Conference bed partners

I wailed into the bed sheets as he slammed his hard cock deep inside my
virgin ass and grunted with each blast of hot cum as he humped it into
me... My whole body was shaking in spasms as the lust, the heat of his
passion took over my being, and I wanted to cry out, "Fuck me, more.
Give me more cock, please fuck me ..."

His hands held me by the hips in a death grip as he continued to pound
against me, his balls slapping against my own in loud spanking sounds as
he rapid fucked me, straining to get every drop of his man juices into my

Finally, with several sort spasms of his own, he stopped his wild ride,
this midnight love **** of my body that would ever change my life. He
fell onto the bed, nestling me at his side, his cock still hard and still
deep within me. His breathe was at my ear and his kisses and licking
working thrills down my spine. My own cock was rigid, oozing cum. I
sighed and relaxed against him, knowing that the night was not over.
Smiling... Not sure what to do or what to say.

It had started as a business trip to a conference in San Francisco. Todd
was my manager and invited me along, with the understanding that while
the company would pay all expenses, we would have to share a room, since
the hotel was over-booked. Todd was in his late twenties, about my own
age. About 6 inches taller than my 5 feet 9 inches and a good 50 pounds
more of good solid muscle from his daily workouts in the company gym.

When we arrived at the hotel, I was at least pleased to see that we had a
great view of the bay, a king size bed and a high-end bathroom. Todd
quickly unpacked and changed into more comfortable clothes. I was a bit
uneasy when he stripped down to his bikini briefs and walked around that
way for a while. I could see the outline of a long fat cock far larger
than mine and blushed deep red when I looked up from his package and our
eyes met for several seconds. He smiled softly at me and slowly lowered
his eyes toward my own crotch.

I could feel a bl**d rush hitting my own cock and balls and quickly
turned away as my cock began to swell. "What the hell is that all
about," I thought, as I hurried through my own unpacking.

We dressed casually and made our way down to the meeting rooms and
enjoyed a cocktail hour before dinner, meeting with other attendees,
laughing at bad jokes and trying not to act bored already. I downed a few
drinks more than I should and by the time we were at dinner and enjoying
to quality, free flowing wine with the meal, I was quietly sloshed. A
few after dinner drinks in the lounge after dinner, where I became quite
the conversationalist, and I barely remember Todd guiding me back to our

I was stumbling around trying to get undressed when Todd stepped in and
with lots of laughs, stripped open the bed and helped me get out of my
clothes. He led me in just my underwear into the bathroom where he
stripped them down to my ankles and as I think back, trying to remember,
I recall he held my errant cock out for me as I released a long hot
golden stream of piss into the john.

Somehow, we made it back to the bed where I fell naked onto the cool
sheets, and passed out.

I woke with the feeling of sexual arousal and realized that someone was
in the bed with me, laying naked against me and a hand was softly
stroking my cock. I let out a quiet moan and somehow, something inside
me smiled as I responded to the marvelous feeling and pushed up into the
hand, as I slipped back into sl**p...

The next thing I remembered was the feeling of cum building up inside me
and then felt a hot wetness tight against my now rigid cock as I realized
that Todd was between my legs sucking my cock down to the balls and I
cried out as I struggled to somehow sit up, only to be shoved back down
on the bed.

I moaned and twisted as the enormous pressure of his sucking consumed me.
I could feel it all the way inside me, like something was deep within me,
stroking at my sexual buttons from inside my body. It was lifting me off
the bed into space, and I was floating there in some unreal place of
unbridled lust as my cum exploded out of me, down his throat, his face
buried against my body

Shot after shot of my hot cum burst into him, as my whole being shook and
shuddered with each spasm, my balls aching from the power of my orgasm.
Finally I fell back exhausted, my mind and head spinning from the booze
and the sudden awareness of what had just happened. Slowly, Todd slipped
my cock out, inch-by-inch, slurping, sucking and licking it until it
finally slipped from his mouth.

He took it in his hand and gently stroked it, slaking out the last drops
of my juices. It was then that I realized that there was something
moving inside my butt and moaned loudly as his fingers worked against my
prostate, causing several more short ropes of cum to spurt out of my
swollen cockhead only to be gobbled up by my boss.

Todd gave my ass several more deep finger fucks and I groaned as my body
reacted by pushing out against him.

Then the fingers slipped out and he laid on top of me, his lips reaching
mine and his tongue plowing deep into me, sharing a mouth filled with the
gritty sweetness of my cum.
His whole body pressed into mine as he worked his tongue deeper into my
mouth and while I tried to push him off, if only to breathe and stop this
gentle **** of my very being, he would have no part of it, holding my
head down against the sheets by gripping my hair and forcing me to take
his tongue.

I somehow made myself relax and go limp and as he held me, kissing my
face and neck and sucking on my nipples, taking full control of my body,
I passed out again and have only the memory of his hand caressing me
everywhere, making me sigh with a kitten like mewing..
Then I was suddenly flipped over onto my belly and a pillow shoved under
me, raising up my bottom.

Todd began smearing some kind of cool lotion on my hole and fingers were
back inside, finger fucking me. Todd was pressing is hand against the
small of my back, forcing me against the pillow so that I had no place to
back away from his onslaught. I cried out as more fingers went into the
fucking and again, I went spinning into that other place as my whole
being cried out for more.

Then the fingers came out and something large and hard was pressing
against my tight hole. Something I had never experienced in my life and I
knew that it was his cock. I tried to resist him when I realized he was
going to ass fuck me, but his strong hands now held me by the hips and he
shoved his cock past the muscles and into my belly.

