My Married b*****r

My Married b*****r

It was a quiet Tuesday night. James lay half asl**p in bed in the darkness
of his room. His mother and father were downstairs in the living room,
probably discussing their youngest son. James found that he was a fond
topic of discussion with his parents - why was he behaving so strangely
these days . . . why did he do this that way when he used to do it this way
before . . .

He was used to that much by now.

The honest truth was that he felt very lonely these days. He had a few
friends on campus, but that was just about where his friends ended. He
found it difficult to be friends with new people. He felt that there was no
point in making new friends; they all have to leave in the end anyway. He
was twenty years old, had been for the past month, but somehow he felt much
older than he really was. But all of that was the big picture, through his

Today had been the worst day he'd experienced in a very long time. He
worked all weekend, and on Tuesday he was broke. His car had also given up
on him in the middle of peak traffic that afternoon, and he felt depressed
because there was no one he could call to help him out. He had no guy
friends to speak of, and the ones that he did have were not going to drive
across the town just to tow his car away and help him to get it fixed.

James popped the hood of his green Camry as he pushed it to the side walk
and looked inside. He didn't know what could be wrong with it . . . it just
switched off as he took a bend and that was that.

His father was away at work, and there was no way that he could leave to
help him out, and his b*****r . . . well, he hadn't spoken to his b*****r
in weeks. He'd definitely know what to do though. James knew that his big
b*o could have his engine running in no time . . .

James lay on his bed, his stomach aching as he hadn't eaten. He kept
thinking about his car parked in the garage next to his dads. There was no
way he could have it fixed in time. He'd have to skip campus a few days
just so that he could work to pay his mechanic. His thoughts drifted as he
slowly fell asl**p.

James was so close to dreamland when he felt the weight on his bed
shift. He didn't wake up, could be his dad looking for a spare mobile phone
charger or medication at his bedside table. Then he felt a hand on his
back, and immediately knew that it was Michael, his b*****r.

"k**do," Michael spoke softly, smiling at his b*****r fondly.

"Mike . . . what are you doing here?" James asked, slowly sitting
up. Michael placed his hand on his b*****r's chest and slowly pushed him
back into his resting position. He lowered his head and placed a kiss on
his b*****r's forehead.

"Just passing by," Michael said, sitting close to his b*****r who
lay on his side. James found that he was directly underneath his b*****r's
chest, and the smell coming off of him was amazing . . . he closed his eyes
and took a deep breath . . . 'excellent' he thought o himself . . .

"You enjoying that?" Michael asked his b*****r, with a wicked grin
on his face.

"Yeah . . . Mike . . . I miss you . . ." James said sadly, his eyes

Michael bent down again but this time placed a kiss on his b*****r's
lips. James immediately opened his eyes, and pushed his b*****r away from

"What the fuck are you doing Michael?" James demanded of his
b*****r angrily, sitting up on the bed and moving away. Michael was lost
for words, not realizing what he was doing until he had already done it.

"Michael," James said to his older b*****r in a serious tone, "we
swore that our escapades and liaisons would come to an end when you married

Michael was looking at the ground, guiltily hiding his face from his k**
b*****r. He bit his lip lightly, his mind blank and his face holding a
worried look.

"I'm sorry Jamie," he apologized, his voice thick with emotion, "i
wasn't thinking."

"You got that right." James said to his b*****r. "Now what are you
doing all the way across town?" James demanded.

"Macey wanted to visit her folks," Michael said to James. Macey's
parents lived two roads away from him.

"Everything all right with you two?" James asked with concern in
his voice.

"Yeah, everything is good k**do" Michael said with an honest smile
on his face. "I just miss you."

"I miss you too Mike," James said simply.

"No k**do . . . i really, really, miss you . . ." Michael said
sadly, the tone of his voice filling the blanks and making his seven word
sentence sound like a novel.

"Get out Michael," James said to his b*****r, seriously chasing his
27 year old b*****r out of his room.

"Jamie," Michael began to plead, "I love you," he said, getting
closer to his younger b*****r, pulling him close to himself, "I love you so
much k**do . . ." Michael began to kiss his b*****rs fore head, then his
cheek, his neck and then a peck on James' his lips.

"Michael," James pleaded, "Don't do this to me . . ."

"Please," Michael pleaded, "just one more time," he kissed his
b*****r harder and James opened his mouth this time, allowing Michaels
tongue to enter his mouth, "Just one more time k**do . . ."


