The Storage Unit...a true story

As they were leaving the church, Jim found that just being in the
presence of Mike was more than he could stand anymore. Mike looked so
good in his starched white shirt and tie that Jim was having a hard time
keeping his cock from getting hard. He hadn't slept well the night
before, knowing that Mike would spend the next two nights in his bed. He
knew, however, that he would never make it through the next 24 hours of
Thanksgiving celebration without r****g Mike, so he had to think of
someway of getting his cock in Mike's ass, just to tap some of the
burning nut juice raging in his balls. On the ride home, Jim took his
rock hard cock out of his pants, much to Mike's distress...."just don't
get us arrested", said Mike. Reluctantly, Jim put his cock back in his
pants, accepting the fact that Mike wasn't going to just pull over to
give him some fucking head.

After packing the truck, Jim and Mike headed for Shurgard, to get some
things out of storage. By now, both of them had accepted the fact that
they had to fuck or someone was going to get hurt! After getting caught
with the Cialis, they threw all caution to the wind. Arriving at the
storage unit, Jim ran out of patience. He opened his pants, and his
cock, harder and redder than he had ever seen it, jutted out of his
pants. Mike sank to his knees, taking a hit of the poppers as he opened
his mouth, gratefully accepted that hard piece of meat into his throat.
Although the poppers were stale, the space crowded and floor hard, Mike
didn't care. At last, a hard cock was poking his throat, which simply
increased his need to get that throat opened and worked. Jim was past
caring about kindness, and wrapped his hands around the back of Mike's
head, and started fucking. At this point, he had to fuck...he hoped Mike
wouldn't get hurt but quite honestly...too fucking bad! He shoved his
cock in deep and Mike gagged...not complaining just gagged. Jim pulled
back a bit, and just fucked, rocking back and forth as his beet-red hard
cock rode over Mike's tongue and into his throat. "God, I need to come",
thought Jim.

The blow job was great but Jim needed to fuck Mike's ass. Needed, not
wanted. The need had been so great for the last week that Jim found
himself lying awake in his bed at night, literally. Never had he
experienced such a need. He found that Mike had already opened his pants
and so he just pushed them down. Turning around without a word, as is
his typical fashion, Mike gave Jim his ass. Jim grabbed the lotion from
his pocket, smeared it over his hot cock, and shoved. He wasn't
considerate...he wasn't gentle. Fuck! He needed his cock in Mike's hole
and didn't give a fuck if someone came around the corner just then...he
wouldn't have stopped! Mike grunted once, and took a hit of the stale
poppers. Jim fucked. Hard, fast, intense. He held Mike by the hips and
threw his body into him, pounding his hot cock into Mike's
fuckhole...tightened by the long absence of a good fuck. Mike bounced
back against Jim's body, fucking himself on the cock. It took only a
short time for Jim to feel his cum surging up his cock...this was no time
for holding back, as they could be caught, and Jim had no control
anyway...not after the wait, and after seeing how hot Mike looked in
church. It was too much and the cum bolted out of his cock, harder than
he had ever cum before, and blasted up Mike's ass. The cum surged into
Mike's hot hole, but Jim didn't stop fucking. For 5 more minutes he
pounded Mike's ass, though Mike's legs starting shaking, and shit started
flowing. "I don't care", thought Jim. " I want this man so bad that I
want him to feel my seed far inside of him". He stopped only when the
bl**d started to return to his brain, and he realized they needed to get
the fuck out of there.

Once they got outside, they shared some smokes, and both found themselves
shaking with the relief of having connected, of having shared each
other's bodies. Mike could feel the cum and loosened shit in his ass,
and Jim loved the feel of his sticky, shit-covered cock stuck to his
underwear. "Fuck it", he thought. "I dig this guy and I like having his
juices on me. I can't wait til I can get my hand in him tomorro..."

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