Uncle Gary

My first and most prominent memory with Uncle Gary was when I was a
toddler. I had to be barely three years old. It wasn't so much that I
remembered Uncle Gary, but because of what I remember, I can't imagine it
being any other man or father figure that was present in my life.

My parents, my aunts, and my uncles all lived in my grandparents' home.
Typical Korean culture. It was an extremely old house that was probably
built before the city was first founded close to fifty years ago. It had an
extremely spacious yard, even for a three year old, and it's rooms were
large enough for me to run around in with my cousins and s****r unimpeded
by the towering figures of our parents.

One day, my cousins and I were out exploring the backyard while my parents
were out working. We were left with my Uncle Gary who was an American, and
had married into the f****y to my mom's younger s****r. When we grew tired
of climbing around the dark corners of the yard behind the shed, we headed
back in to shock Uncle Gary with our dusty appearances.

"Did you guys have fun?" Uncle Gary asked laughing at how dirty we were. We
all chorused in our yes's and detailed our discoveries for him
simultaneously. "Let's get you guys washed up before everyone gets home.
Aaron, why don't you come first," Uncle Gary rested his hand on the back of
my head and guided me towards the restroom. I heard Ricky and Andi, my
older cousin and his older s****r, outside playing and screaming their
hands again. Uncle Gary kept his hand resting on my head until the bathroom
door closed shut behind him. I started to take my clothes off while Uncle
Gary went to the shower stall and turned on the spigot.

When he was satisfied with the temperature, I hopped in and stood there
momentarily as I waited for his large hands to clean me. Instead, when I
turned around, i saw Uncle Gary stripped nude as well. I scooted back to
make room for him. Uncle Gary wasn't an ugly man. Ricky told me often that
he used to be in the army, but after he was released, Uncle Gary gained a
bit of weight. His belly hung a bit sharply so that it shadowed his groin.
My eyes, focused on the water spiraling down the drain, were level only
with his thighs. Uncle Gary picked me up and held my body against his
chest. The way his curly brown hair, matted down with the hot water, rubbed
against my smooth baby skin was really relaxing. I immediately felt safe
inside his bear arms and knew that he wouldn't do anything to ever hurt
me. Keeping my body pressed against his chest, wrapped up in his arms,
Uncle Gary scrubbed me clean, which I now realize is a pretty amazing feat.

When he was finished, he set me on the ground again. I squatted in the
water under the shower head and splashed a bit.

"Stand up," Uncle Gary said. I obeyed and saw his erect cock dangling in
front of me. "Have you seen your dad's pee pee before?" Uncle Gary asked. I
shook my head. "Want to touch it?" I nodded. Even with both hands, I
couldn't cover the whole circumference of Uncle Gary's cock. "Squeeze it,"
he ordered. I obeyed. With his fingers, he guided my hands to rub his cock
with both hands. I didn't understand what I was doing for him, and I didn't
care. After a bit, I got bored and started to look away again. Uncle Gary
picked me up again. "You can't tell your parents we showered together,
okay? If you do, we can't play together anymore." I nodded and promised I
wouldn't. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

After that, Uncle Gary didn't come at me again for a long time. The next
time Uncle Gary made a move on me, I was in high school. I became part of
the swim team and drew eyes everywhere I went. At the library, a girl
declared herself my girlfriend. I was flattered, but I wasn't interested
even though my friends said I should seriously take advantage of her. I was
gay and I knew it, but I didn't share it with anybody.

Ricky and I stayed relatively close as we grew up. He still slept over at
my place a lot. We spent more time at my house overnight because of the
fact that my parents house was bigger. By then, all of the families had
abandoned my grandparents' home. During the day, we usually hung out at his
place because his mom usually worked and Uncle Gary almost always left us
alone to cause our own trouble. My mom no longer worked with my dad and was
a housewife, though that hardly was worthy of a title occupation for her.

