Married Men Slip Away For Gay Sex

It had been three years since Greg had last been with a man and he was
going a little cock crazy. His cock kept on rising each time he thought
about the illicit pleasure he had felt the last time he had stuck his cock
in a guy's asshole.

Trouble was he was so out of practice, he had no idea how to hustle some
ass. The last time it happened by chance, a guy came on to him and he
responded. The only other time before that was with Brett, his best friend,
who was moving out to California. The night before Brett left he came out
to Greg and somehow Greg found himself wanting to make love to Brett. It
was feeling that came out of nowhere, but one that he could not deny. At
some point on that boozy night the pair had hugged and nature had taken its
course. When Brett felt that thick throbber pressed up against his body he
knew this was going to be no ordinary good-bye.

That first time, Greg had been so blown away by the whole experience that
he had gone home and told his girlfriend about it and she had promptly
walked out on him. It was then had he had become scared of this secret side
to himself that he had only recently discovered and had let it lie dormant
until some pushy little guy, standing all of five foot five, and as camp as
they come had taken a shine to the hunky stud with the twinkling blue eyes
and the sexy smile.

Simon had been the horniest person Greg had ever met in his life. And also
the most brutally honest. He knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to say
what he thought and go after what he wanted.

'I'm straight.' Greg had kept protesting, while enjoying all the attention
showered on him.

'Honey, I don't want a relationship. I just want your body for this one
night.' Simon had replied. 'So please come home with me and fuck me good
and you can go back to being totally straight tomorrow. I won't tell a
soul, I swear.'

And when he had parted Greg's tight buttcheeks and rimmed his asshole Greg
had been utterly shocked and totally delighted. This little man had shown
Greg just how much pleasure a man's body was capable of feeling and it was
only after Greg blasted a load down his throat and another up his ass that
Simon had been satisfied.

But that was three years ago. And now he needed another dose of male
loving. His relationship with his new girlfriend was perfectly satisfying
but he needed something else. He needed to get this thing out of his
system and fast!

So it was that he visited gay bar for the first time in his life. His heart
was pounding with anxiety as he stepped through the door. He stepped up to
the bar and ordered a beer and was aware that a dozen eyes were trained on
him. He was a mighty fine looking man but it was one of those situations
were all the guys there thought "he's too hot for me; there is no way I can
get off with a stud like that".

So Greg stood alone and drank his beer and was just thinking about leaving
when an older man stood next to him and ordered a beer and said hello to
Greg. They exchanged a few pleasantries and Greg was so glad to have
someone to talk to, to help him feel a little more at ease, that they were
soon lost in conversation. The stranger was so easy to talk to that it was
only after about half an hour of chatting that Greg took a good look at
him. He was maybe ten or fifteen years older than Greg, with a body that
was somewhere between beefy and chunky. He had a nice smile and kind eyes
and a forest of black hair showed above the top button of his open necked
shirt. Greg took in his well developed arms, covered in long silky black
hair and then noticed for the first time the wedding band on his finger.

'Can I ask a personal question?'

'Sure, fire away. The name's Bob, by the way.'

'Greg. Pleased to meet you.'

They shook hands and Greg felt as if his hand was drowning in the older
man's paw. Why did he feel a little jolt of electricity when their hands
met. Was this the man? Was he the one would relieve the stress that had
built up under Greg's skin. Somehow he had imagine someone more like
Simon. He needed someone like that to take the lead, to make it seem like
it was their idea.

'Are you married.' Greg asked.

'Yep. I'm just having a night out.' Bob replied.

'But why go to a gay bar?' Greg was a little unsure about Bob's reply. It
seemed too neutral. Had he stumbled upon this bar in error?

'Cause I like to get me a bit of cock now and then.' Bob replied with a

'Oh right!' Greg replied. 'Sorry, I'm pretty new to all this.'

'What about you? Married?'

'As good as. I've been with living with my girlfriend for five years now.'

'Well, I won't tell if you won't.' Bob joked.

The two men went on chatting and joking and Greg was beginning to despair
of ever getting any action. He looked nervously at his watch.

'Yeah, I need to be thinking about getting back home too.' Bob replied.

Greg felt crestfallen. He had hoped for some sort of sexual response from

'I had hoped to get laid before I had to go back.' he said quietly.

'Well, you could have your pick of just about any man in this place. You
should see all the hungry eyes in here that have been devouring you all

'I'm really inexperienced. Greg replied. 'I need someone to come on to me.'

'If I were any younger, and any better looking I would have come on to
you,' Bob said sadly 'but you get to know your limitations.'

'But I want you to.' Greg told him.

'Sorry...did you say?'

'Yes. Please. I want you to, you know...take care of me.' Greg blushed as
he told Bob of his need.

Bob was as pleased as punch. He beamed as he wrapped an arm around the
younger stud and watched all the other men go green with envy. He whispered
in his ear, telling him to come upstairs where they rented out cubicles.

Greg felt slightly seedy as he followed Bob upstairs, aware that all eyes
were on them and aware too that everyone knew they were going to fuck. He
was surprised to see the cubicles, these little rooms made for quick
fucking. He felt slightly repulsed and yet also so incredibly turned on he
could hardly breathe. They stepped in to the room and Bob closed the door
behind them.

'What do you like to do?' he asked.