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The next few seconds were a blur. I sat on my bed as I watched my b*****r
rummage through my closets and pull out some clothes and my back pack.

"What are you doing Michael?" He froze as he looked at me, with a
look on his face that I could not explain. There was desperation, and
confusion, and the one expression that his face failed to disclose was that
he was ready for a fuck. That I saw in the bulge of his pants. I slowly got
out of the bed and walked toward him, scared that at any moment my parents
would walk in on us and notice something -- me half naked and him hard as
fuck. But those were paranoid thoughts . . . I threw them out the window.

"Macey is staying over at he parents tonight . . ." he said to me,
and there aging I saw the sadness in his face and heard it in his voice.

I did not know what to say. A part of me was so excited and turned on I was
afraid that I would either blow a hole through the roof with my erection,
or wake up and realize that it was all a dream . . .

It had been months since Michael and I had been together, not since his
stag party the night before his wedding. He was so wasted . . . and I had a
horrible headache and ass-ache as I stood next to him as his best man at
the altar. He was smiling at me, and his wife was smiling at him, and I was
jealous when I saw him kiss her, and I noticed that he did not kiss her the
way that he kissed me.

What am I thinking? I want him and Macey to work. I want him to fuck the
living daylights out of her and pop a few nieces and nephews for me. Mom
and Dad were hoping for that too.

"Michael," I stopped him with my hands on his. He just looked at
me, his strong hands flexing under my weaker one.

"Yes?" he stated more than asked.

"This has got to stop!" I whispered, but I was so weak, and he
knew it.

Within minutes he was out of my room, with some of my clothes, my lap top
and my mobile phone.

"Mom?" I heard him call from downstairs.

I followed him into the living room where mom and dad were relaxing. They
had puzzled looks on their faces.

"James is spending a few days with me," he stated and before they
could say anything he was gone with my stuff. Dad gave me look . . . he was
pissed off. That much I could tell, and I kind of knew why . . . I followed

Out at his car he kept my lap top and mobile on his lap as he started his

"Get in," he said politely, "Please."

"Mike," I stood at his door, "we have to stop . . ." I pleaded. I
didn't dare to look back, if mom or dad or even worse -- both of them --
were watching us they would know that something was up. And by that I meant
a whole lot more than my b*****r's cock, which no longer belonged to me but
to Macey.

"This will be the last time," he said, begging me, "I promise," he
stared at me with moist eyes.

I knew that this was definitely not the last time, but he was begging me,
and that was something that we did not do in our f****y, even from each

I walked to the passenger side and sat in with him.

"Seat belt," he instructed as he pulled out of the drive way. Mom
was at the door, watching. I smiled and waved, so did Michael. She waved
back and then we were gone.

He was not himself. He stopped the car a few roads away from our house near
the main road.

"k**do," he said as he looked at me, and then he kissed me
hurriedly in the middle of the empty street, "thank you." He was smiling.

I sat silently. I wanted this, very badly, I wanted to feel him close to
me, deep within me, breathing, asl**p, warm, next to me. I'm not sure if
anyone knows what its like to be born and know this incredible guy. He
shared everything with me, saved me from every kind of trouble, and taught
me everything I wanted to know.

He became my best friend, the first person I grew to love besides my
parents -- and here I'm speaking about a non-sexual kind of live, but
definitely something infinitely more intense than that which is shared
between siblings. I can't fully explain it. When I did something wrong he
would take the blame and then be there to tell me that it was all okay,
that he had fixed it, after he got a beating from my dad or reprimanded by
the school head.

I looked at him with a lifetime of love and appreciation and knew at that
moment I would do anything for him, this strong, independent, and amazing

We drove in silence for a while, his house was at least forty five minutes
away, and there was a long way to go. The music in the back ground was the
usual . . . some hard-core trance. There were moments when he took his eyes
off of the road for a few seconds to look at me. I moved myself closer to
him, and he placed his hand on my thigh to meet mine. I relaxed, and so did
he. We were together again, just the two of us, after weeks without hearing
from or seeing each other . . .


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two guys.

The drive to his house was fast. He grew impatient at traffic lights and
stop streets, and in no time he was parked badly in his front yard. Lap top
in hand, bags over his shoulder, Michael almost dragged my into his frond

As soon as the door closed he was on me, literally. I had never been kissed
like that ever, not even by him. He dropped my stuff on a shelf near the
entrance and pushed me up against the front door, his hand traveling the
length of my torso, all over my neck and through my medium length hair.

