Hag's Straight Brother

Will has his Grace. I had my Liz. We'd met through my old boyfriend who'd
been her hair stylist. At the time Liz was a high fashion model, willowy
thin and drop-dead beautiful, a 22-year old version of Vanessa Redgrave. We
became best friends and confidants. She shed Stephan as her hairdresser at
about the same time I dumped him as a low-life cheating lover. Within a
year of that she and I had decided to share a two-bedroom railroad flat in
Chelsea. From that point on, until she finally met a straight man who
interested her, we spent most of our free time together. She easily could
have had her choice of men, but as with most fag hags she preferred the
company of men who loved men.

At the time I was not remotely interested in getting into another
relationship. Random acts of hot sex were the only thing that interested me
about men; socially I preferred to do things with Liz. In total we lived
together for a wonderful 4 years and coincidently at the end of that time
we each met the men of our dreams. I'm still in New York with my boyfriend,
while Liz lives in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. She and her husband
remain our good friends and we spend a good deal of time visiting together
when they come to the City or when we go up to the Berkshires.

Of course that isn't the point of the story, so I'll get down to the good
parts. Liz and I had been living together for about a year and a half when
she asked if I minded if her baby b*****r stayed with us for about a week.
He and Liz had been raised in Kansas. At the time her b*****r, Keith, was a
high school senior and interested in going to NYU. He was planning a trip
to New York right after Christmas to check out the school and to experience
New Year's Eve in the Big Apple.

Of course I had no objection to Keith staying with a us for a week, but I
was curious about what he was like. In all our time together Liz rarely
mentioned her f****y and strangely I had seen no photographs of any of
them, except her mom.

In answer to my question Liz said, "He's seven years younger than me so
that I only remember him as a k**. He's very smart and even better looking.
From what my mom says that's both a blessing and a curse. He's become a
little arrogant because he seems to assume that all women will just throw
themselves at his feet. Unfortunately it seems there's some basis in fact
for his thinking that. I figure that time in New York will do him some
good. In Kansas it not too hard to be the best looking guy in town, in New
York you're just one of theherd and there's always someone better looking
than you coming around the next corner."

Hearing how good looking he was, of course I had to ask, "Is there any
chance that he's gay?"

"I guess there's always a chance, he's certainly handsome enough to be gay,
but I'm afraid Sweetie that he's terminally straight. So don't get your
hopes up."

Liz cleared her schedule for the holiday week, with the exception of one
afternoon shoot for Vogue that her agent insisted that she do and I asked
for the week off from work so that the two of us could show Keith New York.

The day after Christmas Liz and I headed for Newark Airport to meet Keith's
plane. When he emerged from the gangway I understood clearly what Liz had
been talking about. There was no doubt that he could easily have been the
best looking high school senior in Emporia, Kansas if not the best looking
guy in town and with just a little grooming and a better developed fashion
sense he would certainly be able to hold his own even amongst the best New
York had to offer. He was 6'2", blond, blue eyed, with a chiseled jaw line
and the same high cheekbones as his s****r. I cursed the gods who'd made
this boy straight.

He was a bit arrogant with a know-it-all attitude that is often typical in
an 18-year old. Still he had intelligence, charm and looks enough to make
you willing to overlook it. The bottom line was that I liked him, found him
totally appealing and agreed with Liz that living in the big city would
smooth out the rough edges.

Liz had planned a big first evening for him and us. Early dinner at Windows
On The World (this was the mid-90s) followed by The Will Roger's Follies on
Broadway. Through he contacts Liz had managed to get us house seats for the

Both Keith and I were ready to go by 5:00 and were sitting together in the
living room while Liz was doing her thing. I wasn't really prepared for the
conversation that we had.

"So you're gay."

I wasn't sure if it was a question or a statement of fact, so I responded
with a flip remark.

"Well the last time I remember having sex was with a guy, so I guess it's

"What's it like?"

"What's what like?"

"You know, getting it on with a guy."

"I don't know, I guess it's pretty much the same as getting it on with a
woman only you have different equipment to work with."

"Yeah, I guess, but I mean what do you get out of sucking cock?"

His bluntness caught me off guard. "Well let me ask you, what do you get
out of eating pussy?"

To my surprise he answered, "it's a real turn on, I mean it's just too cool
to be able to get a girl all fired up, like to make her cum with your
mouth. I kinda think I like it as much as fucking, maybe more."

It dawned on me that he was being serious. He wasn't hostile or critical,
just curious. I soften my tone.

