Dad teaches Me

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male and i****t do not read. it's all in fun and for enjoyment. write and
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Dad was surprised when he came home from school that Friday to
find the house full of his friends and mine, there to be with him on his
40th birthday. somehow I managed to pull it all off without his ever
suspecting. Dad teaches History at the Local University and is the proud
author of no less then 10 well regarded books on History. As everyone
says He looks so young for 40 not looking a day over 25 in fact he is
often mistaken at the U for a student by freshmen. I am glad that in that
regard I take after my Dad, now 18 I look like a boy of 15, while I kind
of hate that now I know in time to come like Dad I'll love looking
young. We are so close in many other ways too both 5'10 160 pounds of
well defined smooth bodies. the thick blonde hair. Dad is and always has
been my best friend and I am his.
This summer Dad and I are going to England to spend two months
on a Dig at a roman area fort. we will be staying in a small home that
is rented by the University and sharing the house with 8 others so Dad
and I will have a small room to share with one double bed in it and Thank
God a private bath. At the end of summer I will be starting at the same
university as a freshmen.
The house in England is just 2 miles from our dig site. It's
nice enough really for the 8 of us all men from around the USA. As Dad
is in charge of the Dig we got the private bath. Our first night there
sticks out in my mind and always will. After we all settled in we meet
down in the large living room for drinks and a talk. Of course I was the
youngest in the group at 18 next came Jeff Trainer an expert in Latin
and Roman History who was just 24. Jeff was a drop dead good looking man
standing a full 6'2 jet lack hair a perpetual 5 O'clock beard piercing
steel gray eyes. He was dressed that day in Jeans maybe just a little
too tight but I kind of lie the way they showed off his bubble butt. Then
a colored T-shirt with a pocket, and sneakers, not at all like the other
old men dressed. I felt Jeff was going out of his way to be nice to me I
supposed because of my age and all?
As you might guess the conversation got around to Rome and it's
army, the object of our being here. Jeff suddenly said "I have began
writing a book, My first I may add on sexuality in the Armies of Rome,
Actually homosexuality in the Armies of Rome during the 2 to the 4th
century" There was a collective grasp of air when he said that and I
could feel the everyone's eyes on me, I guess because of my age? Dad said
"that is really interesting Jeff and I suppose in these times it will be
of great public interest?"
Jeff flashed a wide smile at my Dad and at me too saying "Well Professor
that is just what I am hoping for. The subject has only ever been done
kind of in passing and I hope to bring the whole area out in the light to
been seen and known by all."
Professor Williams chipped in with "Well really I mean any college
freshmen can tell you that the Romans and the Greeks were very much into
being bisexual?
Jeff "Yes that's true but as I've said it has really been just done in
passing I want to give out the details of just how widespread and open
homosexuality was an, well the positive effect it had on Rome"
Dad pouring He and I another drink said " You know Jeff I really like
that idea, in fact I kind of wish I had thought of doing it" someone
joked that Jeff had better watch and get a copy write fast. Then Dad
said "I'd like you to give us what you have so far on the subject if you
don't mind Jeff?"

The others all agreed and asked Jeff to tell them more. Jeff looked
pointedly at me then at Dad and said "Would that be all right in front of
Your son Professor Kelly?"
My Dad smiled and said "Please call me Mike and my son here Kevin is all
of 18 now, he looks young I know but You can speak freely in front of him
and I suppose now that you have his interest up you really should" Jeff
shook my hand and said looking in my eyes "So sorry, I see now you look
much younger then your years much like you Dad here ER Mike that is"
I said "yep, I know I look like a snot nosed k** but there are a few
brains under my blonde hair" we all had a laugh and Jeff began telling us
of his research into homosexuality in the Armies of Rome. He bought out
how the Government of Rome encouraged it's troops not only to be in a gay
relationship but had a reward system set up for those who were. evidence
from payroll records have born this out repeatedly. the men were thought
to be much greater fighters if they had a strong bond among them and
there can be no stronger bond between two men then that of love, love in
all aspects sexual and friendships. Jeff went on to explain about the
emperors of Rome being mostly Gay or at the least bisexual. How it was
believed then that if the bays got their rocks off with each other then
the young girls would be left alone longer to be virgins when it was time
to marry. Jeff explained how there was ample written proof of all kinds
of sex acts going on in the camps. from sucking to fucking and frontage.
none of Us seemed to know what was meant by Frontage, So Jiffy told us it
is from the French word for rubbing, It seems from the writings that the
Romans had perfected the art of rubbing two male bodies together in such
a way as to give total pleasure to both without getting into sucking or
fucking. At this point I have to say thank god I didn't have to stand up
cause my cock was so hard, a combination of Jeff's soft yet masculine
voice and the words of the sex acts had me totally hot and I was not a
queer or so I thought at that time.