I could get whiffs of his scent as he breathed against me, as his skin made
contact with mine, but that was not enough.

"k**do," he gasped as he pulled me toward the stairs, kissing me as
he nudged me up to his bedroom, and at the very top of the stairs we were
of equal height as he stood two steps below me. His touch was so loving, so
intimate. I wondered if he touched Macey this way too.

I allowed myself to be taken by him. He pushed me up the last couple of
stairs with his body pressing hard into mine. His lips were so demanding!

I didn't wan to to be with him on his wife's bed.

"Mike," I pushed him away for a second, "not on Macy's bed,"

He looked at me for a second and then we found our way to the guest
bedroom. He switched the bedside lamp on, which emitted a dim light. The
curtains were open, and there was no house in front of us.

He unbuttoned his shirt with me and dropped it to the floor, looking at my
face the whole time.

Michael placed his hands on my shoulders and starred deeply into my eyes,
reading my thoughts, the way he has always been able to. He could tell that
I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

His actions were more firm, more reassured now that he knew where we stood
with each other.

He sat me down on the bed, bending down so that his lips met mine, holding
my head gently within his large hands.

It felt so good to be in his arms. I was safe.

I reached for his belt, but for some reason he stopped me.

"I love you k**do," he said, looking me in the eye, "I just wanted
to be with you,"

I kissed him deeply, letting him know that he had me, that I was his for
tonight. I let him know that I wanted him too, that I needed him.

He held my hand, looking at it closely. I stared at him, looking at his
face and chest. His stomach looked softer. I touched it, he was. Guess he
didn't work out as much as he used to. I love him.

Michael knelt on the bed, his knees on either side of me, we kissed again,
this time more relaxed, more steady, more pertinently on his side. He
pulled off my t-shirt and raised it to his nose, smelling my scent. There
was no need for me to smell him, his scent was all around me, I was
engulfed in it. He pressed in closer to me, and there I felt it between my
chest and stomach. He was as hard as a steel pole.

I unzipped his pants, and then reached for his belt. He moaned as my hands
brushed against his hard cock.

I had flashbacks of times I spent with him over the years, which brought my
erection to bursting point. I needed him, right that very minute.

I gently pushed him off of me so that I could remove my own pants, and
within seconds we were standing there in front of each other in our under
pants, our hardness evident through the fabric that constrained our

I noticed a small wet spot on his. He was ready.

We kissed some for a few moments more and then he removed my briefs, my
erection slapping my stomach as it rose in its freedom.

My hands were all over him, I was so hot, and he was already sweating
lightly as he laid me down on my back, crawling over me. It felt so good to
be in this position with him, just like old times.

We had nothing to lose. I felt his hot mouth press down on my nipples, as
he licked and sucked at them, I was so excited.

"Mike," I pulled his head back up to my face and kissed him
lightly, "I need you." He stood up and looked at me with a mild smile on
his face.

"I'll be right back," he said to me, winking as he exited the
room. He still had a great ass!

He was back in a jiffy, his hands rubbing his cock, which was slick and
lubed up, ready for me.

"Come here," I said to him desperately.

He was on me again, and I moved my legs so that he would have space. I felt
the head of his hard penis at my tight entrance, nudging my hole, knocking
on my door. I relaxed, and loosened up a bit. He was in, gently, but I
hadn't been fucked since my last time with him it hurt a little. He saw it
on my face and froze.

"Keep going stud," I said to him, my eyes closed. He bent down and
kissed me, his tongue entering my mouth as he pushed in. Three inches deep,
and he had grazed my prostate which made all the pain worth while.

He pulled out a little, and then back in, and then out. As he moved in and
out of me he went in deeper and eventually his whole dick was inside me,
right where I wanted him.

"I love you k**do," he said to me

"I love you too Mike," was all I could manage to say.

The pressure on my prostate was amazing. I couldn't believe that I had
forgotten what this felt like. He was amazing!

Pretty soon he was moving in and out of me, making my skin blush. His mouth
was open in pleasure, and I smiled. He looked so happy, his cock was so
happy, and so was mine. I watches the pleasure rose, so did my cock. Each
time he thrust into me he hit the base of my cock near my perineum, driving
my dick further up my stomach and out of my foreskin.

He placed his hands on either side of my head, looking deeply into my eyes,
and a wicked smile across his face.

"Go for it!" I encouraged him, bracing myself for what was about to

He began thrusting harder and deeper into me, raising my pleasure point to
the max. I felt as if I was about to cum!

