The Builder

Sixteen year old Dylan Thomas had always lived in his cramped terrace house
in the south Wales valleys. Dylan's dad Peter had decided to get an
extension on the back of the house to contain another bedroom and a big
kitchen downstairs. Dylan was very happy as finally he would get his own
bedroom and not share with his pain in the ass12 yr old b*****r Hywel.

Dylan is 16 and six foot two inches with a tight six packed silky smooth
body with floppy blonde hair with blue puppy dog eyes and has his left ear

Peter, who is a builder by trade, decided that to save costs he would do
the work himself. Peter designed the extension and even managed to add a
second bathroom for Dylan. Peter asked his mate Tom to help him do the

Tom is 21 6ft 7 inches tall with shaved black hair blue eyes. He has a
slightly hairy perfect six packed body.

It was the summer holidays and Dylan was home from school. Dylan got up as
usual dressed only in his tight black CKs and walked downstairs into the
old kitchen. Tom was working on the extension dressed only in a pair of
tight jean cut-offs. Dylan watched as Tom bent over and noticed there was a
split in the jeans giving him a view of Tom's ass crack.

Dylan's 7 inch cock was throbbing causing his tight CKs to tent. Dylan
stood up and left the kitchen heading straight upstairs to his bedroom,
thinking to himself thank God Hywel had gone away to his grandparents in
Cornwall with his mum.

Dylan pulled his CKs down and started to wank his cock thinking of Tom's
sexy body. Tom walked upstairs and walked over the landing towards the
toilet. Tom went past the boys bedroom and in a mirror spotted his mate's
hot, older son wanking.

Tom stood by the door and watched as Dylan wanked his cock harder and
harder. Tom's cock was throbbing causing his shorts to tent. Tom was
dreaming as Dylan wanked his cock harder. Then, when Dylan screamed "Tom!
Oh Yeah! suck my cock, take my cum" He quickly woke up and looked over as
Dylan carried on running his hand up and down his cock. This was too much
for Tom so he crept quietly into Dylan's room over to the bed and took
Dylan's throbbing cock into his manly workman's hands. Dylan screamed but
Tom said "Ssshhh." and slowly started to run his hands up and down Dylan's
throbbing cock. Dylan moaned as Tom's hard calloused hands ran up and down
his silky smooth cock..

"Ooohhh" groaned Dylan as Tom slowly wanked his cock, giving him sensations
he had never felt before. Tom slowly lifted Dylan's soft hand and started
to run his hand up and down his cock showing Dylan how to get the same

Tom whispered to Dylan "You are one hot stud!".

Dylan smiled "Not really" he said quietly

Tom looked at Dylan lying naked on his bed with his hot smooth body
glistening with sweat. Tom smiled and took back hold of Dylan's cock and
started to wank it hard.

Dylan groaned "Ooohhh shit" as Tom wanked his cock harder and harder,
finally giving one final throb his cock erupted producing a massive load of
his hot sticky cum. Dylan was breathing heavily as his cum spurted and ran
all down Tom's hands.

Tom looked at Dylan and ran his tongue up and down his hand tasting the hot
juicy cum.

Dylan said "Wow! that was awesome. Can we do it again?"

Tom laughed, saying "Yes lad, but not now, I'd better get back to work or
your dad will sack me"

Dylan said "Oh, OK. but we will do it again?"

Tom said "Yeah, I just said that. Now come on and let me get back to work."

Tom left Dylan lying on his bed and went back downstairs just in time as a
couple of minutes later Peter arrived back with the supplies from the
builders merchant.

Peter said "What you been doing while I was away?"

Tom smiled " I had my break. Is that OK with you?"

Peter smiled back "Yeah that's fine, but now give us a hand with these

Peter then shouted "Dylan! get out of bed now you lazy bastard".

Tom smiled as Dylan came out of his room dressed in a pair of blue
tracksuit bottoms and a white vest type t shirt.

"Dad, I was out of bed ages ago"

"Well get your ass down here and give Tom and me a hand".

Dylan ran down the stairs and grabbed his trainers giving Tom a nice view
of his pert bum as his trackies tightened.