Dad to my utter surprise poured anther drink for the 8 of us and as
he passed them out said "You know it does all make perfect sense, I mean
if two men can give each other pleasure and they are close then Hell why
One of the older Professors piped in with "Yes and you don't have to
worry about getting each other preggers? we all laughed but we all agreed
that Jeff had his facts down and the subject would make good reading and
bring much needed light to the subject. I was still reeling over Dad's
comment about homosexuality being OK with him and even making sense. I
was fighting to get my hardon down then Jeff went on about how at our
present dig he hoped to uncover more about the sexuality of the troops as
this dig was on the site of an old Army out post.
One by one the older men left to go to their rooms as it was
already past 11Pm and we were supposed to be up and eating breakfast by 7
am the next morning. Soon only dad myself and Jeff were left in the
room. Jeff now sat on one side of me and Dad on the other. Dad said to
Jeff "Jeff I was wondering for my books I of course try to know my
subject matter as best I can in the smallest of detail as a good writer
Jeff interrupted Dad with a smail and a wave of his hand. I know what you
are about to ask Mike and I've read all of your books and Iknow the
research you must have put into them and I can tell you that I would not
do any less" he cleared his throat and smiled at me. Of course I was
wondering and so I blurted out "So in the interest of research then You
are telling us that you have tried, a you have done or you have
experimented with gay loving?"
Jeff looked at Dad sort of for his approval before saying anything, Dad
nodded his OK and Jeff looked me in the eyes and said "Yes Kevin I have
done my home work and done it well I might add"
I said mouth wide open "even that French thing what was it?"
Jeff laughed saying "Glad to see you have been paying attention, It's
called Frontage, the art of two men rubbing against each other naked to
bring extreme pleasure to one another. I've done it often and I may say I
now know why it would be so popular among the Roman Troops"
Dad said "Jeff I really think your work and the book which will result
from it will do much good to stop the present society we live in from
downing the love two men can share and make it open and as it should be a
pleasure we are now missing"
I was so shocked to hear Dad say that, I just sat opened mouthed then
when I thought I couldn't be any more shocked Dad said "between the three
of us here and now, I've done some experimenting in that area myself a
few times growing up and I kind of remember it was a great pleasure, for
me and I hope the few boy's or men I did it with"
Jeff had a good laugh saying Mike look at your son here he is in total
shock hearing that His Dad is only human too"
Dad was shaking my shoulder now and saying "Kevin your legally a man now
and well hell might as well be honest here"
Jeff good for you Mike, and good for you too Kevin. I wish I could be so
open with my Dad"
I said "Thanks Jeff and I am glad I can be open with Dad too, To be
truthful I am kind of shocked but then kind of glad too, see I've done my
little experiments too"
Jeff "mmm dare we ask being as it's open up time?"
Dad "Hey Kevin I am all ears, tell us more I'll fix us a drink"
Once Dad was seated with the three drinks I let go. Telling them both
about the times my best buddy Nick would sl**p over and we would get into
laying games at first jerking off together then feeling each others cocks
and then doing what Jeff was call Frontage, rubbing and then working up
to sucking each others cocks. Told them how much I liked it all and how
I have been hard all night just hearing about the Romans and Jef's talk"
Jeff put his hand on my one knee and Dad put his hand on my other knee we
just kind of stared at each other a good while, then Dad broke the ice
saying "Your not the only one who has been hard here Kevin" with that he
spread his legs so we could see the tent in his jeans, Lord I wanted to
touch it. Jeff stood up and Dad and I could see the out line of his hard
big cock in his jeans too Jeff said "Do you think you guy's would like
some company tonight in your room?
I was looking from one my Dad's tent to the other Jef's tent and wishing
Dad said the right thing then I heard Dad say "I know I sure would, how
about you Kevin in for some male on male old roman style?"
I stood up and guess with the drink and all got brave I reached and put
one hand on Dad's cock and the other on the handsome Hunk Jeff's cock oh
God it was so exciting the feel of these two good looking hung men's
dicks in my hand.
Jeff said to Dad " I think we can take this as a yes, don't you?"
Dad now reacher over and He was now rubbing Jeff's cock along with me and
Jeff was soon feeling my hard Dick and Dad's. we walked or I should say
floated up to our room. There were 4 floors in the house Jeff's room and
our room were on the top or 4th floor because we were the youngest and it
was figured we could better take the steps then the older men I was sure
glad of that now as we had the floor to ourselves.