The sounds in the room was a****listic, just man on man flesh pounding into
each other, and his strong smell kicked in.

"Keep going Mike!" I pleaded. I knew that if he kept this up he
would make me cum, a powerful prostate orgasm, and he did.

My ass muscles tightened around his cock as I felt it growing, a feeling
deep within my crotch. It was a dry, intense orgasm that ripped through my
body, and he kept on going, pounding into me, harder and faster.

He bent down and kissed my ear which sent shivers through my body as my
orgasm subsided.

"I'm gonna cum k**do," he gasped at me, thrusting, his face screwed
up in full concentration.

I wrapped my hands around my cock and started jerking myself off, and I
felt the feeling rise up my hard cock. I was gonna cum again, and this load
was going to drown me!

In a few short moment s I felt him cum inside me, still amazed that I could
feel it -- a different heated liquid shooting into me, making his thrusts
smoother against my sensitive prostate.

"Don't stop Mike," I said to him, jerking my cock hard and fast,
"I'm gonna cum!"

It was one of my most intense orgasms to date. He was nudging my prostate
with his hardness, and his hot cum was beginning to dribble out of my sore
hole. I came with such f***e, my jizm splashing our chests and his chin. He
got so excited at that . . .

Michael collapsed on me, my cum making our body slippery with our sweat and

"That was amazing k**do," he said to me, kissing me. I liked the
cum off of his chin and he sucked it out of my mouth, swallowing it all
inside his strong body. "Now I'll be able to get my muscles hard again with
this special formula!"

I laughed first, and then he followed. Everything was good. He was happy,
and I remembered why I loved him so much, he knew how to make me happy.


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Over the years as our relationship grew and our "play-time" evolved from
innocent swimming the lake and camping to more passion filled and erotic
b*****rly love, I had learned to take him.

He rose so many inches above me in height, and his strength and studly
beauty was breathtaking . . . Michael was my hero, and always will be.

I had always wondered myself why he and Macey did not have an amazing sex
life . . . he had the biggest weiner ever . . .and he was an amazing lover
. . . but a few weeks ago, he and i had a heart to heart between our fuck
sessions, and I was enlightened.

Macey was not into him, she did not love the thing about him that I did
. . . He was not her hero . . .

She was great, and the two made an excellent couple, but it upset me that
she did not make him happy - no problem though, I was not going anywhere!

Michael and I had been hooking up every chance we got, when my parents
weren't home, he was screwing me in my bed, making such hot b*****rly love
to me, pressing me hard against the mattress, making a huge wet spot on my
sheets with his cum and my liquids . . .

We could have our quickies and then dash out back as soon as the folks got
back, barely tucking our rock hard cocks into our pants in time.

We had a great many close calls . . .

A few nights ago, Michael turned up after work. I had gotten home from
school, fell asl**p and mom and dad had left for the evening, it was a
Friday night.

I woke to the feeling of an added weight on the bed, and a warm breath
along my ear, and then some wet tickling all around my neck . . .

I just knew it was him, straight out of my slumber, I opened my eyes to the
man of my dreams.

"Hey k**do," He smiled at me. I smiled back, and pulled his face to
my lips. The amazing thing about Mike was that no matter how many times he
drilled the cum right out of me, he still gave me the butterflies in my
tummy . . . i still got rock hard for him, and my mouth almost always got
incredibly dry when I spoke to him . . .

He was so talented in bed!!

In seconds I helped him pull of his clothes and he helped me take off mine,
and we were kissing like our lives depended in it . . . i could taste some
g**** juice and something else . . . can't remember what it was, but it
turned me the fuck on beyond anything i had felt in a long while, like
Viagra or something like it.

I was about to turn around so that he could mount me and give us both what
we wanted, but he stopped me, holding me down, and in between kisses,

"I want to look at you," he said to me, with a glint in his eyes,
"I love you so much!"

That i knew was beyond the sex, the amazing sex . . .

My right leg found its way around his waist and rested on his back, and in
a matter of seconds, he began entering me. I was already in heaven, one
inch in and he kept it going, soon his entire length was planted so deep
inside me i could feel it way beyond my bladder, and few inches below my
navel. He placed his hand there, knowing that I was loving it all, loving
all of him . . .

One thing confused me; he was rough with Macey, and yet so passionate with

He pressed himself against me, his soft abs against my weiner, and his
weiner deep inside of me, pressing against the top of mine . . . the things
this man made me feel!!!