Later that day

Peter was up on the scaffolding when his mobile phone went off.

Peter answered the phone and after talking for a while said "OK, but I
can't come round until tomorrow. I have Dylan here and I don't like leaving
home on his own all night".

Tom butted in saying "I can stay here tonight if you like?"

"You sure you don't mind?" asked Peter.

Tom smiled and said without sounding too excited "No, I don't mind, I'm
sure I can look after the little man" and looked over at Dylan and winked.

Peter said " Change of plan. Tonight will be fine." to the person on the
other end of the phone.

Peter said "OK, I will see you at six then".

Peter put the phone down and said "Thanks mate. I really appreciate this,
it's my b*****r in law, he's been taken into hospital".

Dylan looked up at his dad and asked "What's happened to Uncle Paul?"

Peter looked at Dylan and said "Don't worry it's only his hernia playing up

"Oh, OK." Said Dylan.

Peter said "I have to go and look after Julie's daughter Rachel, who young
Dylan here doesn't like.

Dylan grinned and said "You bet, she is a cow"

Peter said "Don't be so cheeky young man. There's nothing wrong with

"Well, the last time I was there she called me weird because I wouldn't
kiss her!" replied Dylan.

Peter laughed "Come on, she is only twelve. Right Tom there is plenty of
food in the cupboard and freezer so don't let Dylan talk you into going to

"Oh Dad!" giggled Dylan.

Tom laughed. "No problem, we will eat in tonight then, but maybe we will go
to McDonald's for lunch tomorrow"

"Cool" Dylan said

Peter laughed and went upstairs and packed some clothes

Peter came downstairs shortly after and said "Right, I'd better be off. I
will phone you later. OK?"

"No problem." Replied Tom, "I'm sure we will be all right."

Peter jumped into his car and drove to his s****rs house about 15 miles

Tom turned to Dylan "OK, let's get something to eat. What do you want?"

"McDonalds?" Dylan said, grinning.

Tom laughed "You are a cheeky one aren't you? Let's look in the
freezer. What about pizza?"

Dylan said "Cool! I love pizza almost as much as I love McDonalds"

Tom put the pizza in the microwave then shouted "Come and get it"

Dylan ran into the kitchen grabbed some slices and went back into the
lounge and laid down in front of the TV eating his pizza.

Tom followed Dylan in and smiled as he saw the hot lad lying on the floor
with his tight trackies showing off his sexy bubble ass.

Tom sat on the settee behind Dylan enjoying the view. Dylan sat up and went
in between Tom's legs. Tom started to play with Dylan's floppy hair slowly
running his hands all over the boy's head.

Dylan stood up and sat back down on Tom's lap. Tom smiled and started to
run his hand under Dylan's tight vest type t shirt. Dylan moaned gently as
he felt Tom's hard workman's hand run up and down his smooth body.

Tom whispered into Dylan's ear "I really want to spend the night making
love to you all night long"

Dylan gave out a loud moan saying "Oh yeah, I'd really like that too."

Tom pulled Dylan towards him and started to kiss him passionetly. Tom
kissed Dylan like he had never kissed before and started to run his hand up
and down Dylan's sexy smooth body. Tom was still kissing Dylan when the
phone rang

Dylan stood up and ran over to the phone and said "Hello? Hi Dad, yeah we
had pizza. Yeah Tom is looking after me. How's Uncle Paul? Oh, OK, well
I'll see you tomorrow then Dad. Bye." and replaced the receiver.

Tom smiled at him, "OK babes?"

Dylan nodded yes and walked towards the door to the hallway. Tom laughed
and stood up and followed the sexy lad.

Tom said "So I take it we are having an early night?"

Dylan laughed "Looks like".

Tom grabbed hold of Dylan "You are one hot lad." He growled, and lead him
upstairs to bed.