Once Jeff closed the door behind us all holds were off, Dad had
me in a body hug from the front his hard ass cock pressed into mine
through our jeans while Jeff was behind me pressing his big ass cock
along the crack of my ass, I knew I was going to be the center of this
and I was loving it. I fumbled trying to get Dad's belt undone and He was
undoing mine soon We had our jeans down and I looked down to see my Dad's
cock stiff in his white jockey shorts wet at the head from precum and now
he was pressing it into my equally wet hard cock. Jeff in the rear had
his pants and briefs off and had pulled down my briefs in the rear now
his hard thick cock was pressing along the crack of my ass, God it was so
thick. Dad was pumping me and reaching around me to feel Jeff's cock
pumping my ass while Jeff was reaching around to feel Dad's cock as he
pumped me, Me I was in fag heaven these two powerful nude men pressed
into me I wanted to do it all fuck suck get sucked all at once. Dad made
the decission for me when He whispered in my ear, " You want to suck us
both off Son?"
Yea Dad Yea Both of you at once.'
Jeff needed no invitation He came off me and around so now Dad and Jeff
stood side by side I knelt and took one cock in each hand oh it felt so
good Dad and Jeff were both like 8 inches Dad was cut with a big ass
mushroomed oozing precum Jeff was Uncut with the skin mostly off his wet
cock head I took first Jeff's in my mouth and Oh it tasted so good not
boy cock like my buddies this was a man's cock the smell the taste of the
precum the thick pubic hairs, then Dad's cock into my mouth lord the head
of his was so big I had to really open wide to take that cock head in as
I sucked Dad Jeff said "Oh Mike Your cock is so fucking thick man, Look
at that fucking head man so wide I want you to fuck that monster in me
Dad now pumping his cock deep into my mouth said " Oh You got it Jeff i
want to bust that ass of your s too man"
I got up and wanted to see this. Dad said "wait a minute we need some
lube" while He was in the bathroom getting the lube Jeff got on his knees
and was sucking my 8 inch cock, licking my balls, that handsome face any
women would kill for was loving my cock in his mouth and my balls and he
was pushing a finger in my ass too I knew that tonight Jeff would be
fucking me and Dad would be fucking me too.
Dad was now out with a tube of KY from where I never knew but he had
it. Soon I was KYing up Dad's cock pole and Jef's ass pushing my finger
into Jef's hairs tight crack. Dad explained and we agreed He'd put his
cock into Jeff and then I would put my cock into Dad as he fucked Jeff
and we'd all change over so we all got to fuck each other. Dad had Jeff
on all fours on the bed he mounted him from the rear and I looked on as
Dad lined up that massive cock head of His to Jef's hole then Dad pushed
and pushed I saw the whole cock head big as it is push into Jeff, Jeff
let out a moan of pain but he was pushing back to meet Dad's massive cock
head as it pushed into him. I was so totally turned on to this sight,
seeing Dad's big cock spreading Jeff's ass knowing it would soon be
spreading mine only hoping I could take it half as well as Jeff was, then
Dad was in all the way and he stood still to let Jeff get use to being so
spread by his cock. Then Dad began to pump in and out in and out nearly
all the way out then all in all 8 inches to his balls Jeff was moaning
with each push in and out loving it Jeff's cock was still hard as a rock
as he got a good fucking, I needed to do it I KY'd up my cock and got on
the Bed Dad looked back and said Yea Son that's it get back there and
fuck me too"
I spread some KY on Dad's hole then I lined up Dad was not pumping into
Jeff then He waited for my cock to enter him I pushed my cock head Dad
was tight, real tight I thought for a minute it would never go in Dad was
just too tight but then My cock head was in then my first two inches of
thick meat was spreading Dad's sphincter wide to take my cock meat. the
feel of Dad's tight sphincter around my cock was so hot man and knowing
that Dad was now in Jeff's ass soon we were fucking in one motion all of
us moaning in total pleasure I'd push hard with my Dick into Dad then he
would push his just as hard into Jeff. As Dad pulled his cock out of
Jeff, His ass was pushing back onto my cock. At one point Dad said "Oh
Kevin man Your Dick is going to have to take a lot of getting use to it's
so big man, ever measure it boy"
I said as I was fucking it into my Dad "Yea Dad its like 8 inches long
and 7.5 inches thick man, lots of Dick for you Dad.
Jeff from under Dad said "Holy shit man 7.5 thick a hman hell mine is
only like 5 thick"
Dad groaning as I fucked it in him said "Oh Jeff wait till he fucks it in
you man it's a real ass spreader he has there"
Jeff said I can't help it man I am going to cum , oh god Oh God here it
Dad let it go Jeff cause here I cum in your ass man, get ready to get
filled up"
Hearing all this put me over. Wordlessly I was letting go of one then two
then three then Oh God four hot thick loads of my cum deep in my Dads
spread ass.