I felt him pull away a bit, and then braced myself for our copulation.

He was always gentle, but his sheer size was enough to make me feel on the
brink of blacking out.

I could see that he was going to be at it for a while tonight . . . i was
up for it, not just with my own hardon - which was drooling between the two
of us, but i was so hot for my big b*****r . . . i wanted him all night
. . .

Michael took my hands and held them just above my head with left hand, and
with his right he kept my head in place as he kissed me deeply, his tongue
going all the way into my mouth, wrestling with mine . . . i knew that i
would not win this round . . . i was so hard, and so hot, the butterflies
were really doing a job in my tummy, and he was moving in and out of me at
such a pace . . . his thick hard pole grazed my prostate each time he
entered thrust into me and pulled back, and the friction of his soft abs
and his cock lodged so deep inside me, that I was about to shoot my load
all over the two of us - my loads belonged to him, he made me cum like
nothing on this earth.

"Shoot it k**," he said so me, holding me tightly, i was unable to
move my head away, and the feelings were growing so intense . . . he
pressed his lips back against mine, and f***ed his tongue back in, I was so
close . . . so close and then i heard some laughing and he froze, and then
the front door shut . . .

The folks were home!!

In seconds he pulled out of me, his motion was so fast that I was in
excruciating pain!

By the time Michael has his clothes on, I was still lying there on my bed,
curled up in pain.

He pulled the sheets over me and sat down at my desk just as dad knocked
gently on my door,

"Mike?" he called and then entered. He must have thought that i was
asl**p, as i was very still . . . Mike stood up, miraculously with his
weiner tucked in his pants . . .

The two spoke softly outside my door, and then he was back.

"Mom and dad decided to go away for the weekend . . ."

That was all he said, and sat back down at my desk.
I was rock hard again in anticipation despite the pain . . .

End of part four.
More to come soon!

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James always took me like a champ. He was my little champ for
sure. That weekend I had my own way with him, fucked his cum right out of
him several times, and made him have loads of dry orgasms when his cute
balls were empty. He just happily sat on my lap, or got on all fours, or
lay down beside me. My favorite positions were all the ones that allowed me
to see his face as I bred him, kissed him, and made love to him.

We stayed him his bed most of the time, only going down to the kitchen for
a snack, or to the bathroom to have showers – and even then I was
fucking him. My cock was just not getting tired for him.

Friday night, the whole of Saturday and Sunday had passed us by, and I had
not broken the news to him. At least he would not hear it from anyone else,
since he was with me all day and night. Fuck, was I going to miss him . . .

I had decided to tell him just before the parents retuned. We were going
through the house together, making sure that there was no incriminating
evidence around, no stray cum-shots on the sofas or bathroom, passages etc.

It didn't take long, as most of his loads were either in my mouth or my
hand, and all of mine were either in his hot ass, or his sweet lips . . .

I walked out back to the porch. It was a bit chilly, but nice. James was
sitting on a recliner by the pool. I grinned to myself and wondered if he
was okay. He must surely be sore . . . by Saturday morning we had no need
for lube because he was producing his own in copious amounts. I just woke
up and slid on right into him . . . the same as this morning, and all the
times in between.

"James," I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder. My mistake,
now he was going to think I have bad news. Honestly, I did not know how he
was going to take the news. I remember the day he found out I was dating
Macey. Fuck, I felt as if I was cheating on him. He was upset, as expected,
but he came around and said that he was cool with it. After that he pretty
much avoided me. A few times I was able to seduce him, I missed him so much
. . . I love Macey, and always will, but she and I but heads too
often. When our marriage was going down the drain, I turned to James and he
helped me get things into perspective. Maybe he'll help me now as
well. That's if he doesn't punch the fuck out of me. But then maybe after
he punches the fuck out of me he'll help me out.

Either way, it was killing me not telling him for so long . . . and I had
put it off for far too long. I looked and my hand on his shoulder. He was
still looking out into nowhere. My wedding band glistened in the light.