One Friday night, after I had gotten home from school, my mom nagged me to
the point where I couldn't stay in her vicinity without being civil, so I
stormed out of the house yelling I would spend the night at Ricky's. I
walked the mile to Ricky's f****y's town home. Ricky was home with Andi.
Both were watching television in the room Andi shared with her mom. Ricky
and I headed to his closet of a bedroom, which essentially had enough room
for only his bed. This would be the first time I spent the night since they
had moved here. We stayed up late till about 1 AM talking while he listened
to me bitch and moan about my mom. We were about to call it a night when we
heard a soft rap on the door.

"Aaron, wanna bunk with me? I have a queen size so you guys don't need to
cram together on the bed," I glanced at Ricky and he shrugged.

"Sure," I said. I stood up off the blankets on the floor that Ricky would
later rearrange into his mattress. I opened the door to find Uncle Gary
standing there in a white-t undershirt and whitey tighties. When he saw me
exit through the door, Uncle Gary turned around and led me to his room.

"If you're more comfortable, you can toss your shirt and shorts on the
chair," Uncle Gary suggested. I didn't take this in a sexual way because
their cramped town home was a lot hotter than my parents' home. I already
had a light sheen of sweat coating my face, and that was from just sitting
and talking with Ricky. I stripped as Uncle Gary sat at his desk and worked
on whatever was on his computer. I hopped onto the bed and lied out on top
of his sheets. Uncle Gary kept the lamp on his desk lit so he could finish
working. I felt my eyes droop when Uncle Gary asked, "Aaron wanna see
this?" Curious I got up and walked over. On the screen was a picture of a
man with an 8" cock pounding an Asian chick.

The image of the cock penetrating the pussy mesmerized me, not because of
the pussy, but because of the veiny uncut cock. Uncle Gary misunderstood my
gaze and clicked the mouse and showed me another picture. Uncle Gary didn't
have another chair in the bedroom, so he guided me to his right thigh. It'd
been years since I had sat in his lap like this. I wasn't even thinking
about it though, Uncle Gary kept flashing different images of cocks
pounding pussies. I wasn't thinking about the fact that my ass which was
covered by a thin elastic fabric was inches away from his cock which was
covered by a thin elastic fabric. I also wasn't aware of the fact that my
cock was hardening into an erection and was quite noticeably tenting my
boxer briefs. It didn't fail to meet Uncle Gary's attention though.

I didn't realize Uncle Gary's hands were rubbing my crotch through my
shorts. I instinctively leaned back into his massive chest and stomach. His
arms wrapped tightly around me as his hands reached down and pushed my cock
into a rock hard erection. I realized what was happening when Uncle Gary's
large pudgy hands slipped under the band of my boxer briefs and gripped my
cock. I was too far gone to care. I leaned back and turned towards Uncle
Gary's face. He turned to look at me too. I bowed my head and Uncle Gary
brought his lips to my forehead and held that position.

I stood up after a moment, and took Uncle Gary's hand that was in my boxer
briefs and led him to his bed. He stood at the edge and watched as I
shucked off my shorts and crawled onto the bed, gently wiggling my ass at
him. I stayed in that position, on my hands and knees, wiggling my butt
slightly in Uncle Gary's direction. Uncle Gary's hands first gripped my
ankles and slowly worked up my legs. I felt his hands reach my ass, squeeze
my butt cheeks, and spread them apart. I felt a wet finger trace the line
of my butt crack before making a circle around my butt hole and finally
penetrating me. I moaned softly at the invasion. If I wasn't already on my
knees, my knees would have buckled at the sensation of my butt hole being
f***ed open.

Uncle Gary kept one hand on my hip to hold me in place as he began to f***e
his finger in and out of me. When his finger was slick and slipped through
my hole easily, Uncle Gary added another finger and widened my virgin hole
even more. His left hand released my hip and grabbed my cock, forcing my
body closer to his. As his hand worked my cock, I didn't notice when his
two fingers increased to three, but I definitely noticed it when Uncle Gary
was four fingers and knuckle deep in my ass. His hand squelched noisily as
it fucked in and out of my ass. The saliva mixed with rectal fluid
lubricating his hand as he f***ed his fingers deeper and deeper into me.