"It's just about the same for a guy doing a guy. The way I see it oral sex
can be a kind of power trip for both guys. The one giving a blow job has a
sense of control, of being able to make another guy horny and worked up
enough to blow his load and you got to feel that if you have a guy's f****y
jewels in your mouth you have some kind of power over him. For the guy
getting sucked it `s also a power thing. I mean from his perspective he has
another guy between his legs servicing him; that can be a real power
trip. It's a guy sort of thing that I think you don't have between a man
and a woman, at least not in the same way. Besides," I threw in, "very few
women can give head as good as a guy. Face it no woman, no matter how
experienced she is can know what it feels like to get a blow job. A man
knows exactly what it feels like and can do what he knows works."

"I get you," he looked pensive, "that makes sense. Like, no matter how many
time I eat out a girl I'll never really know what she's feeling. I can only
guess from her reactions about what's working, but another girl would know
exactly what the she's experiencing. So you're saying that oral sex is best
when it's between two people of the same sex."

"Right, at least that's my theory, but I'm pretty sure I'm right. Of course
there must be guys who are experienced enough to be as good as any woman
and the same for women with men, but generally speaking, it's easier for a
man to please a man or a woman a woman."

"I say that it makes a lot of sense. I'd never even considered it."

At that point Liz emerged from the bedroom and the conversation stopped. We
had a wonderful evening out on the town and the following two days were
great. We did a couple of museums, shopped 5th Avenue, and toured Greenwich
Village. We even took Keith to our favorite gay bar, Marie's Crisis a small
piano bar where the patrons spend the evening drinking and singing show
tunes. The fourth day was the day Liz had her photo shoot, Keith had an
appointment with admissions at NYU and I decided to get a few errands
done. We all decided that we'd meet back at the apartment by 6:00 and then
do Chinatown and Little Italy in the evening with dinner at Luna's our
favorite Italian restaurant.

I finished my errands earlier than I'd expected. I decided that I'd just go
rather than find something else to do. The busy days and late nights had
drained me a little and an afternoon nap would be a welcome respite, also I
was particularly horny so I figured I could beat off to a porno video while
no one was home and then drift into a relaxed sl**p.. I knew Liz was at
work and Keith had said that he planned to do a little New York exploring
on his own.

I was surprised, disappointed and somewhat annoyed when I opened the
apartment door and heard rock music blaring out from the living room at the
end of the hall. I walked down the hall fully intending to vent my
frustration at not being alone on Keith by reminding him that we had
neighbors. Once I got to the living room door all that was forgotten. There
sprawled out on our living room couch was Keith, totally naked, head thrown
back on the arm rest with his eyes closed and what had to be a thick 7
inches of rock hard cock firmly locked in his pounding fist.

My immediate thought was to back away and leave the apartment. The
beautiful sight before me however just froze me in place. His body was
magnificent and as though that wasn't enough to fixate me his cock was an
absolute work of art. Ramrod straight, long and thick with a meaty
helmet-shaped head, pre-cum bubbling out making the entire thing glisten. I
just stood there in awe with a growing desire to do something I knew I
could not. I told myself that I'd just drink in the sight, fix it in my
mind and recall it later while I took my own problem in hand. Just as I
resolved to do that, as though he sensed my presence, Keith's eyes opened.

I was more shocked than he was. In his position I would have been
embarrassed, but apparently he was not, but I was. I just kept staring and
I know that he perceived the lust and desire in my eyes.

He smiled at me and then pushed his cock straight up so that it was at a 90
degree angle with his supine body. "Pretty nice one don't you think?" His
was an arrogance born of the certain knowledge that he was right. I managed
to nod my head while I just continued to stare at it.

"I hope you're not offended, but I wasn't expecting you home and well I'm
really horny, as you can tell. Now that you're here you can watch if you
want, but I've been thinking about what you said and if you're willing I
wouldn't mind."

"What?" I managed to croak out.

"I wouldn't mind getting a little head. If you're right, and I think maybe
you are, guys give great head. I love head, I'm horny as hell and if you're
willing to help a guy out I think it would be cool. If you're not
interested then I'll just finish what I started."

He knew he had me. I knew he knew and he knew that I knew he knew. There
wasn't much point denying it. My only half-hearted attempt not go there was
a lame, "I can't, you're Liz's baby b*****r. I don't think she'd exactly

"I don't think she ever has to know. I'm certainly not going to tell
her. So are you interested?"

