbous cock head.

'Wow, that's a piece of meat you've got there.' he heard a voice say.

James sat up with a start and tried to cover his cock. That was an
impossible task as it was such a big one. It was Mac, the janitor who had
spoken to him. Mac, who was in his early fifties fondled his crotch as he
spoke. James was shocked, he had no idea Mac was in to this sort of thing.

'I didn't think there was anyone about.' James said.

'There isn't, besides me.' replied Mac. Then growing a little bolder Mac
asked 'would you like me to service that thing for you?'

'Sorry?' James was a little dazed.

Mac licked his lips. At the same time he unbuttoned his uniform pants and
pulled out a long, thin, pale cock. He flicked the tip between his thumb
and first two fingers.

'Let me suck your cock.' Mac said.

'Have you ever done anything like this before?' James asked.

'I did Peter last week.' Mac replied.

James was shocked. Big, macho stud Peter, the team captain, had let Mac
suck him off. If Mac was good enough for Peter he was definitely good
enough for him, James decided. He walked up to Mac and took his long thin
snake in his hand. Mac gasped, this was better than he thought it might
be. He pulled James close and fastened his mouth around his right nipple.

Mac delighted in the feel of James's rough chest hair as he feasted on his
large nub. When it was fully erect he turned his attention to the left
one. James was tugging on his pants and he stepped out of them. Then James
pulled Mac's T-shirt off and took hold of his fat tits. Holding them both
in his hands he worked first one nipple, then the other. They soon jutted
out like mini arrow heads. Mac sighed as the younger stud bit and chewed on
his sensitive nipples. His cock had started drooling a steady stream of
precum and he rubbed it around the slender head. The feel of that cooling
slime around his over heated cock head was almost enough to make him cum.

Pulling away from the young stud Mac got on his knees and took the first
five inches of James's thick cock club into his mouth. James cried out in
pleasure as he sank into the older man's experienced mouth. It was warm,
wet and extremely skilled. Each little lick, each little twirl of tongue
seemed like it would get James off. He curled his toes and fought the urge
to blow, but it was a losing battle. He screamed and cursed and he fired of
a volley of cum shots deep into the hot sucking throat.

'Sorry!' James said as he pulled his sensitive cock out of Mac's mouth. 'I
haven't finished with you yet.' Mac replied as he spun James around. Mac
parted the smooth, pale cheeks of James' man mound and sought out the tangy
chocolate starfish hidden in its depths. Mac grunted as his tongue made
contact with the delicious folds. He pulled on James' strong thighs,
forcing more and more of his long tongue deep into the stud muffin's hot
ass. Mac licked and tongue fucked like a man possessed. James felt close to
passing out, the pleasure was so great. Happy little fuck sounds gurgled
in his throat.

He pushed back against the older bear, spreading his cheeks, allowing
greater access. His big balls bounced against Mac's grizzly chin as he ate
James out. And then, wow!, Mac eased a finger into James' fuck
chute. James' ring fought at first to keep it out, but then it relaxed and
let the finger in. Soon his ass lips were grabbing at that finger,
clenching it, milking it. Mac gently finger fucked that needy hole until it
relaxed and cried out for more. He removed his finger and plunged his
tongue back in. James cried out like a stuck pig. He grabbed hold of his
fully erected cock and started stroking it.

Mac expertly worked James' ass until it was slick and loose and totally
inflamed with lust. James was begging, pleading for cock. He had to have
it, It was the only thing that made any sense in the whole wide world at
that point in time. When at last Mac pressed his slender cock head against
James' hungry hole the younger man shuddered and almost lost his
balance. Mac steadied him and started forcing his eleven inch hose into
that willing butthole. Mac worked an inch or two in, then he stopped to
rest. James' ass spasmed desperately trying to get more in. Then Mac
repeated the process, over and over until his pubes scratched James' sexy

James cock head had swollen to its maximum proportions. It was a dark
reddish brown colour now as he fisted his shaft. Mac started moving slowly
inside the younger man's ass. Each tiny movement cause his ass canal to
sing. Never in his whole life had James known such pleasure. As Mac fucked
James he tugged on his nipples, only adding to the pleasure. Every nerve in
James thick rod was a tingle. He worked his hand faster and faster over the
precum slicked cockhead. Suddenly his head exploded and he erupted, sending
a geyser of thick cum blasting against the lockers.

James cursed; he didn't want to cum so soon. Mac knew that James could not
last much longer. He switched into overdrive and fucked deep and
hard. Mac's eyes glazed over as he speared James' ass. Each stroke was
harder, faster, deeper than the one before. James' ass felt fucked raw. He
felt as if he wanted to piss and yet his cock wouldn't go down. He grabbed
hold of the horny member and started fisting it again. His whole realm of
experience was in his ass and in his cock and the two were linked
together. The rough fucking he was taking was pure pleasure. Little, mini
orgasm, erupted inside his head.

Mac knew he was close, it was time to let go. He grabbed hold of James
torso and pulled him close. He nibbled on James' earlobes as he held the
younger man tight. And then he started shooting, blasting scalding cum
deep into James ass. Mac counted six strong spurts and then he started
fucking again. If he was frenzied before he was like a demon now. He knew
he had to get his second load out with a minute or two or lose his landing
slot. James eyes grew wide with surprise. His cock cried out for release
and his wrist action matched Mac's mad fucking. Suddenly both men cried out
in unison as their knees buckled and they blasted off their joy juice.

'Damn!' was all James could say as he eased himself off of Mac's still hard
cock. He knew he would be hanging back late in the locker room again in the


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