The Plumbers

Pete and Joe hadn't been working together very long. About six months
earlier, Joe's ex-partner's wife got lucky with a lottery ticket, and Ben
resigned his position at Waterworks Inc. Management decided to pair up Pete
with a new k**, and along came Joe. They'd hoped Pete would take the newbie
under his wing, train the k** to be as good a plumber as he was, and
eventually reassign Joe to a trainee of his own. But in their six-months as a
team, Pete and Joe had a certain chemistry together. Joe was a fast learner,
and Pete found he could rely on the younger man more and more. It wasn't long
before they had almost doubled the amount of calls they could take, and their
bosses decided to pair them permanently.

One hot July afternoon, the men arrived at the site of what they thought
would be a quick assignment. They simply had to inspect the pipes in a
bathroom sink at small apartment in Brooklyn, assess the amount of time and
material necessary to replace those pipes, and return the following week for

The apartment owners were on vacation, but Waterworks had dealt with the
building's landlord several times in the past, and the team was given open
passage into the small living quarters. Pete and Joe were trustworthy,
hardworking f****y men, and weren't about to start snooping around in a
stranger's home.

So this short assignment would be a breeze. Pete, who lived in the
neighborhood and walked over, had arrived a few minutes ahead of Joe, and was
waiting inside the building, sipping a cup of coffee on the steps leading up
to the apartment. He could have started without his partner, but Joe, being
slightly younger and more eager, got cranky if he felt he was missing out on
something. Pete just thought Joe was stressed out because his wife was
expecting twins. Hell, after Pete's wife had the second of their two boys,
Pete saw work as the only time he could relax. Joe would come around,

When Joe arrived, he was dressed casually--as most Waterworks employees
were--and empty-handed, except for his own cup of coffee. They wouldn't need
tools for this fast inspection, so all their gear was in the van, which Joe
had parked outside.

"Hey, man," Joe said, as he walked into the small hallway.

"Hey. So everything's ready...apartment door is unlocked. We can just go in
and check out the pipes."

"I love these kinda jobs," Joe said, as they climbed the stairs up to the
top floor of the building. "Nice and easy."

"Yep. And with more time for lunch." Despite the light assignment, Pete was
already starting to sweat. It was a scorcher outside.

The guys entered the apartment to find the bathroom on the immediate left. As
Pete walked in to the small bathroom, Joe gave a casual glance around at the
place. He could immediately tell that it was a guy's apartment. The place was
sort of a mess. There were boxes and magazines everywhere, and it looked like
the renter was really casual about where he discarded his dirty laundry. Joe,
being the more inquisitive of the two, would have gladly looked around a bit
more--but he knew that Pete would get pissed. Pete was really big about
privacy--other people's and his own, and Joe knew that was one wall he'd
never break down.

He liked Pete a hell of a lot, but he really missed the guys he worked with
at his last job. They'd spend the whole day yapping about their personal
lives and sexual antics. Joe, who'd been married for over a year, was hornier
than a teenager, always looking to stick his dick in a willing
hole--especially now that his wife, Laurie, wasn't giving him any. But that
was the kind of talk that Pete would frown upon.

"Tiny room," Pete remarked from the bathroom, pulling Joe out of his fog. He
hurried into the bathroom alongside his partner, who was already squatting
down and getting ready to inspect the pipes. The room was indeed small. There
wasn't even a bathtub, just a shower stall. Add a toilet and sink to the
space and things were definitely tight. Joe pushed the door shut behind him
instinctively. He was used to working while his clients were home, and he'd
found that residents didn't especially like the look or smell of sweaty

Joe squatted down beside Pete, who was pushing some cleaning gear aside to
see the pipes. "How's it look?" Joe asked.

"I dunno...I can't see shit. We're gonna need the flashlight."

"Fuck, it's in the van." Joe stood. "I'll be right back."

He reached for the doorknob, turned and pulled. And pulled. The door wouldn't
budge. "What the fuck?!"

"What's the matter?" Pete asked, barely glancing up.

"The door. It's stuck!"

With a sigh, Pete rose from his position and let Joe step away. "Let me
try." He grabbed the knob and repeated Joe's futile attempt at opening the
door. Then he smiled. "Heh...looks like we're stuck."