I certainly have no false pride. I love sucking cock, especially big, thick
beautiful cocks like the one that was being displayed in front of me. The
fact that it was attached to a straight 18-year old k** who was my best
friend's b*****r didn't alter that fact. That I knew this would be a one
way non-reciprocated act also didn't deter me. I wanted that cock more than
anything in the world at that moment. It was available. I wanted it and I
was going to have it. Fuck self-image.

"Why don't we go into my bedroom? I think we'd both be more comfortable in

I didn't have to ask him twice. He got a shit-eating grin on his face and
got up from the couch. His cock hadn't diminished any and pointed out
straight, hard and proud as he followed me down to the other end of the
hall and my room.

Each of us instinctively knew our role in this ritual. He lay down on the
center of my bed, put his hands behind his head, stretched his legs out
wide, closed his eyes and waited. I stripped down to my boxers and joined
him on the bed, kneeling between his legs.

I reached out with my right hand, grasped and raised his taut cock from
flat against his stomach stroking it. This elicited a long sigh. While
stroking him gently I bent down and began to run my tongue on his ball
sac. He moaned. I sucked one of the delicate orbs into my mouth and he
moaned again. I began to work my tongue and lips on his balls and the
surrounding area, his moans gave way to groans of delight. I feasted for a
good 3 or 4 minutes drawing out the enjoyment, delaying more intense
pleasures to come. I didn't often engaging in rimming, except with long
term boyfriends, but I wanted to eat his tender young ass. I don't think he
had any idea what was coming, but he gave no resistance when I raised his
legs up and pushed them back toward his head. I moved in and just devoured
his hole. It was clean, tight and pink with just the faintest scent of
musky maleness, I was in heaven.

"Sweet Jesus! Oh my God," was all he said before a loud continuous groan
set in. Once it dawn on him just what was happening he brought his hands
forward to hold back his legs freeing me to use my hands to spread his
cheeks allowing me to gain access deeper still to his sensitive tunnel. I
lapped, munched and tongue fucked him until my tongue and lips went
numb. From the guttural sounds he was making and the involuntary writhing
of his body it was clear he was in ecstasy.

When I could go no longer I ran my tongue from his hole back to his balls
pushing his legs back down onto the bed. I laved his balls for another
minute and then moved my tongue up playing it along the sensitive underside
of his hard shaft sending a discernable shudder through his body. When I
reached his cock head I ran my tongue around it, savoring the sweet taste
of the male nectar that was running profusely from the deep slit at the
point. Then it was on to the main event. I plunged down on his cock until
all 7 thick inches were buried deep within my mouth stretching into my
throat opening. Up and down, in and out, he pumped up and I plunged down,
we were in sync both moaning and groaning each in anticipation, he of his
ultimate release, I of being rewarded with the essence of his youth and

It didn't take long. He was young and about as worked up sexually as a
person could get. I could tell he wanted relief while at the same time not
wanting the exquisite pleasure to end. He was trying to hold off, but I
showed him no mercy, I wanted to drink of him, to taste and swallow his
hot, thick offering. I worked him hard and suddenly he let out a scream
from deep with in his chest. His cock pulsed and my mouth filled with an
intense flavor that was all man. I swallowed, he pulsed and again my mouth
was full and again I gulped it down. Once, twice, three times before the
intensity began to wane, but even then I had to swallow twice more to be
certain that none of the precious fluid escaped my lips. When I was certain
that he was fully drained I threw myself sideways across the bed at his
feet, reached into my boxers and took my own hard 6 ½ inches into my
grasp. Hot as I was it only to four or five strokes before I was shooting
four geyser-like volleys into the air, my hot cum falling back down on my
body. I rubbed it into my flesh until my stomach and chest had a thin
sticky coating. Only then was I recovered enough to look up.

Keith was sitting propped up on his arms and elbows, grinning at me. He had
a look of total bliss and contentment on his face.

"That was fucking fantastic. I've had my cock in a lot of girls' mouths,
but compared to what just happened I have to say that was my first real
blow job. I don't know how you learned to do all that, but guys would sure
pay you if you could teach it to their girlfriends. Man, you can suck my
dick any time. I just wish my s****r was busy for the rest of the week
because I hate to think I won't get to experience that again.

As it turned out we didn't get another chance to do "it." At least not on
that trip, but when Keith started NYU and until I met the man I now share
my life with we did manage to get together for similar playtimes about once
or twice a month. I still see him once in blue moon and he never fails to
mention that I give the best head ever. Of course that's only because I'm
the only guy who has ever had him.

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This was hot. If your avatar is you the you are as hot as this story