Despite their enthusiastic response and the immediate effect on their sex
life, Ben and Jeff needed some time before they could discuss what had
happened with Craig. It had been an old fantasy they were happy to have
realised but it remained dangerous, given how close friends they were with
Craig. At least, this is how Jeff, more rational than Ben, saw things.

Later on the same week, they met Craig by coincidence when eating out.
When Craig left his table to use the restroom, Ben followed him as he
didn't want to miss the chance to have a quick chat with him.

- Listen, I just want you to know we're still the best friends we were
before last Sunday. Don't worry about Jeff and I either, but Jeff asked me
to spend some time with him and think about what we've done with you.

- I understand, Craig said with a hand over Ben's left shoulder.

Then, the next morning, as they cuddled after sex, Ben opened up on a topic
he had vowed to keep to himself until his death.

- You know Jeff, our threeway have not been the first time I've had sex
with Craig. I'm sorry.

Given their session together with Craig, Ben didn't expect Jeff to be
furious and kick him out but he hadn't thought Jeff would actually become
excited at the thought of his boyfriend sl**ping with their common best
friend behind his back.

- Know what? If you tell me how it happened, I'm gonna forgive you.

Ben reached out to kiss his boyfriend before recalling the encounter.

- You remember the heat wave two years ago, when our AC broke down?

- Of course!

Of all weeks, it had to have been on one of those where Ben works from
home. One afternoon, as he was sweating like a pig while typing reports in
his underwear, Craig called to invite him to freshen up at a colleague's
house. Craig was dog-sitting during her vacation and, as they happen to
have a pool, would take advantage of the facility whenever he'd drop by to
check on the Labrador.

Ben rarely ever swims so he couldn't find anything else than a black speedo
in his drawer. He thought Craig would make fun of him forever with this
but when he found him in the same attire, they were even.

The guys stayed about an hour there, making a few remarks on how well both
men were filling their trunks. Once they were ready to go, Craig made his
way behind the toolshed where an outdoor shower was located. It was just a
mast out in the open but located in a place that ensured minimal privacy.

As soon as Ben showed up, Craig pulled down his own speedo to mid-thigh,
allowing Ben to see his cock for the first time since they had known each
other. Although not surprised due to the size of the bulge, Ben did
compliment on how big it was and, within a very short moment, was on his
knees and blowing Craig off. Craig returned the favour afterwards and the
guys parted ways swearing to God they would never ever speak of this moment

- And have you?

- Nope.

- And I have yet to reveal mine either, Jeff suddently confessed.


- You TOO???? Ben exclaimed, shocked but not angry at all.

Jeff nodded with a grin.

- WHAT? WHEN? HOW? he kept asking, visibly curious to hear the story.

- Actually, it was right here in our living room and Matt was there too.


- Calm down and I will, please.

A year earlier, back when Craig and Matt were still an adorable couple,
Jeff came back from a business trip a day before Ben and Craig had offered
to pick him up at the airport. The flight ended up being delayed, meaning
Craig and Matt spent most of the day in the terminal waiting for him to
come. Craig said nothing but, despite his good spirit, Matt kept
mentioning needing to be paid for his time spent there.

Knowing Matt's sense of humour, Jeff didn't take the request seriously and
cracked jokes about it, eventually saying he'd give him a blowjob but his
boyfriend was there. A statement Matt didn't forget, as he reminded Jeff
once they had come inside their apartment.

Jeff remembers having gone to pee only to return in the living room at the
moment Matt was trying to undo his boyfriend's pants after lowering his.
Jeff began to suck on Matt's cock, convinced he'd be ordered to stop but
no, neither moved until they put their penises back into their underwear.

- God, this is hot. I love you Jeff, Ben said as they kissed.

- Love you too.
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