Joe wasn't dealing with the situation well at all. "Stuck!?! Pete, these
people are on vacation! We could fucking starve in here! The landlord! We'll
scream for the landlord." He moved forward as if to bang on the door with his
fist, but Pete grabbed him by the wrist.

"Sssh. The landlord had a court appointment. Won't be back for a few hours.
Just relax and calm yourself, k**. It's not the end of the world."

"Easy for you to say...this room is like a sauna. We'll dehydrate."

Again, Pete grinned. "And I thought you were good at this job." He walked
over to the sink, turned the knob, and let the cold water flow over his
fingertips. "Problem solved. And we've got our coffee cups, so we won't have
to drink from the tap like a couple of a****ls. Ease down, already." He
flicked his wet fingers in Joe's direction, then turned off the tap.

Joe seemed to be calming down and f***ed a weak smile. "So what happens now?"

Pete shrugged his shoulders. "We get comfortable--and we wait. The landlord
will be back eventually to make sure everything's in order and to lock the
apartment. When we hear him, we'll make sure he hears us. Okay?"


Pete sat on the closed lid of the toilet seat, Joe sat on the floor with his
back against the wall, facing Pete. And the waiting began.

* * * * * *

Within thirty minutes, the heat had become almost unbearable. Although the
men had taken advantage of the limitless water supply, the tightly enclosed
space offered nothing in the way of air circulation. Something had to give.

"I don't know about you, but I'm gonna lose my's just too
fuckin' hot." That came from Pete, breaking a long silence. Joe nodded, and
watched as Pete peeled off his t-shirt. His chest hair, though not as dense
as Joe's, was matted down with a layer of sweat. "Go ahead and get
comfortable, man...we're here for the long haul."

Although somewhat surprised at Pete's sudden openness, Joe figured the guy
made sense. There was no point in torturing themselves. So with a shrug, Joe
took off his t-shirt, as well. "I'm gonna take off my shoes, too."

Pete smiled. "I'll see your shoes, and raise you a pair of socks." Within a
minute, the plumbers sat shirtless and barefoot, drinking water by the
cupfull and slightly more comfortable than before.

After a slight lull in conversation, Joe was the first one to speak. "This is
all pretty embarrassing...ya know?"

"Yeah...pretty embarrassing. Pretty damn funny, too."

"What're we gonna tell the office when we get out?"

"The truth. That we got locked in a bathroom."

Joe seemed lost in thought for a second, then said, "Do we have to tell them

Pete raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

"Well...I've gotta pee."

"So PEE!" Pete laughed, "Jesus, k**, you'd think you never took a leak in
front of another guy before." He stood up from the toilet and flipped the lid
and seat up. "Fire away, buddy." With a pat on the back, he let Joe squeeze
past him, but the junior partner seemed to hesitate.

"Shit...I dunno if I can--"

"What, you want me to turn my back?" Pete looked at Joe like he was an
idiot. "I had no idea you were such a shy little boy." He moved forward and
nudged Joe slightly out of the way. "Here, you jackass, I'll go first."

Joe started to step back.

"It's okay. I don't care if you see." And with that he unzipped his jeans,
pulled his briefs down, and took out his cock. Joe couldn't believe what he
was seeing. This was a side of Pete that he never expected to encounter. And
what's more, it looked like Pete's dick was half hard. Joe looked up at
Pete's face, and blushed at being caught looking.

"It's okay to peek. Can't help but be curious about that kinda stuff." A
few drops of piss hit the bowl, but it wasn't a heavy flow yet. "Didn't
expect to be hard, but I've been holding it for a know how it is."

Joe just nodded, as Pete closed his eyes and let the flow of his piss get
stonger. Soon after, he was done. He gave his dick a couple of shakes, put it
back in his briefs and zipped up his jeans. "Your turn," he said.

Feeling trapped in more ways than one, Joe exposed himself and took aim at
the toilet bowl. He was hard, too. "You've got a piss-hard, too, huh?" Pete
said. Then he turned to face the sink and ran some more water to fill his
cup. The sound of running water, and the fact that Pete seemed to have lost
interest in needling him, allowed Joe to unclench, and he pissed out a
healthy amount of urine. While he was pissing, he noticed that Pete had moved
behind him, although he'd left the water running (thankfully).