'I don't know... this is only my third time with a guy.' Greg replied.

Hearing that made Bob extra excited. His thick cock was already fully hard
and straining against his jeans. He went down on his knees and started
unbuckling Greg's belt. It was the moment of truth and Greg's long, thin
cock was more than ready. Already it was sticking up past the waist band of
his underpants and Bob gasped in surprise as he realized the full length of
it. It was one of the thinnest cocks he had ever seen, but it was also one
of the longest.

Greg's jeans and underpants were soon discarded and Bob admired the beauty
of his catch. This was one fine, hot stud. If he could have changed
anything he would perhaps have like a little more girth, but you can't have
everything, can you. He wrapped a meaty paw around the base of Greg's
eleven inch uncut cock and slowly took it into his mouth. His tongue
gathered up all of the juices trapped behind the ridge of Greg's cock while
his free hand stroked up and down his solid thighs. The younger stud sighed
as pleasure started coursing through his body. The sight of this beefy
man's man down on his knees sucking his cock was almost enough to get Greg
blasting his ball juice.

Bob came off of Greg's cock and smiled up at him before gently licking and
kissing his balls. Greg felt weak in the knees as Bob's tongue danced over
the sensitive surface of his big smooth balls. Bob's hands were now tugging
at Greg's firm ass cheeks, massaging the smooth flesh and making Bob feel a
desire that he knew not how to voice. But then suddenly Bob spun him around
and buried his face in Greg's ass and Greg let out a yelp of delight. There
was a loud groan as someone listening outside the door shot his bolt but
Greg didn't care. He pressed his ass back against Bob's scratchy moustache
and grooved on this wonderful sensation.

'Ooooh eat my ass!' he moaned.

'I'm going to do more that,' Bob replied, suddenly at Greg's ear. 'I'm
going to fuck your hot little hole.'

Greg suddenly felt fear.

'I've never done that before.' he whispered.

But he was transfixed, unable to move when Bob went back to eating him
out. And even when he felt the cold lube being rubbed against his virgin
asslips he did not move. Bob was very, very gentle and took his time
working his lubed up finger into Greg's rosebud. As he fingerfucked he
gently stroked Greg's back and thighs and it wasn't long before he felt
Greg's asshole opening up enough to let him in. Bob quickly stripped off
and pressed his five inch cock into Greg's hand, letting him feel what he
was up against.

'It's too thick.' Greg protested.

'Oh buddy, please. I want you so much. Won't you just try for me.'

'O.K, but take it slow huh.' Greg pleaded.

Bob took it slow, so slow his stomach muscled ached. He had spent five
minutes just rubbing his cock back and forth across Greg's lubed up ring
. How was it possible, Greg wondered, that a cock rubbing against your
asshole could feel so good? He forgot his fear when Greg's flared knob
started to press into him slightly. He kept waiting for the pain to start
and yet it never did because Bob was being so tender and gentle with
him. The warmth encasing Bob's mushroom cap was a rich reward for his
patience and for a moment Bob had been tempted to ram all the way home but
had resisted the temptation.

Now at last he was all the way in this stud's tight ass. The knowledge that
his was the first cock in there added to his pleasure as he gently stroked
in and out of that hot hole. He wrapped his arms around Greg and kissed his
shoulder and took his time pleasuring himself. Greg's ass was now fully
adjusted to Bob's thick cock and the pair were both softly huffing and
puffing as they got their pleasure off of each other. There was another
groan outside the cubicle and then the sound of someone jerking off like
crazy. A gasp, and then a series of loud moans filled the sex laden air.

The sound of that horny stuff going on outside the door made Greg really
fired up. He had been playing with his cock and it was now fully
inflated. It felt like it was the first time that his hands had played over
the skin of his cock; something about Bob's cock prodding about inside his
ass was intensifying the feeling Greg felt in his cock as he stroked
off. He pushed back against Bob and then tried clamping down on his
cock. Both men groaned as an extra surge of pleasure fried their brains.

Aware of the time and desperate to cum Bob increased the speed of his
stroking. Greg's ass was so relaxed that he met no resistance as his bone
burrowed deep into Greg's guts. Bob's cock was on fire as it plunged in
and out of that slippery tunnel. He pulled it all the way out and then
rammed it back in again.

'Oh fuck!' Greg gasped as the build up to his orgasm began. His cock felt
like it would explode and he fisted furiously as once more Bob withdrew and
then rammed back in. He wanted that feeling to last forever and yet at the
same time wanted it to end before it did him an injury. His stomach and
thighs felt really sensitive and his big balls were drawn up close. He
panted as he increased the speed of his stroking and then suddenly he saw
stars and his cock lurched in his hand. A heavy spray of ball juice blasted
out of his cock and splattered on the wall. Greg's knees buckled and he was
aware of another groan outside the cubicle.

That groan was drowned out by the a****l sounds that rose up in Bob's
throat as he gave his last savage lunge into Greg's ass. His balls emptied
in six long ropey spurts, each one intensifying the pleasure he felt. He
held Greg close and panted against his back as he came back down from his

The two men disentangled themselves and dressed silently. When they left
the room they noticed a small orgy going on outside and smiled to each
other. They had done that!. They were the hottest men in the building that
night and that was a feeling that would live with them a long, long time.

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great story!!