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g home from college to visit my dad for the weekend, got home and the house was empty, a note from dad saying he got called out and would not be home till the next morning.
i decided to take advantage of the situation and just relax. got online and was looking at some hot porn. after a little while i was hot, got naked just for the fun of it because i knew i would soon be jackin off since my dick was already throbbing hard and leaking precum from watching the porn.
the phone rings just as i am starting to get a good grip on things, i grab the cordless and say hello. on the other end was my dads best buddy, a always handsome guy to me, tall, athletic type, mid 40s now. handsome face that in his younger years was a pretty boy face, now taking on a rugged pretty boy look. i had jacked off thinking of him many times.
he asked if dad was there and i told him no he is out of town, won't be home before morning. he replied, "aahhh well he probably forgot that i need my lawnmower back, he borrowed it cause his broke something. still naked, legs spread and slowly jacking my wet dick while talking to him i said, if its here you can come get it no problem. he said that would work for him and he would be over in a bit and asked if i could help him load it, of course i said sure.
i got busy with my dick and in a few moments blew a huge load of cum up on my flat tummy, letting it pool around my belly button, i liked to drag my fingers thru it and taste it, after cumming.
just as the orgasm is fading i hear a vehicle pull up,, like almost all dudes will confess i just grabbed my shirt and shorts and didn't bother to wash off the cum, it was just a little wetness under my clothes that i paid no real attention to since most of it was under the shorts, i would clean up later. i ran down the stairs to the door, there was jim. handsome as could be, he smiled and said "how ya doing boy, been forever since i saw you last" i smiled and think i might have blushed a bit told him i was good and that it was good to see him.
i went out on the porch, we sat and talked, he was a loud talkative joker. we talked and he went on and on. i got us somethign to drink and came back, walked close to him to hand him his drink then passed by him to sit back down. he was quiet and looking up at me and grinning a little. i said,,"what" looking at him with wonder on my face. he laughed and said "DUDE,, been a long time since i smelled some of that, reminds me of my younger years" confused i said, smelled what man? he laughed and put his hand over his mouth then said ,, stale cum dude, you reak with it.
totally embarrassed i flush red, i can't deny because now i realize i smell it too, we sat so long it soured, like morning stale cum smell on guys who jack off in bed and only pull up their shorts over it.
i lauhed about it a little then with embarrassment just said,, well what can i say man, lifting my shirt by the neck over my nose and sniffing, guess i can't deny it can i. this was his cue to begin . ohhh hell no you can't, you smell like you been drenched in cum and left out to dry ,, and i laughed along with him, his good natured torture went on for a few minutes, i stop laughing a little and i look at him still goading me but i notice a lump in his pants, running from his crotch part way down the thigh.
this make me serious for a moment, i nodd to it and say, well seems soemone is turned on by the smell of stale cum. he gets serious for a moment, looks down and then back at me,, well son guess im like you, can't deny the obvious.
i stand up and look down at him, you maybe want to come in for a bit. my eyes widen as i say it. he leans back in his chair, hesitates for a moment then ,, sure k** id like that.
i go in he follows, "your dad away for the evening man, you sure" i tell him yes. i go to my room he follows, "noone else comming by either bud" i say, not anyone jim just you and me man, i turn to look at him and smile when i say it.
in my room i turn to him, he is hesitant i can tell but he is there and still the lump is showing. taking the bull by the horns i drag my shirt off then drop my shorts. exposing my lean almost skinny body, my crotch shiny from drying cum. my dick grows from hanging heavy to standing at attention, 8 inches cut not thick at all but a nice mushroom head on it.
jim looks at me then says, "boy you are damn hot but your daddy is gonna kill me if he finds out about this" i say, no worry man, i know how to keep my mouth shut. he smiles and starts to undress. i sit back on the bed and watch, shirt off reveals strong well muscled chest and arms, wide thick shoulders, v shape trunk but not thin at the waist, at least 36 inch waist. dark hair covers his chest and outlines the mucles of his torso. my skinny body is hairless except for armpits and pubic hair. he starts to unbuckle, watching me as he does, he lets pants fall, pulls his dick up over his underwear and holds a huge thick uncut cock with a massive pubic bush,, my eyes glow with excitment and i feel my face flush with anticipation. he steps out of his pants but leaves the underwear on, walks toward me , comes right up to me where i am sitting on the bed. holding his dick he just points it to me, i lean in and take hold on it, i smell cock and balls, a manly musk, he releases his grip and puts both hands on his hips, my mouth waters as i come in close, i take the head and i start to suck him in, lots of practice at college with the closeted gay guys i have met made me an expert cock sucker and now i am pleasureing this man with all my knowledge. he is moaning and looking down at me , pumping his hips in and out,, i am taking only about half of him, he is thick and long,, im getting ready to throat him, i push to the back then i relax my neck and i slide him down, he grabs my head and pushes hard, trying to get as deep as possible.
i come off his cock gagging and out of breath,, he says, son that is some hot cocksucking you got going there. i take him again and he pushes deep down my neck and holds me there, we repeat this over and over, able to hold him longer each time, he holds me on it till my face reddens then lets me come off him.
my cock throbbing hard and running precum, jim throws me back on my bed, takes my legs and pushes them up and out. comming right in pointing that massive cock at my tight hole,, i want it but am a little afraid of its size. he grins and looks at me as he gets closer, laying his cock on my crack , milks my dick for precum, spits and rubs my hole then milks his cock and its shiny wet, he places it in my hole and takes no time or mercy just plugs the head in my tight hole, i buck and catch my breath, the pain searing thru me,, " like that dont ya boy" i don't answer, he pushes and the thick shaft starts to pull my hole apart. "your loving that dick arn't ya boy" i don't answer. the thickest part of his shaft passes and i feel relief for a second as he bottoms out, his balls crushed between him and my ass cheeks,, "ohh yeah boy you like dick don't ya".