Joe finished his endless leak and turned to his right to shut off the water.
He still hadn't gotten a look at Pete, who managed to be behind him the whole
time. When he did finally turn around, his jaw dropped. Pete had taken off
his pants and was standing there, just wearing a pair of briefs.

"Sorry,'s just too hot in here."

Joe nodded, and noticed that Pete's dick still looked pretty solid in his
briefs, and a drop of piss...or something...had clearly begun to stain those
briefs with a little wet mark.

"You gonna strip down, too?" Pete asked. Joe couldn't tell, but Pete sounded
almost hopeful.

Joe shook his head. "Nah...I'm comfortable like this right now."

"No you're not. C'mon...don't lie. You know you'd like nothing more than to
strip everything off and take a cool, relaxing shower right now."

"We can't do that! What if the landlord comes back?"

"I didn't say we SHOULD, just that you might WANT to." Pete pulled at the
elastic on his briefs and let it snap back against his waist. "So are you
gonna leave me standing here alone like this, or what?"

Joe started to unbutton his jeans. "This stays between us, right? Nobody is
gonna hear about this?"

Pete smiled and sat down on the floor. "No. Nobody is gonna find out about matter WHAT happens."

If he had time to think about it, that last remark would have given Joe
pause, but at the moment he was too concerned about what was happening in his
crotch. As soon as he took off his pants, his erection was clearly trying to
fight its way out of his briefs. He closed the toilet lid and sat down, while
Pete eyed him silently.

* * * * * *

More time passed. More water was consumed. The guys made idle chit chat about
work, their friends and their wives. Then something happened that was so
fucked up and decadent, that Joe thought he was having a hallucination or a
heat-induced breakdown.

Pete stood up and tapped Joe on the arm, as he said, "I need you to trade
places with me."

"Huh? Sure. Sick of sitting on the floor?"

"Nope. I think my coffee has kicked in."

"Gotta take another piss?"

"No man, I gotta take a shit."

The room was dead silent as Joe moved out of the way in a daze. There was
nowhere he could go, there was nothing he could do. He was gonna watch his
friend and co-worker take a shit while he watched from less than three feet
away. He sat on the floor, facing Pete, and closed his eyes.

"It's okay, man--you don't need to close your eyes."

Why was this happening? That was all Joe wanted to know. He opened his eyes,
just in time to see Pete pull down his briefs and sit on the bowl.

"Fuck it, I don't need these," Pete said, and let his briefs slip down to
his ankles, where he stepped out of them. And as he sat there, completely
naked with his cock standing at half mast, he let out a loud fart.

"Jesus Christ!" Joe said.

"What? I haven't even started yet!" Pete was acting like this was the most
casual thing in the world, as if getting naked and pissing and shitting in
front of his friends was an every day occurence. To make matters even more
complicated, he was absent-mindedly fondling his exposed dick.

As Joe watched, speechless and revolted, he realized that he was getting
excited, too. There was no doubt that this was disgusting, raunchy behavior,
but watching another naked guy doing stuff that was so fucking
was just turning Joe on more than he could imagine.

After a few seconds, Pete started to let loose. Loud farting noises were
accented by the sound of his shit hitting the toilet water. He made a big
deal of grunting and sighing while he released his bowls--and his left hand
never left his cock.

The stench was pretty overwhelming. "C'mon, Pete, gimme a Courtesy Flush for
Christ's sake!"

Pete, unphased, reached behind him and flushed the bowl. "Better?"

"Yeah. Are you finished yet?"

"Just about." After another couple of farts, Pete reached for the roll of
toilet paper, affixed to the wall on his right.

"Aw, I've gotta watch you do the wipe!?!" Joe was grossed out, but
not entirely. Part of him was really turned on watching his friend do
something that nobody ever sees him do.

"So you've been WATCHING me all this time, is that right?"

Joe sat silently.

"That's okay. You can watch--if you want." And Pete went about wiping his
ass as if Joe wasn't there. He flushed, washed his hands at the sink, and
stood leaning against it. Gesturing at the shower, he said, "I might actually
wanna use that in a little while. Don't wanna be untidy down below later
on." He winked at Joe, who clearly felt his dick get even stiffer, as he
wondered what was in store "later on".