Uncle Gary took his fingers out and grabbed my hips. He flipped me onto my
back, spread my legs to either side of his body and pushed them up so that
my knees were pressed against my chest and exposed my ass, spreading my ass
cheeks wide. With one hand, Uncle Gary held my ankles, with the other,
aimed his cock at my hole. As he pressed his cock into me, I felt his hairy
gut rub against my crotch. Uncle Gary took his hand from his cock and held
it against my mouth to keep my moans from alerting his f****y to what we
were doing. Uncle Gary's cock split my ass open and filled my body with a
burning sensation that filled me to my fingertips.

Initially, I couldn't differentiate between when his cock was forcing its
way into me and when it was pulling away. All I could focus on was the
burning sensation of my asshole ripping apart. Uncle Gary kept a slow
steady pace of moving his cock in and out of me. I couldn't move an inch. I
watched as a man I regarded and loved as much as my own father took my
virginity and deflowered my ass. Minute by minute the burning sensation
lessened and became overwhelmed by pleasure. Uncle Gary let go of my
ankles, and I lowered my legs, but spread them wide and tried to wrap them
around his massive frame.

Uncle Gary leaned forward and pressed his belly against my body. He brought
his face close to mine and for the first time, we kissed like lovers. First
our lips brushed against each other lightly, but it deepened and hardened
into an open and tongue filled kiss. Our tongues forcing their ways into
each others' mouths, nibbling and sucking on each others' lips. The
bristles of his unshaven face scratched roughly against my pubescent
skin. I had a light peach fuzz over my upper lip, but that was as far as I
had gone in terms of facial hair. Even my pubic hair had barely grown in,
and my crotch was covered in a sparse bush of course curly hair. The rest
of my body was bare and still retained the smoothness that Uncle Gary
remembered from the shower we had when I was a c***d.

His hands never ceased to search my body and explore every bend, every
crevasse, and every lump that hid muscles that were forming from my hours
of swimming. Uncle Gary's hips had not stopped moving as they pushed his
cock in and out of me throughout the entire time that we were kissing, and
his hands were touching and massaging every inch of my body that he could
reach. Uncle Gary pulled his cock out of my ass and climbed onto the large
mattress. He lied on his back and helped me climb onto him. I positioned
myself over his crotch so that when I let my weight carry me down, it
pressed my ass down onto his cock, allowing gravity to push it back into

Uncle Gary's hands gripped and held onto my ass. I leaned forward over the
mound of flesh that was his stomach and rested my head on his chest. I
placed my hands on either side of his chest between his ribs and his arms
onto the mattress and began to rock back and forth so that my ass began to
fuck his cock. I rested my head on his left pectoral which had more fat
than muscle, and listen to the soft gurgle of his heart combined with the
movement of his insides. His hands held my ass tighter as he pushed my ass
to fuck him harder and faster, moving me up and down from the base of his
cock all the way to the tip before shoving me back down completely
again. Push after push, his hands tightly clamped onto my ass. It became
almost painful, but at that moment, my only desire was to bring my uncle to

I sat up so that more of my weight pressed his cock deeper into me. Uncle
Gary downwards at me and ran his hands over my body. His grip on my ass
left a white mark where the bl**d had vacated due to the pressure, but
moments later was flushed red like the rest of my body in the heat of our
fuck. His hands moved up my waist, past my ribs, to my front, over my
chest, his thumbs flicking my hardened and pointed dark nipples. They
stayed there, rubbing my nipples harder and harder, flicking the tips over
and over again as I rocked back and forth on his cock, the grip of my
asshole on his penis moving up and down, repeatedly, unending. We stared
into each others eyes as his hands moved to my shoulders, down my arms, and
into my hands. We held each others hands, Uncle Gary lending me support to
enable me to thrash around on top of him and fuck him that much harder.