We all three laid on the Double bed exhausted and wet with cum Jeff
pulled off one of His socks gave it to me and said "Here use this to wipe
off with," the other sock he gave to Dad, then Dad pulled off one of his
own socks and Jeff was cleaning his cum filled stomach and cock. I don't
know when but somehow we all fell asl**p, I woke up at just 6:15 am to
see the other two laying there in each others arms naked and the socks we
used to wipe off with the night before on the foot of the bed, the TV was
on and then I remembered we had to be down stairs in less then 45
minutes. I woke Dad then Jeff who shot out of bed and to his room,
before Dad made it to the showers Jeff was back with some clean cloths
but still ball ass naked and the wonderful cock of his swinging like
mad. I hopped in the shower after Dad then Jeff hopped in with me while
Dad dressed and I was on my knee sucking that thick ass meat of his again
I was able to get his load in my mouth before Dad came to hurry us out.
The others were all down stairs waiting for us. And the hired cook
put out a nice setting of food. soon we were ready to head to the dig
site. Our driver was a local boy my age. On the ride I learned his name
was Gary and that he lived just a half mile off and he would be taking us
the whole summer back and forth to the dig plus if we liked into town to
hit the local pubs if we liked. Gary was a handsome man. Dirty blond
hair that flew fee and a face that looked like brad Pitts. a body to kill
At the Dig it was all work. there were 15 students from the local
university on the dig to help and Dad laid out the rules and procedures
and as most had been on digs before it went really well. for lunch Gary
drove us back to he house and we had a great lunch. that afternoon I got
to sit alone with Gary in the truck and just talk comparing schools and
things like that. i got around to asking him about the local girls and
he kind of blushed and said "aw I am kind of the wrong one to ask about
that if your looking to get laid, Laid that is by a women"
I said "Well really I am not much interested in getting laid, well not by
a women anyway" I took a chance and let that opening out there,
Gary turned and flashed me a smile, God did he look like brad Pitt. He
said "Well then maybe I can ah be of some help to you then, if your open
to that I mean?"
I said smiling back "I sure am Gary, I'd like to maybe get together with
you, that is if you want?
Gary "Kevin, I live just a short ways from your house and I live alone,
My parents were killed 6 months ago in an auto accident so it's just me
in that big old house, hell you are welcome after your work here to come
on over and we can see how it goes from there?
My thoughts were racing, I knew that Dad and Jeff were going to be
wanting to have some fun tonight but I knew too that they would be busy
most of the evening until dinner with the rest of the group going over
the details of the dig for today so I said
"Gary I can get over and you can show me your place after work today, but
I do have to be back for dinner is that OK?
"Gary smiled " yes that is plenty of time, I'll drop off the rest and you
and I can go to my place, then I'll drive you back in time "\
As I was getting out of the car I said "Gary I must seem like a fool i
meant to say how sorry I was that You lost your parents that way and all,
God your so young to be a lone"
Gary was quite for a moment and said "yea kind of but it will be nice
making a new friend like you too Kevin"
I talked to dad and to Jeff and they agreed that my going to
Gary's was a good idea as they would be busy with the group from 3pm
until 7Pm Jeff said "yea that Gary is one hot dude,"
Dad "mmm maybe you can get him to join out little group Kevin"
I smiled and said "You two know I will be working for the group while I
am there" we all laughed.
2;30 on the dot we all got in the car with Gary to drive us to the
house. We dropped off the group and as planed I stayed with Gary. soon we
were pulling up to his house. It sat alone on a dirt road. The house
was surrounded by farm fields and Gary explained that all that land was
now his and he rented it out to farmers at a good price. The house was
all one floor with 4 bedrooms two baths and a modern kitchen that looked
like something out of a home depot book.
Gary got us both a beer and we sat at the kitchen island table to drink
them. God he was so cute and that Brad Pitt smile of his and that body.
at one point after like three beers Gary said "make yourself conformable
Kevin" he was taking off his black boots and had on these thick wool
socks a gray color like they must have used in the W.W.II army. I did
the same, they Gary stood up and came to me and took me in his arms I was
sort of surprised not expecting it soon. I moaned in his strong arms and
he held me tight then said "Kevin, I really need someone to hold and be
close to it's been so lonely and all since the accident"
I said "Gary I am here for you"
Gary then put his hand under my chin and pulled my face to his and he
kissed me, my first male kiss, oh it was so hot this handsome stud
kissing me his tongue was in my mouth then mine in his I needed him I
wanted him all of him. He pulled away and smiled at me and said "Is that
what you had in mind?"