* * * * * *

It didn't take long. In the minutes since Pete's raunchy bowel movement,
Pete had amused himself by leaning against the sink and reading an
entertainment magazine. Joe doubted there were nude photos in the mag, but
Pete seemed to be getting turned on by something. He was casually stroking
his dick the whole time, as if he were alone in the room--not quite jerking
off, but a bit more than fondling.

Joe stared up at his companion and suddenly grimaced. "Come on..." he

"What?" Pete looked up from his magazine, almost in a daze.


"No, it's something. What?"

Joe closed his eyes. "It's just..."


"I think I have to take a shit, too."

Pete let out a loud laugh as he threw the magazine down and took Joe by the
arm. "Is that all?! Damn, you've already seen me take a crap, what's the big
deal? Just sit on the throne and lay that log, b*****r."

Joe didn't even want to stand up, with his half hard dick tenting up his
briefs, but he really had to go, and it looked like Pete didn't give a damn
one way or the other. He pulled his briefs down to just above his knees,
tucked his dick under the rim of the seat, and after a few seconds of
concentration, started pissing into the bowl.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Pete remarked, standing a little bit too close for
Joe's tastes. He was about to comment on it when Pete threw him another

"You need to loosen up--it's just us guys here!" Before Joe could react,
Pete quickly grabbed Joe's briefs and pulled them down his legs, over his
feet and completely off his body. He was now sitting buck-fucking-naked on
the toilet, with a dick that was rapidly hardening. "Now you can take a dump
in comfort."

Joe was embarrassed and excited all at once. He didn't want to do this...but
he did. Just as he was secretly getting off on exposing himself to Pete--and
watching Pete do the same--he wanted his buddy to see him do this. But
nothing was happening. "Dude, I--I can't's just not working."

Pete, who seemed to have no end of surprises to dish out today, stepped even
closer. With his hard cock just inches from Joe's face, he started rubbing
Joe's tense shoulders. "Sure you can...just relax...let it happen."

As Pete rubbed, his dick bobbed up and down. Joe noticed a tiny pearl of
pre-cum had formed at the tip, and his own cock, no longer tucked under the
seat rim, was pointed up to his belly. Without thinking, he took hold of his
and started masturbating slowly. "That...that feels good."

"I know it does, man. So ease down...let it go...take that dump for me...come

Joe pushed, and everything seemed to happen at once. As he took his first,
coffee-induced crap of the day, Pete's stepped even closer, letting his hard
cock rest against Joe's face.

"Yeah, baby...that's up for me..."

He was still shitting when he opened his mouth and Pete's dick slid right in.

Joe's first thought was "What the fuck?!?" but all that came out was a
muffled "Mmmphfff!" Pete was completely in control now. There was nowhere
Joe could go. He was trapped in this bathroom, on a toilet, in the middle of
a major shit and his friend and partner was r****g his mouth with gusto.

And Joe had never been more turned on in his life.

Pete just kept on pumping. "Take it...take that motherfucking cock...I know
you want it! You're not gettin' any at home, I know...I see that hard cock
of yours every day we're on the job! Ugh! Yeah! Suck it! I knew I'd get that
mouth of yours on my rod sooner or later! Uhhh, baby! Feels so fucking good!"
Gradually, he slowed his pace. "You gonna play nice if I back off for a


"Okay, then." Pete pulled his dick out of Joe's mouth, stepped back, and
glanced down at his buddy's crotch. "So, you ARE enjoying this. Well, don't
cum yet--I'm not done." He turned to the sink and started filling another
cup with water. "Wipe your ass, Joe. And flush the bowl--it smells like a
toilet in here."

Joe did as he was told...wiped...flushed...and sat, waiting. Pete downed his
water, then took in a second cup.

"All this water...fills a guy up, you know?" Pete said, again facing his
friend. Joe took the hint and started to stand, but Pete put a firm hand
on his chest, holding him in place. "You stay there. Just sit back."

Joe understood what was in store. Given what he'd just done, it wasn't the
highest point on the Disgusting Scale, and disgusting or not, he wanted to
feel it. He wanted Pete to piss on him.