Uncle Gary suddenly let go of my hands and grabbed my ass and pulled me
down hard. I felt his hips thrust upward as he began to shoot his load into
my ass. My own cock was leaking pre-cum all over his gut and was making a
sticky mess of the mass of hair that coated his body. I leaned back and put
more pressure down so that his cock f***ed its way even deeper into me as
it unleashed its load. After his cock was spent of its load, I could feel
it grow flaccid and I rose up so that it flopped out of my ass. Uncle
Gary's hand came up and pushed my head down towards his cock. I moved
slowly letting the tip of my tongue trace a line from his hairy chest down
the globe of his hairy stomach, through the dense forest of his pubes, and
finally to his wet sticky cock that was coated heavily in the aroma of my
ass and his semen. I sucked it heartily, though it was flaccid and unlikely
to get hard again that night. Uncle Gary grunted once as he felt his cock,
red from the bl**d that had flooded it minutes before, become enveloped by
my wet mouth. My mouth moved down as I used my hands to try to maneuver his
testicles into my mouth. They were so large though, that I could only fit
one into my mouth at a time. I used my lips and tongue to massage them and
coat them with my saliva. Uncle Gary reached down, and pushed my head
further down so that I encountered his asshole. He used his legs to pull
me, forcing my face into his asshole. The stench of his ass should have
nauseated me, but instead, I opened my mouth and licked his hole. I licked
it again and again until his entire ass was covered with my spit. I got up
from where I was kneeling and moved my dick up to his ass. I tried to
spread his butt cheeks and gain access to his asshole. I f***ed my cock
upward and attempted to fuck my uncle. To my shame, I only got as far as
inserting my head into his ass because of the barrier of his fat ass and
the shortness of my own penis. Attempting to make the best of a bad
situation, I fucked Uncle Gary's ass using only the tip of my cock. I
pushed the head of my cock in and out of his asshole as the rest of his ass
massaged the the remnant of my cock that was unfortunate enough to be left
out in the cold.

It was enough to bring me to climax. I thrusted upward once, and Uncle Gary
held me tightly as I bent over his stomach and moaned into his chest while
my cock unloaded itself into him. I pulled out of his ass and moved myself
beside him. He kept an arm wrapped around me and pulled me tightly to
him. I pressed my smooth tight body against his large hairy body and
together, as lovers, we fell asl**p.

I woke up early the next day and found myself with my erection digging into
Uncle Gary's fat. Uncle Gary was still asl**p, but he too had a morning
erection. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was still long before
6AM. I got up and straddled Uncle Gary's sl**ping body and lowered myself
onto his cock again. I began rocking back and forth without the aid of
lubrication, using the semen that was still inside me to ease the morning
fuck. Uncle Gary murmured in his sl**p, his hands finding my legs and
following their way up to my ass. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. He
stretched his neck toward me and I toward him and we met in the middle
above his chest and kissed. I leaned back and began to bounce up and down
harder on his cock, intending to make him cum far more quickly than he did
the night before. We listened intently to the sounds outside the door for
any indication that Ricky's mom had woken up. The bed beneath us squeaked
much more noticeably than it had the night before. It squeaked even more
viciously because of my increased attempt to make Uncle Gary ejaculate.

After I got my momentum going, I forgot about making Uncle Gary cum
quickly, but enjoyed the sensation that we were giving each other. Sweat
began to coat my face and it made my long hair cling together in thick
black strands as they swung back and forth in front of my face. Sweat
dripped down my body and spilled onto Uncle Gary's body and mixed with the
sweat that was beginning to coat his body as well. His hands continued to
roam up and down my back and resting on my ass before moving up and down
again, massaging muscles and holding me tightly as he occasionally thrusted
upward to increase the depth that his cock penetrated me and give both of
us further pleasure. After awhile, I got up and turned around so that I was
facing away from him, but I lowered myself onto his cock again. Leaning
against his stomach, with my feet braced beneath me, I began to fuck his
cock more rapidly than before. Several times, his cock fell out of my ass's
grip. I had to pause as I held the base of his cock to keep it in place as
I reinserted it into me and resumed fucking him.