I screamed as it went in and with several violent ramming movements from
his own hips, I felt his balls against my own.

"Ohhh, sweet pussy boy, what a tight bboy cunt" he moaned as he began
to stroke it into me... "Oh yes, baby, my smooth little boboy fuck I am
going to fuck you now, deep and hard," he crooned as he began to stroke
it in and out of me. He was now pulling that big cock out to just the
head still inside and then falling down into me, burying it to the balls
and then grinding it deeper and deeper, as I fought against the pain and
the length and thickness of this monster pounding down inside me.

We fell into a rhythm now and I grunted each time he slammed it into me
and sighed each time he pulled back. Then I realized that I was pushing
against him, that the pain had been replaced with needles of thrilling
baby orgasms all throughout my `bboy cunt'

And I wanted more.... My groaning had now turned to a sort of passion
filled breathing and I was making sounds and words that were like
gibberish but meant "oh yes, fuck me Please... fuuuuuuck me."

As I was saying at the start of this, I was beyond caring what was
happening and who was doing it to me, but I wanted it like I had never
wanted anything else. I felt the heat of his awesome body slapping into
me as he rode my ass, r****g my broken body, now holding me by the hair
and bending me back into him as he picked up his pace, speed fucking me
as his juices took him over the edge and he began to hump shots of fire
into my bowels, Cumming deep inside me, filling me with his hot juices.

Now he was taking long strokes, sloppy wet strokes as the juice spilled
out of my ass with each withdrawal and began to cover my balls with his
hot wetness... He was fucking me like an a****l now, crying out as each
rope of cum worked its way out of him onto me... Then we slept, his cock
still in me.

I finally awoke, still in his arms; his cock still buried inside my tight
hole and felt him stirring. I was startled to see that what happened was
real and I did not dream it. I was laying naked with my naked boss
nestled against me, and his cock inside me.

I felt it thickening now and then a slow movement as he pressed it deeper
into me. Again, a slight movement and then the pressure as his cock
began to fill my insides, still wet and slippery from his ccum bathduring
the night. More movement and then I groaned as he pressed it down
deeper, causing me to shudder and spasm against him, my ass muscles
squeezing his thickness.

Todd began to kiss at my neck and his hands came around and caressed my
breasts and the tightness of my belly. I moaned with pure lust and
pleasure now, wanting his cock to fill me again and whispered for him
softly; "take me Todd, take me now," and then he took me by the hips
and began to feed his cock into my ass. We fucked for half an hour like
that until his juices were at the rim of fire.

Todd pulled out and laid me on my back, taking my legs up over his
shoulders, leaving my ass open for his mounting. He quickly slid his cock
back into me, going deeper this way than I remember the first time and
began to fuck me, just his cock and my ccunt holein the action, my legs
pinned tight above him, my body bent over as he slammed-fucked me,
humping away with a steady pace, enjoying my wet hole, fucking his
`ccunt boy his pussy boy....'

I cried out with each thrust, wanting more of him, wanting to be fucked
like this without end, wanting things stirring inside me that I had never
felt...and as he began to pick up speed in his raging lust, my cock began
spewing out cum all over my belly and chest and face.. cum that came from
a soft cock that wasn't even being touched.

Todd growled words I didn't understand as he arched into me and the
fires hit again inside me as his cum pumped into me... again and again...
the heat from his juices was beyond anything I knew and I pushed hard
against him, wanting every drop.

Finally he pulled out and pulled me to a sitting position at the side of
the bed, my ass still on fire from his fucking...

He held out his cum dripping cock to my face and taking me by the hair
pulled me to it, "Suck it clean, and lick it up, fuckboy..." he glowered
as he pushed it into my mouth. I gagged on it immediately, but he held me
to it, grinding it around in my mouth.

I had only 2 or three inches of it in but he held me there, pushing into
me and pulling me onto it I struggled to get loose but he would not let
up. I took a gasp of breath and as I did he shoved more into me.
Repeatedly we fought this battle until it was down my throat and my nose
was in the cummy wetness of his cock/belly hair.

He held me on the cock until I relaxed and was able to breathe. The very
slow hip movement began as I learned to be his cocksucker... minute after
minute went by until some switch turned on inside me and lust for sucking
this cock welled up and my hands went to his tight ass cheeks and now I
was pulling him into me and we became one movement of flesh against
flesh, I was sucking and taking his entire cock now, long deep strokes as
he kept his hands on my head face fucking me with all the fiber of his

I wondered if there was any cum left in his already depleted balls for
me to taste and as I sucked, little spasms of his would spurt salty,
gritty sprays of cum for me, teasing me with what was going to happen

Finally he began to buck furiously into me choking me with his power, his
balls slapping against my chin as he face fucked me... and he cried out
as the cum hit me, too much to handle, it came out of sides of my mouth
as he took each out-stroke and ran down my chin and neck......He pulled out
as his cock spit out the last few ropes of cum onto my face and eyes,
running down to reach the cum that had spilled out before.

Todd pushed me back on the bed and began to lick up his cum from my face
and neck, bringing his lips to mine to share in his love juices. His
mouth and lips working down my body until his lips encased my own needy

I lay back and gave myself to him, wondering where this was going to take
us... wondering if we would ever get to any of the conference meetings...
wondering if This kind of love was always hidden down inside me...
wondering if ....

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