Joe sat as far back on the toilet seat as he could, so that there was a small
open space at his crotch, then he looked up at Pete and nodded. That was all
it took. Pete let loose with a massive stream of urine, clear from all the
water he'd d***k. It hit Joe in the chest at first, splashing all over the
place. For a second, he worried that they'd have to clean it up before they
left, then he didn't care. Pete directed his stream up and down Joe's chest
and stomach. The hot piss ran down his body, over his cock and balls and
trickled into the toilet bowl.

But Pete wasn't done.

"Open your mouth."

The command took a second to process, then Joe opened his mouth as wide as he
could. Pete pointed his cock directly at his partner's waiting mouth and
emptied out his bladder. Joe's mouth filled with salty urine, and he let it
run down his chin. Without missing a beat, Pete shoved his cock back into
Joe's mouth, forcing Joe to swallow whatever piss was still in his mouth--and
he wasn't sure, but he thought Pete let a little more go while he was sucking
him off.

After a few minutes of sucking, Pete backed off again. "You feeling okay?"

"Yeah," Joe answered, surprised that it was the truth. "Yeah, I feel great."

"Good. Let's get cleaned up." He opened the door to the shower stall and
turned on the water. Soon, both men were standing under a stream of hot
water and lathering themselves up with soap.

"What the fuck are we doing, Pete?"

"Ssshh. Not now."

Joe realized that he had to pee, so he just let it go. Pete noticed and added
his own stream of urine. He turned the shower nozzle away from them so they
could feel the piss hit their feet.

Pete got a sly look on his face. "I wasn't planning on this, but what the
fuck?" And with that, he got on his knees while Joe was still peeing, and
clamped his mouth over Joe's dick. Joe just kept urinating, watching the piss
overflow his buddy's mouth, and when he was finished he groaned with pleasure
because Joe was now treating him to the best blowjob of his life.

"Oh...Pete...suck it...Jesus Christ that feels soo....suck it...yeah!"

He was just about to cum when Pete pulled off. "Pete, that was so good, I--"

"Shut up, Joe." And with that, Pete kissed Joe full on the lips. The two,
supposedly straight, married buddies made out like teenagers at a school
dance, their tongues twisting and sliding against each other. Joe felt an
urge to suck on Pete's tongue, so he did. He was about to slide down and suck
Pete off again when Pete grabbed him gentley by the chin.

"Let's wash up," he said.

They washed quickly and thoroughly, in silence. When they were done, Pete
opened a closet and tossed Joe a towel, using the one on a wall rack for

"So what now?"

"Now? We're gonna finish this up before it gets any later. C'mere." Pete
directed Joe to sit on the floor. They sat facing each other, with their
hairy legs wrapped around each other. Their cocks were inches apart. "Jerk it
with me, Joey."

And they did. As they kissed and swapped spit, as they touched each other and
grabbed at their nipples, they jerked off. A couple of times each man came
close to orgasm, but eased down momentarily. In the end, though, there was no
stopping it.

"Pete, man--I'm gonna...."

"Me, too..."



"UGH!! UGH!!!"

They each shot a massive load on themselves. Joe had never seen another guy
cum that much. He looked at Pete in amazement.

After a few moments of stunned silence, they rose, opting to clean themselves
with toilet paper.

"It's getting late," Joe said, feeling a bit awkward now that things had
passed. "We should get dressed." He started pulling on his clothes, and Pete
did the same. But Pete had one last rabbit to pull out of his hat.

"Let's see what we can do about getting out of here." He walked to the door
and lightly banged on it twice, just above the doorknob. Effortlessly, he
opened the door to the apartment and to freedom.

Joe was dumbfounded. "How the fuck did you do that? We could've been outta
here hours ago!"

Pete threw him one of his patented grins. "You really wanna know?"

"Uh...fuck, yes."

"Well, take a look around, buddy. We're standing in my new apartment."


"Yeah, I left the wife a few weeks ago...been renting this place. I love her
and all, but every so often, I need a little dick in my life. I had the
impression that you might need some, too."


Pete threw an arm around Joey. "Yeah. Unbelievable. But kiss me, anyway."

It was another hour before they returned to work.

The End.

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Hah. Great ending for this exciting story :)