"Fr. Joe" (part 2)

One Friday evening found me once again in Fr. Joe's rectory study. As usual,
the cd player was on, and the haunting, erotic sounds of Gregorian chants
filled the wood-panelled office. Fr. Joe and I stood face to face, our
trousers unzipped, and our hard cocks inside each other's open fly. Fr. Joe's
stubby, steel-hard shaft was stuck into the fly of sweaty striped boxers,
drooling lube into my thick pubic bush. My huge nine incher was too huge to
fit through the tight fly of Fr. Joe's briefs, so it was rubbing against the
sweaty crotch, my sticky lube drooling all over the front of his white
jockeys. Our tongues slithered together in a hot, manly erotic dance as we
embraced tightly, humping each other, our hands all over one another. My
hands squeezed Fr. Joe's small ass through the seat of his black clerical
trousers, and his small hands were digging into my round little butt through
the seat of my pinstripe suit pants.
Shockwaves of pleasure jolted my bulging balls as Fr. Joe's hard
shaft ground against mine, my pubes now sticky with all his drooling lube.
The front of Fr. Joe's briefs was slimy with all my hot, sticky lube. We
grabbed each other's manly asses, we grunted and moaned, gyrating our hips as
we humped, the Gregorian chants getting us hot as hell. I could sense that
Fr. Joe was about to blow his nuts, so I increased my humping, wanting to
shoot my load at the same time. Grunting and heaving, our tongues in each
others' mouths, our overloaded balls blew at the same time. Geyers of hot
Catholic cum splattered my pubic jungle, soaking my sweaty boxer shorts as I
smacked Fr. Joe's little ass. My huge dong began spewing geysers of thick
corporate jizz, soaking the crotch of Fr. Joe's briefs as well as his
shirtfront, his small hands roughly squeezing my round ass in my suit pants.
Reluctantly, we break our kisses, and Fr. Joe drops
to his knees, opens up my pants, and licks up his hot load from my soaked
boxers. My fingers run through his thinning grey hair as his hot tongue works
over the crotch of my spooge-soaked shorts.

Then, it's my turn. I drop to my knees and slurp my hot load that has
thoroughly soaked the crotch of Fr. Joe's briefs. He moans as my hot tongue
greedily laps up my hot load from his slimy briefs. The smell of cologne,
incense, and sweat starts to make my big cock twitch

........As we adjust our pants, Fr. Joe takes the portable cd player and then
we head downstairs to the old chapel, which has been out of use for many
years. Stripped of statues, the old chapel is still basically intact. I sit
in an old creaking pew as Fr. Joe lights a number of candles. A few of the
old overhead lights are on, but many bulbs are burned out, so the light is
somewhat dim. Fr. Joe positions a footstool by the old altar. As my cock
pounds again in my pants, Fr. Joe slips off his black trousers right over his
old-fashioned sock garters, socks, and shoes. He likewise doffs his jockey
briefs. Now he steps up onto the footstool, and gets up on the old altar,
lying face down, his bare, smooth little ass naked and vunerable.
I turn on the cd
player, and the Gergorian chants echo eerily off the old chapel walls. I take
off my suit jacket and roll back my sleeves. On the nearby wall hangs a plain
metal cross. I take it from its wall-hook, and go up to the altar. I ask Fr.
Joe if he is prepared to do penance for his sins. He agrees. I begin paddling
his ass with the metal cross, Fr. Joe's pale little buns quivering in the
flickering candelight. Again and again, I strike the bespectacled little
priest's quivering ass with the cross, and soon those pale globes of flesh
are an angry crimson, glowing dully in the candlelight. He groans and cries,
and he squirms on top of the old altar, humping his hard-again cock against
the smooth, cool marble.
By this time, Fr. Joe's buns are red, sore, and blistered,
and my huge cock is ready to rip right out of my pants. I stop my assault on
the little priest's flaming rear, and place the cross back on its hook. I
then take a small cruet of water and pour the cool liquid all over Fr. Joe's
sizzling ass, muttering in Latin. Then I spank Fr. Joe's red, slick ass with
my bare hand, and he yelps loudly as my strong, authoritive hand angrily
spank the hell out of his sore, beet-red ass. He humps his hard priestly pud
angrily against the altar top, knowing his spanking is well-deserved.
Then I order Fr. Joe to get up off the altar and get on
all fours in the central aisle. When he obeys, I shuck off my suit pants and
undershorts over my socks, garters, and wing-tips, and get on my knees behind
my priestly pal and lover. I start to shove my huge cock between his red,
blistered buns, and Fr. Joe groans loudly as my thick corporate cock plunges
deeper and deeper into his tight, sweaty ass. I
know this can't be a long fuck, because spanking Fr. Joe has got my balls
really churning, and I know it won't be long until I shoot a thick, hot
volley of white-collar cum up Fr. Joe's little butt.
Fr. Joe chants
in Latin as my hairy balls smack up against his smooth, blistered little
buns. My one hand reaches underneath to yank his stubby, rock-hard dong, and
my other grabs onto his small shoulder, as I pump his little rump like crazy.
The smell of the incense, the smell of the flickering candles, the smell of
man-sweat, and the Gregorian chants prove to much for me. Pumping his little
red rear angrily, I groan long and loud, as my boiling balls explode, and my
fat cock spews gob after gob of hot, thick sperm between Fr. Joe's
well-disciplined buns. My pumping fist has done its job well, and I feel that
hard priestly pud throb and pulsate in my hand, spewing hot jizz all over my
hand and the worn red rug beneath us.
Finally, Fr. Joe simply collapses onto the worn rug, and I collapse on top of
him, my hard cock growing soft in Fr. Joe's cum-filled butt. We lay there for
a while, bonded together with sweat and drying cum, hugging each other,
deep-kissing, the deep loving bond between us wrapping around us like a
cloak. As we lay spent and exhausted, Fr. Joe reminds me of a meeting we have
over the weekend................THE END Hope you guys enjoyed! Part
3 will be fothcoming!
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