The Security Guard

I work as a cashier at a grocery store. We have different security guards
who work different days of the week. Well, on Thursdays, there is the
absolutely gorgeous black man who works from 4pm to midnight, the same shift
I work. I will describe him: he is about 6 feet tall, very muscular, and
he has a very tight uniform to where his muscles are bulging at the seams.
And he has a huge bulge between his legs, and has a really tight butt. Now,
on with the story..

One night when I was getting off of work at midnight, I clocked out, and got
into my truck to go home. I pulled out onto the street, when all the sudden
I hear a siren and see a cop car behind me with it's lights on. I had no
idea what I did, but I pulled over. Then the security guard from the store
walks up beside my window. I asked him what the problem was, and he said I
squeeled my tires pulling out of the parking lot, and he thought I had
better slow it down. He said he was going to write me a warning ticket.
Since I kind of knew him, I asked him if there was anything I could do to
make him forget about the ticket. With a sly grin on his face, he asked me
what I had in mind. I told him to follow me.

Well, we pulled into my apartment complex parking lot, and parked. I told
him to come upstairs and since he was off-duty, I'd give him a beer. When
we were inside, he unbuttoned a few buttons on his tight shirt. We downed a
couple beers, and he asked me what I was going to do to make him forget the

I told him to stand up. Then I stood in front of him, and finished
unbuttoning his shirt. He had a t-shirt underneath. I slipped his uniform
shirt off, then began nibbling on his nipples thru his t-shirt. His nipples
got hard, and he began moaning. I looked down and I could tell he was
getting a hard-on. All of the sudden, he grabbed my head and pulled me to
him, and shoved his tongue in my mouth. We tumbled onto the couch, and we
kissed very deeply for about 10 minutes, while exploring each other's bodies
with our hands.

Then he stood up in front of me while I remained seated, and he shoved his
crotch forward in my face. I undid his belt, and his top button on his
pants, then with my teeth, I pulled his zipper down. His pants fell to the
floor, and he had on bikini underwear. I started mouthing his cock thru his
underwear, and the tip of his massive uncircumsised cock poked up out of the
bikinis. Then I suggested we get into bed and get more comfortable.

When we got to the bedroom, I took my clothes off, and he took his bikinis
and his socks and t-shirt off. He pushed me down on the bed, and lay down
on top of me, and shoved his tongue so far into my mouth, I almost choked!
Then he moved up so I could suck on his nipples and I sucked on them hard,
even started gently biting them. This drove him crazy. Then his knelt up
over my chest and started beating me across the face with his giant cock.
Then I stuck my tongue inside his foreskin and ran it around the smooth head
of his dick. I could taste some urine from earlier in the day. Then he
started shoving his cock further and further in my mouth.

While I was sucking on his beautiful black dick, I was running my hands
across his hairy ass, and even fingering his hole. This was driving him
wild. Then he turned around and spread his butt cheeks and sat on my face.
I was licking and sucking on his hole for all I was worth. It tasted musky,
but I didn't care. I just wanted to please him no matter what he wanted me
to do.

As big as he was, I thought for sure he would be a top, but to my surprise,
he told me he wanted me to fuck him! No argument from me! So, he layed on
his back with his butt at the edge of the bed, and I stood on the floor with
his legs raised over my shoulders, and I shoved my 7" cock up his ass, and I
bent over so we could kiss and swap spit while I fucked him.
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