Tom slowly lifted off Dylan's top. He started to run his hand over Dylan's
silky smooth body. Tom started to slowly pull down the sexy lads tight

Tom smiled as Dylan's tight grey CKs came into view. Dylan's cock was rock
hard causing his CKs to tent. Tom pulled the CKs down revealing the hunky
lads throbbing cock..Tom smiled and gently took hold of the lads cock and
started to wank it slowly. Tom slowly ran his hand up and down the precum
covered cock. Dylan was groaning and breathing heavily as his cock was
wanked harder and harder by his Dad's hunky friend. Dylan groaned loudly as
his cock gave one last throb and exploded covering Tom's hand and his silky
smooth chest with load after load of his sweet cum.

Tom stood up and removed his t shirt revealing his slightly hairy chest to
Dylan. Dylan watched closely as Tom peeled off his tight jean cut-offs
revealing his tight black CKs which were tenting giving Dylan the first
sight of Tom's cock. Tom then slowly peeled off his CKs. Dylan moaned oh as
Tom's rock hard 7 inch cock came into view.

Tom went back onto the bed and started to kiss Dylan whispering into his

"I wont hurt you I promise" as he slowly lifted Dylan up and gently placed
him down on his stomach. Tom went down and looked at Dylan's sexy silky
smooth white ass and said "Wow! That is one hot ass you got there
babes". Tom pushed his middle finger into his mouth and then gently pushed
it into Dylan's tight ass. Dylan's ass wouldn't give in at first but
finally it let in his finger in. Dylan groaned and breathed heavily as the
finger pushed into his tight virgin ass.

Tom then did something that Dylan didn't know about and was a bit shocked
as Tom pushed his tongue up and down his silky ass. Dylan groaned "Oohhh"
as the tongue went up and down his ass. Tom carried on rimming Dylan's ass
until Dylan groaned "Oh fuck!" as his cock exploded covering his chest with
more cum. Tom then pushed two finger's into Dylan's ass. Dylan groaned
"Ouch! It hurts!" as Tom pushed a third finger in.

Tom said "Sorry babes" and pulled his fingers out and grabbed some lube
from his workbag rubbing some on his fingers and some onto Dylan's ass. Tom
then very slowly pushed his three fingers back in. Dylan groaned "Oohhh" as
he felt Tom slowly finger fuck his ass. Tom said "Well babes, I think you
might be ready for me now." Dylan laughed and said "Kool."

Tom grabbed a condom and put it onto his cock and then lubed his cock
up. Tom then applied some lube to Dylan's tight soon to be ex virgin
ass. Tom slowly pushed his cock in between Dylan's smooth white ass cheeks
and after a little persuading Dylan's hole gave way and slowly Tom's cock
went in a little. Dylan moaned "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!" as he felt
Tom's cock push his ass apart. Tom said "Relax, the pain will go away." and
left his cock where it was for a while.

After a few minutes Tom asked "OK babes?"

Dylan nodded yes as Tom slowly pushed his cock in further and further until
Tom said

"Wow hot lad, you have it all the way in"

Dylan said "Really? Wow! I never thought it would fit."

Tom laughed and said "Thanks sexy, but I am not that big."

Tom slowly pulled his cock out and slowly started to fuck Dylan's silky
smooth ass. Tom was groaning "Oh fuck Dylan, this is one tight arse you
got." as his cock went in and out. Dylan groaned "Fuck!" as his own cock
exploded for the third time covering his chest with more and more of his
cum as Tom fucked his arse faster and faster. Finally Tom groaned "Oh
fuck." as his 7 inch throbbing cock exploded filling his condom with a
massive load of cum. The lad collapsed onto the bed in a heap and Tom held
Dylan for a while and then pulled his now soft cock out of Dylan's silky
smooth ass with a pop!

Tom then grabbed hold of Dylan and kissed him passionately and said "I love
you Dylan but there is one thing you have to promise me"

Dylan looked at Tom and said "I love you too; and what?"

Tom smiled and said "Well, that you wont tell your dad"

Dylan said "Don't be daft, he would go mad"

Tom laughed and said "Yeah he would, and I would lose my job."

Dylan grabbed hold of Tom and kissed him and said "I wont tell him if you
won't!" and laughed.

Tom held Dylan and the two new lovers fell asl**p in each others arms.

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