HANDYMAN short story

Then on the day of return, his plane actually left 30 minutes early. So
he assumed he'd have to take a taxi when he landed. His roommates were
notorious about sl**ping late especially when there were no classes.

The plane landed and apporached the gate. Marcus called from his movile
phone and nobody answered. Sighing he knew he'd be battling the throngs
for a taxi soon.

He sauntered to the baggage claim got his bags and went outside to the
taxi stand.

But instead he heard the car beeping and looked towards the sound to see
the yellow VW beetle that belonged to his roommate.

He threw his bag in the back and jumped in.

"So glad you showed up man I mean the line for cabs--" he stopped
mid sentenced as he looked at Rich his roomate. He was not only shirtless
but completely naked.

Marcus laughed. The guys he lived with were always pulling stunts and
this was a classic.

"Fuckin airline called me in the middle of a great sex dream to tell me
your flight was coming in early" Rich said.

"Looks like you're still having that dream" Marcus said noting that Rich
had a rock hard erection.

Rich was a bit of a showoff so being naked in public with an erection
wasn't a total surprise.

"Well man I owe you, aske me any thing and it's yours" Marcus said.

"A hand job would be cool" Rich said as he navigated the VW through
traffice and turned off on the highway.

"Uh yea sure, I suppose you want it while we're driving too" Marcus said.

"you got it" Rich said as he spread his thighs "and if I have to shift
you'll have to do that too"

"right" Marcus said.

"Hey man I"m serious" Rich said in a voice that told Marcus he WAS

Marcus would have given him head if he asked for it. But Rich didn't know
that. Marcus, Rich and Niven would sit side by side naked and hard
jacking off whiel they watched porn videos.

Niven and Rich would make comments about the big breasts or asses of the
women as they pounded their puds. Marcus would jack just as hard and fast
as they did and occasionally he made comments about the couples on the
videos too, but it was the idea of his two naked excited roomates that
realy got his mojo going and helped him shoot just as high, hard and
often as they. But they didn't know that Marcus assumed.

"Come on man, I've always wanted one whiel I drove" Rich said. He took a
hand off the steering wheel and wiped some precum from the tip of his
erection and put it in his mouth. "Shit man I"m ready too"

Marcus peeled off his shirt and leaned over. One hand was free to shift
if Rich told him too and the other was now on Rich's cock.

"Shit yea, make it nice and slow at first, dont' want to cum yet" Rich

Marcus felt the thick throbbing cock. He fingered the edges of Rich's
cockhead and then fingered the slit, bringing some of the precum to his
own lips.

"Fuck man, you like that too?" Rich asked.

Marcus slurped noisily his response and returned his hand to Rich's cock
to beging stroking.

"Yea good, harder, squeeze harder" Rich instructed

Marcus worried about the wet roads, traffic and Rich's ability to drive
while he was orgasming. But he squeezed harder and stroked the way he had
masturbated himself for years.

He felt naked sitting between his two roommates, his two hands on their
cocks bringing them to sexual peaking...at least that's what he imageined
as he heard Rich morning and groaning.

He watched teh thick flesh pole, as it pulsated got redder and oozed out
more precum. He wanted to lean closer and wrap his lips around it. But
Marcus knew Rich would think him queer and a hand job was something that
buddies did.

"OK faster man, god I can't hold it back" Rich gasped and Marcus jacked
him harder and near violently until his hand was covered with the white
fluid that shot out and up all over Rich's naked body and splashed on
Marcus face.

He licked his lips quickly savoring the salty taste of Rich's cum.

"Shit man you'll eat anything" Rich said laughing.

"Uh not food on the plane" Marcus said hoping Rich would laugh and not
realize he would indeed love to eat all of Rich's jism.

"That was hot.....always wanted to get a handjob from you, guess I owe
you one now" Rich said.

"Hey you gave me a ride that's cool" Marcus said wishing he had made Rich
promise to give him more then a hand job.

"From now on I'm gonna call you HANDYMAN, that was the best handjob I've
ever gotten from Sheryl or Niven" Rich breathelessly said.

Marcus wasn't surprised Rich's girlfriend had given him handjobs, but
Niven was a suprise. The thought of Niven and Rich together jacking each
other off was a fantasy he had had many times.

"Go ahead pull it out" Rich said.

Marcus opened his jeans and let his boner pop out. Rich's hand on it made
him gasp and it didn't take long for him to explode.

"Shit man you were horny, didn't get any over the holidays did you?" Rich
said wiping his hands on Marcus discarded te shirt.

The truth was Marcus had indeed had sex during the holidays escaping the
f****y the day after Christmas and spending a day and night in a nearby
bathhouse, giving and taking as often as his body allowed.

They parked and walked to the apartment building. Marcus had pulled on
his te shirt wet with their cum and Rich was still naked.

"Fuck man you're gonna freeze" Marcus said.

"Then I'll just have to get my handyman to warm me up" Rich said

Marcus did just that but in ways Rich wasn't probably expecting.

The nickname HANDYMAN stuck throughout the rest of the school year.

When asked why he called Marcus "The Handyman", Rich would just say
Marcus always knew of ways to fix things whenever Niven and he needed it.

And that was indeed the truth. Marcus had many ways of fixing his two
needy and horny roommates.

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