Me "Oh Gary it sure as hell is man, wow what a kisser but I got to tell
you something"
Gary didn't let me say it He was pressing his full lips on mine again and
then he pulled me out of the chair and lead me into the bedroom off the
kitchen. Real easy he laid me down on the bed, then he got on top of me
I felt his hard Dick against mine, I knew it was a mother fucker of a
cock from what I could feel. we kissed and I was getting good at it in
so short a time. who wouldn't love kissing this handsome 19 year old
stud? He got up told me to undress take it all off, I did as he stood
there and was looking at me with a look of pure sexual hunger. I was now
naked on the bed my cock pointing up to my belly button. Gary smiled
saying "Nice Kevin real Nice"
then he put on a show for me striping like a male stripper in a club. the
shirt, T-shirt then the jeans and then he pulled his jockey shorts off
and my god the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life was there all I
could say was Holy shit Gary how fuckin big is that thing"
Gary smiled holding that monster cock in one hand "Like it? it's a little
over 10 inches and a good 8,5 inches thick around"
I sat up and slid over to the side of the bed I took that thick ass meat
in my hand and kissed it then looked up at Gary's face his eyes were
closed in pleasure I loved it so thick man and the smell of his cock and
pubic hairs. Gary opened his eyes saying "now this is what you wanted
I said just licking the head "sure is Gary man anybody would love this
cock man"
Gary "well go head enjoy it some and let me enjoy yours too, I like your
cock too Kevin"
We got into a 69 position and we sucked for like 20 minutes my jaw was
killing me but I loved it too, the taste of his balls also the biggest
I'd ever seen I was so happy now that I was gay. Gary said as he pulled
off my cock "It's real hard for me to cum doing this, I love doing it but
you know what I really like Kevin?"
I took his cock out of my sore mouth and said holding it "No Gary tell me
what you really like?"
Gary gave me one of his cute Brad Pitt up to something smiles and said
"Well I like to fuck my meat into a man's ass and then have him fuck his
meat into my ass too"
I said "Oh Gary man I don't know man it's so fucking big man you'll bust
me open"
Gary "naw that wouldn't happen and I'll be real easy and slow I promise
Kevin, they say an ass can spread to take any size cock, please let me
put it in you some even half, I really need to be close to you Kevin, I
want to be close to you."
what could I say to that handsome face and those eyes I knew It would
sure hurt but I too needed Gary to be close to me. I said "Yes Gary I
want you to be close to me"
He smiled again and got up walked the few steps to the bathroom and came
back with a tube of good old KY. As he put it on his monster 10 inch
cock I panicked I wanted to stall for time I said Gary are you going to
keep your socks on man?
Gary smiled again "yea I am going to keep them on while I fuck you and I
am going to be rubbing them all over you feet as I spread you wide for
me. " He lifted a leg so I could see his sock and said "these will be our
fuckin socks, you wear them when ever you want me to fuck you again and
I'll know by seeing them you want my cock again"
he had me lay on my side and came up behind me , His leg over mine his
socked foot against mine, then He placed that massive cock head against
my sphincter, it felt so good He pushed just a little then some more he
told me now to push out like I was taking a crap and I did and he pushed
in popped his thick wide cock head, oh man did it hurt but he stopped
there and said " you tell me when you are ready for more Kevin"
I waited it felt good I said ok try more He pushed more and that thick
shaft was now pushing in how fuckin far can a ass really spread I
thought? more came in more came in I was hurting but loving it too his
leg on mine that foot on mine that thick ass cock in my ass I wanted
more, more and Gary gave it to me soon he said "OH Kevin, Oh Kevin I am
all the way in you dude all the way man all my 10 inches are inside you
now relax and enjoy my fucking it in you
I said "yea fuck it in me big boy fuck it in me"
He sure did He fucked that monster cock all 10 inches deep in and out of
me spreading me filling me with cock I loved his balls banging against me
loved his arm around me his fuckin cock planted in my ass I loved him I
loved being gay I loved cock. soon I knew when he tensed up he was going
to cum. He kissed my ear and said I" I am going to cum in you Kevin put
my seed deep in you Kevin I love your ass Kevin and want to fill it up
Kevin, Do you want my cum in you?"
I said: Gary You handsome motherfucker I want you to fill me up with your
hot cum."

fill me he did. He sucked me off and then we showered together and I
fucked his ass and man was he a wild ride he loved cock in his ass loved
my cock in his ass and I filled him with my load. He drove me back to
the house in time for dinner and I told Dad and Jeff all about my
afternoon with Gary.

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