On my wedding night, after my stag party, everyone else was passed out
d***k as fuck. James was asl**p as well, but he controlled himself with the
alcohol, unlike me . . . I had downed gallons of beer, and whatever potions
my buddies concocted. There was a stripper as well. James didn't like it,
and I didn't either. I pretended to enjoy it, my cock as limp as soggy
bread. James cheered me on with everyone else, though his remarks were a
little cold and cruel. It hurt, but I let it pass, understanding the
torment he must have been going through as well. I had really fucked things
up for him . . . i awoke from the couch I had fallen asl**p on, cock now
rock hard and pointing out straight in front of me. The other guys were
snoring away peacefully. I bumped my way through the hotel suite to James'
room. He was asl**p, on his side, covers up to his waist. His beautiful
torso was visible in the moonlight, breathing lightly, his arms around a
pillow. I climbed into the bed, and without thinking, began kissing his
chest. He was so smooth, pale, but defined really well. I traced my lips
past his nipples after a little nibble, up his collar bone, and by the time
I had reached his neck he was awake and pushing me away. I wasn't taking
`no' for answer, not this time. I lowered myself right on top of him,
stinking of alcohol I'm sure, but I wanted to kiss him so bad . . .

"Fuck Michael," he whispered aloud to me. That was common between us, using
our full names when we were serious. I moaned and placed my lips onto his
and kissed lightly, holding his hands as they uselessly pushed against my
chest. I was way stronger than he was, and also heavier, and d***k.

"k**do . . ." I whispered to him, and giggled a little when I realized that
I had just breathed out right into his nose, "Jamie, one more time," I
begged softly as I kissed his neck, his ears, then brought his hand to my
lips and kissed them too. He stopped fighting me for a brief moment.

"You're getting married tomorrow," he whispered, so softly, but I
could hear the pain in his voice.

I kissed him harder and worked my way to his lips again, looking at him in
the dim light through my d***ken eyes. He was a strong young man . . . he
was almost glaring at me, well, I remember it that way. I ran my hands
along his back, down to his ass and squeezed them gently, still kissing his
neck, then his lips, begging him. He did resist, and he was sincere about
it, no pretending not to want me, but secretly enjoying the conflict. He
all but told me to get the fuck away from him.

"Please, Jamie . . ." I pleaded, I placed my forehead on his and
closed my eyes, pulling him as close to myself as possible, hugging him
tightly, "I will always love you."

"Good, I will always love you too," he said coldly, "now get off me
I can't breathe."

That was a low blow for me, but I was determined, even if for the last
time, I was going to make love to him, so that he will never have a doubt
in his mind. I held on to him. I kissed his forehead and rubbed myself
against him, his cock was soft . . . that was sobering to me. Here I was,
d***k and horny, forcing myself onto him. But even so, I didn't want to
back off. I pushed my hand into his shorts, against his will, his hands
again uselessly resisting me. I jerked his soft member between us a few
times, placing my own hard on right next to his, using my pre-cum as lube
for him, and taking my fingers up to his lips. He didn't lick them, but I
moistened them anyway, kissing him and getting my tongue into his mouth,
but his teeth were closed. I was getting frustrated, and was about to give
up too when I felt his harden in my hand, and ever so slightly, he opened
his mouth to me, his legs relaxed a little . . .

"Go brush your teeth," he said to me sternly. I didn't hesitate. I
fumbled my way to the bathroom and d***kenly brushed my teeth like an
obedient dog. I wanted to be thorough but also didn't want to take too
long. When I got back into bed, James was laying on his back, cock in hand,
slowly jerking away. That was the last time I had had sex with him before I
got married. It was a hot night, I was so sad, and he was sad for sure, but
tried to mask it. The wedding went well, James didn't leave any marks on my
body, but fuck did I mark him . . . his neck, his back, his chest and arms,
his thighs and abs . . . I made love to him for the last time. Until
several weeks ago, when I walked into his room that Tuesday evening. James
was my best man, he gave me a really awesome toast, and played along with
the `I'm so happy for you' bull-shit, but I knew he was dying inside
. . . he used my wedding as an excuse to get totally wasted. He had passed
out by the time I had to leave, and I did not get to say goodbye to him.

Now I felt as if I was going to put him through all that shit again. I
realized that James was not looking out into nothing, but actually
following a car along the road with his gaze as it took a turn and
disappeared. A few seconds later, the garage opened and we heard the folks
voices as they came to a halt.

Guess my news will have to wait.

Notes from the Author:

Sorry that this has taken a while . . . hopefully there will be more to
come very soon, if not with this story then with the others as well. I am
eagerly awaiting feedback since I have been out of writing for such a long
duration -

Take a read of my other stories as well;

1. My b*****r Clarke

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3. Pissed off elder b*****r

Please note that the Google group site (thegreybaron) is no longer in

Thanks for reading!

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getting good. divorce Marcy and live with James?