Delivery Man

Summer was here. This would be my last free summer most likely. I was in
between my junior and senior years at the university. I was a double major.
Kinesiology and biology and trying to decide if I wanted to go the
Physical Therapy or Med School route. Brains and body that's me. So many
people always picture the typical science major as the geeky glasses and
pocket protector. Not the case here.

I'm 21. I have blond hair. It's a little on the long side. Not too long
but just long enough to be curly and stick out from under my ball cap. I've
got bright blue eyes. I work out and run and play a variety of sports to
keep in shape (thus the kinesiology major). I'm 6' and 180 pounds with the
majority of that being pure muscle. I have a nice firm chest and a six pack
you could scrub laundry on. Basically, most of my muscle groups are pretty
well defined. I'm not some hulking mass of a meat head or anything, but I
am in good shape. Don't want to sound like I'm bragging. I'm actually a
very modest guy. Just trying to give you an idea of who you're reading
about. And did I mention my tan? Not one of those
tanned-leather-too-much-time-in-the-tanning-bed kind of things, but a nice
golden tan thanks to several years working as a lifeguard. Not such a bad
smile either. The braces during high school have definitely paid off.

Anyway, back to my summer. I was still doing the lifeguarding thing.
However, a couple of good friends own a bike and sporting goods shop just
off the square in one of the cooler sections of the city. Very trendy area.
This summer I was gonna sit in and work at their place for a few weeks while
they were out of town on a backpacking trek across Europe.

I had been meeting with them on and off for a few weeks to get filled in on
everything I was supposed to do and to watch for. How hard could this be?

Tuesday was my first day. It went off without a hitch. No problems. A
steady flow of customers. No problems.

Wednesday started a little earlier. Wednesday was the usual delivery day.
I am not much of a morning person so I wasn't really looking forward to
this. I couldn't believe it when my alarm went off. Who on earth gets up
this early except roosters on farms?

I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower. I perked up a little bit
in the shower (very little), and managed to throw on a pair of khaki shorts,
a snug navy blue t-shirt, my tennis shoes, and I was ready to head to the

I was halfway through my coffee and grumbling about the ungodly early hour
when I heard a knock at the back door of the store. Grumbling under my
breath all the way to the door, I walked back to let the delivery guy in.

My grumbling came to an abrupt halt when I saw what was on the other side of
that door. Wow. This was one gorgeous man. I recognized him, too. We
worked out in the same gym. He always had on black shorts and an "Army"
t-shirt that hugged his upper torso nicely. I had admired him from across
the gym on several occasions. I doubt he knew who I was.

He was my height and basically my build. Just a little thinner, but very
toned. He looked like he would be an awesome cyclist or marathon runner.
Not skinny, but thin and toned. Nice build. He had blond hair cut in a
military style crew cut. I had never been so close to see his eyes, but I
could tell from where I was standing now that they were deep green. And,
like myself, he had a nice tan and a great smile.

He looked a little startled when I opened the door.

"Hey. I was expecting Todd or Mike to be here. Sort of threw me off for a
second," he said flashing that bright white smile.

"Yeah, those guys are carrying backpacks across Italy right about now. I'm
covering for them until they get back."

"Very nice. I'm jealous."

"That makes two of us."

"I'm Harrison by the way."

So the good looking delivery man from my gym had a name... Harrison. I was
a little lost in thought (and fantasy). It took me a second to flash back
into reality.

"Oh... um... I'm Peyton."

"Nice... like the quarterback. Cool. Nice to meet you Peyton."

"Same to you, Harrison."

There was an odd silence hanging in the air between us for a few seconds.
We just sort of kept looking in each others eyes. It felt like it lasted
for hours.

Harrison broke the silence. "Well, um, I guess I should start getting this
stuff inside. There's not much coming in today for you. Guess the guys
tried to order light to make your life a little easier."

Harrison starting bringing in stacks of boxes on the dolly. I just stood
there and watched him... trying to make small talk and trying not to drool.
The more he came in and out with boxers the more I could feel a tingling,
expanding sensation growing in my boxers. I tried to stand in such a way
that the growing tent in my shorts wouldn't be too noticeable. It was
getting harder to hide by the minute.

"Looks like this is the last of it," Harrison announced rolling in two
large boxes of soccer balls.

Crap. He's leaving.

He looked over at me and caught me staring. I blinked and muttered an

He smiled. "Don't you work out over at the athletic club?"

"I do. Just about every day."

"I thought that was you. Cool." He had a little smirk on his lips.

"Oh crap," I blurted out. That managed to break any mood that might have
been going on. "I forgot the papers for you. They're up in the front of
the store behind the counter. Let me run and get them really quick."

"No problem, I'll walk up there with you."

This guy was so hot, and with the way I was acting he had to think I was a
total flake.

I shuffled through some papers and found the ones I was looking for. Why
was I so nervous and jumpy? This was not like me usually. I turned around
to hand him the papers and managed to clip the side of a mug holding the
pens on top of the counter which naturally threw about a dozen pens into the

Could I look more like a spaz in front of this guy???

I just laughed. "I am so not a morning person."

"Hahaha. I know the feeling. It took me awhile to get used to being up
this early. Here let me help you with that."

I knelt down to pick up the pens and Harrison followed behind me. In the
course of picking up the s**ttered pens his hand ran across the top of mine.
It sent shivers down my spine and put goosebumps on my skin.