After the night before, my ass was more sensitive because of how much it
was f***ed open. After I had released Uncle Gary's cock after reinserting
it back into my ass, I noticed a faint tinge of red on my finger tips. I
realized that the bl**d wasn't coming from Uncle Gary's cock, but from my
asshole. The burning sensation was more than it had been the night before,
but I didn't care because mixed in with the pain was pleasure as well as
the satisfaction that I was pleasuring Uncle Gary.

The bl**d added to the semen, sweat, and rectal fluid to lubricate my ass
as I pumped Uncle Gary's cock in and out of my ass.

"Your ass feels better than it did last night," Uncle Gary whispered into
my ear. I had been breathing hard and gasping each time I lowered my ass
and f***ed Uncle Gary's cock into me. "Son, I love you a lot," Uncle Gary

"I know," I murmured. "I love you too." Uncle Gary gripped my hips and
pulled my ass down like he did last night. I felt his cock throb and his
balls clench beneath my ass as his body ejaculated and pushed itself into
an orgasm. I felt the spurts of semen inside my ass and I leaned back as my
own cock began to shoot semen wildly into the air. My load landed on my own
body, splattering softly in hot drops from my chest down to my pubes.

When I glanced at the clock again, it wasn't even 6AM yet. I got into my
basketball shorts from the night before as Uncle Gary pulled on his whitey
tighties. Together we sneaked into the bathroom at the end of the hall. We
were probably pushing our luck, but neither of us cared. Once Uncle Gary
closed the door behind him, I pushed my shorts off and let them fall to the
floor. Uncle Gary moved around me and turned the water on and manipulated
the knobs until he was satisfied with the temperature. I hopped into the
stall and turned to see Uncle Gary strip out of his own underwear. I backed
away from the spigot and gave him room in the stall. Uncle Gary turned
around and faced me. He pulled me in tight against his body and hugged
me. We stood there, Uncle Gary's arms wrapped around me.

"Remember the last time we did this?" Uncle Gary asked. I nodded. We
kissed. When I pulled away, I reached down and grabbed the wash cloth and
soap. I began to scrub Uncle Gary's body. I washed him the way he had
washed me over 10 years ago. When the water rinsed off the soap and the
grime of sweat and semen from his body, Uncle Gary pulled me in against his
body again. I rested my head against his chest, our cocks held apart by the
barrier of his stomach, though they were pointed at each other, mine
straight and ramrod bouncing lightly, his curved slightly upward and
hanging heavily.

Uncle Gary sighed and let go of me. I pulled away as he turned the water
off. We got out and dried each others' bodies. We dressed quickly and made
our way back to Uncle Gary's room. The rest of the f****y was still
asl**p. When we got there, Uncle Gary slipped on his white undershirt
again. I stayed in my basketball shorts, leaving my boxer briefs discarded
at the foot of the bed. Uncle Gary walked to his computer where the image
of the couple fucking was still blaring brightly. I moved to his side and
lowered myself to his right thigh again. Uncle Gary's right arm wrapped
around my waist as he closed the file. He opened the DVD player on the
computer and opened a scene where two Asian boys, with frames similar to
mine, were fucking each other. I leaned into Uncle Gary's body as we
listened to the low volume. My cock hardening again, but Uncle Gary's cock
losing its rigidity. Uncle Gary held me in his lap. I didn't realize I had
fallen asl**p again. We both started when Ricky spoke.