There was only one pen left, and we reached for it at the same time. Our
fingers clashed and intertwined slightly in an effort to get the pen. We
sat there for what seemed like another eternity. Both of us looking at the
ground where our hands were touching.

Slowly I raised my head up to catch the gaze of those emerald green eyes.
Harrison was smiling at me as if he knew exactly what I was thinking.

We both leaned in at the same time and our lips met in the middle. He had
soft, full lips. Seconds later his tongue entered my mouth and began to
massage and glide my own tongue. I reached around and gripped the back of
his head to pull him all the way into me. I wanted his tongue buried in my
mouth as deep as it would go. We just sat there, kneeling on the floor,
locked in a passionate hot kiss for several minutes.

With one hand behind his head, my other hand went to his chest. I massaged
his left pec and began to slide my hand down over his abs until I was
between his legs. I could feel the mound through the fabric of his uniform
shorts. A moan escaped his lips as I began to massage his bulge.

Without our tongues ever leaving the kiss, we both stood up. I ran my hand
from the back of his head, down his back between his shoulder blades until
it rested on the firm roundness of his tight little bubble ass. One firm
squeeze and I got another moan and gasp out of him.

Harrison's hands had made there way from massaging my erect nipples down to
my waist where his fingers were gliding under my shirt and raising it up
over my head. I could feel the warm moisture of his breath on my smooth
chest as he leaned down and took my right nipple in his mouth. His tongue
began flicking quickly back and forth across the nipple. I was in heaven.
I love when a guy plays with and sucks my nipples.

"Oh, man... that feels so good," I replied in answer to his actions.

He worked his way from the right over to the left nipple. From the left
nipple he trailed his tongue up into my left arm pit. This was amazing.

By this time I had managed to get his shirt off of him, and had unzipped his
shorts. All that lay between me and that bulging piece of meat was a thin
layer of boxer briefs.

His tongue slid up from my arm pit and was now sucking and nibbling on my
ear and the side of my neck. I took this opportunity to slide his shorts
down over the mounds of his butt and down his legs. I could hear the sound
of change hitting the floor as his shorts fell to the ground. In another
minute, his hands were in the front of my shorts. I could feel his fingers
working to get the button open and the zipper down. In this process, his
fingers occasionally grazed the tip of my mushroom at the end of my fully
erect 8" rod. A moment later the shorts and boxers were down around my
ankles. We both stood there completely naked with our hands racing across
the other's body trying to explore every curve and crevice with our fingers
and tongues.

I leaned in and took his left nipple in my mouth. I began sucking on it and
nibbling lightly on it between my front teeth. I could hear his quickened
breathing and feel his body squirm a little. After a few minutes on the
left, I turned my attention to the right.

I began to slide my tongue down between his pecs and around his belly button
and down just to one side of his meat. I allowed my tongue to rest at the
base of his sac. I ran my tongue along the midline of his sac, between his
balls, and up his 7" thick throbbing rod. I circled the edge of his red
mushroom. I could hear the moans and sighs escaping his lips as I engulfed
his cock head inside my mouth.

I allowed only the head to enter and began applying gentle sucking. Slowly
I began to inch my way down his shaft. I could feel inch upon inch of this
hot man's meat filling my mouth and back into my throat. Finally, I had all
of him inside me. My nose was tickled by his blond pubic hair. I massaged
my tongue around the entirety of his rod while I held it in the warmth
moisture of my mouth. I began to withdraw until once again only the head
was resting in my mouth. This time, rather than slowly work my way back
down, I plunged down completely in one rapid movement. Harrison threw his
head back and shouted. His fingers were running through my blond curls. I
began a back and forth rhythm on his dick. This rhythm was aided by
Harrison's hands as they pulled me into his cock. He had also began to
thrust his pelvis into my face. We both wanted to make sure that his meat
was as deep inside my throat as possible.

As Harrison continued to face fuck me, I rested my right hand on his sweaty
pec and began tweaking at his nipple. My left hand ran up the inner side of
his thigh until I reached his puckered hole. I could feel his sphincter
tighten at the presence of my index finger. I massaged around the hole,
gently gliding my fingertip across it.

Harrison's moaning was becoming louder and more frequent. His body was
covered in a thin layer of sweat as was mine. This was so freakin' hot. I
could feel his muscles beginning to tense. I knew he was getting close to

"Oh God. Oh God. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum." Each
phrase was separated by a gasp for air.

I reached around and grabbed the globes of his ass and pulled his pelvis
firmly into my face. I plunged so deep on his rod that my nose slammed into
the skin of his lower belly. All I could smell was the musky scent of his

That final plunge down his pulsing rod was all it took. With a loud scream,
Harrison unleashed a deluge of creamy sweet juice into my mouth and down my
throat. Burst after burst. It was so much that I couldn't contain it all.
It began to drip out of the corners of my mouth, down my chin and onto the
hard floor of the store.

His body finally stopped twitching and I could feel his cock begin to soften
in my mouth. He took a step backward and withdrew his meat. He reached
down and gripped me firmly under each arm and raised me up. We stood eye to
eye. He kissed me. It was firm and deep and tender all at the same time.
His strong toned arms were wrapped firmly around me as mine were around him.

The kiss eventually came to an end. His forearms were resting on my
shoulder as his fingers were running through some of my blond curls. My
fingers were intertwined resting on his lower back.

Harrison looked into my blue eyes. "There's something else I want you to do
for me."

"Anything. What is it?" was my reply.

"I want you inside me. I want to feel you fill up my ass."

I smiled.

"With pleasure."

===== To Be Continued =====

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