"What the hell?" he demanded. Ricky's eyes swiveling from the screen to me
seated in Uncle Gary's lap. He closed the door behind him and locked it. I
stood up, which wasn't a good idea because my cock was still erect and
tented my shorts visibly, with a wet stain at the apex. Ricky's eyes
dropped down to my groin. "What the hell?" he repeated.

"Ricky," Uncle Gary started.

"Shut up," Ricky ordered. Uncle Gary fell silent and waited for Ricky to
accept what he saw. "How long?" Ricky finally asked. I glanced at Uncle

"Only last night," Uncle Gary said. "We -,"

"Shut up," Ricky reiterated. He looked down as if he was processing the
information. "You guys fucked last night?" I nodded. Uncle Gary sighed.


"I said shut up!" Ricky sat on the bed. He looked up again, and I realized
it was with jealousy. "Why didn't you do it with me?" I didn't know if he
directed the question at me or his father. We were too close for me to be
able to tell. Neither Uncle Gary, nor I, responded.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked finally. Ricky's eyes widened in

"Right now?" I nodded. I didn't know how Uncle Gary responded because I was
focused on Ricky. I didn't want this to get to his mom who would tell my

In response, Ricky stood up and took off his shirt. Ricky was what I might
have imagined Uncle Gary to have been 30 years ago. Ricky was several
inches taller than me, nearing six feet. He had broad shoulders, a sculpted
chest, and defined abs. When he dropped his shorts, both Uncle Gary and I
saw that Ricky's cock was identical to his father's. Ricky's body wasn't
coated like his father's, but his pubic bush was just as thick. I walked
over to him and knelt in front of him.

With one hand, I gripped the base of his cock. I licked the piss hole in
the head of his dick. Then I let my lips cover the head of his
dick. Immediately, I felt Ricky's hand at the back of my head forcing me
all the way down. I choked and gagged, but Ricky didn't let go of my
head. He held my head so that all 7" of his cock was buried in my
throat. Tears streamed down the side of my face as my cheeks flushed and
drops of sweat formed around my brow as I struggled not to vomit. When he
finally let go of my head, I gasped for air as I rocked back into a
squatting position. Uncle Gary stood up and went to stand beside Ricky. He
put an arm around Ricky's waist and aimed his cock at me so that it was
parallel to Ricky's cock. I held the bases of both of their cocks so that
their tips met. I attempted to put both cocks in my mouth. My mouth
stretched wide until it couldn't stretch even more. I barely got the heads
of their cocks into my mouth. Uncle Ricky held the back of my head so that
I couldn't pull away. Saliva dribbled out the sides of my mouth and from
between their cocks down to my chin and onto the floor.

I looked up and noticed that Uncle Gary and Ricky were kissing. Ricky's
hand had moved to Uncle Gary's head and pulled him in for a harder kiss. I
spit out the cocks and focused on Uncle Gary's cock while I jerked off
Ricky's cock. I moved down the length of his cock and began lick and
sucking on his testicles. Uncle Gary reached down and moved my head over to
Ricky's cock. I began to suck it. My head bobbed up and down as his cock
became slick with saliva. Ricky let go of Uncle Gary's head and grabbed
mine again. He f***ed me down all the way onto his cock again. He moaned
into his father's mouth. My nose pressed into his pubic hair. Saliva
continued to dribble down the sides of my mouth. Ricky turned away from his
dad and pulled me up. He turned me around and bent me over to expose my
hole. My butt hole was now red and puffy. It was sensitive to the touch
because it had been fucked twice within 12 hours for the first time. Ricky
lined his cock up with my hole and without preamble f***ed his way in.

I moaned out loud when we heard a knock on the door and the doorknob

Let me know if you like the story or if you have some constructive

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thank u
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please keep writing this story isn't finished
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An erotic story about keeping it in the family! Hot, very hot.
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nothing better than a really young boy learning from an older man
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loved the story man
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Damn! That was a amazing!!!