he starts to pull back, i feel the thick part coming out of me, then the head out, my ass slams shut in relief. "hhaa haa boy here it comes again" the head touches and he plunges in full deep and fast, i gasp and go rigid, he begins to fuck me , getting harder and faster as he fucks. my hole on fire. but i love the feeling of being used by this man. he is pulling back to the head then bottoming out in me with fast f***eful strokes. i feel a tingle begin deep in me, my cock throbs then starts to shoot jets of cum onto my chest and belly, jet after jet since this massive cock is stroking my prostate with ever stroke i cum like never before. my cum runs down the sides of my body, jim laughs "good cum boy" he slows and a hand reaches up, he gathers a pool of my own cum in his hand and runs his fingers in it coating them, i watch as he brings it up to his mouth and he cleans them off, shows me his cum covered tongue the swallows. "swwweeeeeet cum son" he fucks hard a few strokes then slows and gets more of my cum,, i think he is gonna eat it but rather he brings it to my lips, i hesitate but he pushes fingers in and soon i am licking my own cum off his fingers " like that don't ya boy you like eating your own cum" i only nod my head up and down,, like a little bitch boy.
he moves me pulling out of me he manhandles me into doggy style, i brace and he reenters, holding my hips he fucks me hard, like im his bitch. moments later he pulls out comes to the front and feeds me his cock, soon jets of his cum are going down my neck as i eagerly swallow his manly seed.
just then the door open and my dad is standing there, surprize on his face.
to be continued

was 20 and had taken a road trip to a friend’s place 4 hours away; he had moved there a couple years before and had invited me to come visit many times and I finally did.
My car was old and in good condition, but on the way there I heard a funny noise coming from the engine. It was only a noise until I; had been on the road home for about an hour then the car was sputtering. I pulled off in a small town and found a gas station with a mechanic shop; those are hard to find I found. I finally find a Chevron station with two repair bays and one attendant.
He was a nice looking guy, kind of thuggish, but very personable. He checked several things and seemed to know what he was talking about. He told me that it would take a couple hours and it was close to closing time. I very nicely and sort of pitifully said, “I need to get home; is there anywhere you can think of I can get it fixed tonight?” He hesitated and stared me in the eye for a second, and then said, “What the hell, I’m not doing anything tonight, I will close up and then fix it, but I have to run get a part in advance of fixing it.
He closed up, it was deserted anyway, and then jumped in his truck and said I could ride with him if I wanted. We get there and the part to fix it takes all of my money except $18 dollars. I am seriously disturbed thinking how am I gonna tell him I can't pay for this now, what am I gonna do? Just before we get back I sheepishly say to him, “Man, I appreciate all this, but that part took almost all my money and I don't have a way to pay you, so I guess I’ll just have to wait till morning and get some money wired.”
He didn't respond, but just drove and stared ahead. I was waiting for him to bitch me out for wasting his time when he glanced over and said, “Well, tell you what, I will do the work and maybe we can think of a way to repay me while I fix it.”
I was delighted but wary, not having anyway to do, anything that I could think of, but wanting desperately to get home I said okay.
He chatted me up a lot as he worked, just normal stuff the most part, then about 20 minutes before he finished, he asked a more personal question, “You got a girlfriend buddy?” I blushed a little and gushed a “no”. Immediately he froze and said, “Ahhh I see…okay then…” Not knowing exactly what he meant until the next question, “So you got a boyfriend?” he laughed a little as he asked. I just stared for moment then stammered, “Ummm, uhhhhh oohh no, why do you ask that?” He replied, “Just asking, no biggie.”
He finished and I have to admit I had been checking him out when he couldn't see and he was built and very good looking. I asked him if he had a girlfriend, he nodded then said, “Wife…” I said, “Oh cool, how old are you? He said 27.
He finished the car and stands cleaning his hands with a sly grin on his face. “How can I pay you for this? I have 18 dollars and some change in the car, that’s all I have.” He walks over to the cleaning station and takes off the top of his overalls down to his waist and begins to wash. In amazement I look at a very muscular wide shouldered small-waisted, hot guy. Without looking at me he says in a joking fashion, “Well since you ain't got the money, I guess you will just have to suck my cock.” He laughs this off as if it’s a joke, but I see my opportunity. I stand and take a few steps toward him and in a low voice I say, "I think I could manage that." He stops, holding dripping arms over the sink and looks at me and says, "Really?" I nod yes and he grabs a towel and wipes his arms and part of his chest. "Come in the back here," he turns and walks to a office then to a door and I follow, my heart racing.
I enter a small room with him that has a couch, microwave, TV and some odds and ends furniture. He closes the door behind us, flips on the TV, never making eye contact with me; he goes to the couch, "Let’s sit." He still has his coveralls around his waist, he sits, and I sit sideways facing him. He sinks in the seat and then raises his body and pushes his coveralls down to his ankles, a long dick waves in the air, his hand comes up to it and takes it and pinches it off at the base and milks upward, then a heavy cupping of his nuts and a good tug and he lets them flop on his legs.
I lean over taking his dick in my hand; I lower my face towards it, I smell working man meat, slightly stale, aroma of gasoline and oil maybe. I place my tongue just under the head and cup it then my mouth closes on the head, he lets a light moan out and he shifts giving me better access. I kneel sliding his not too thick, but way long dick slowly into my mouth, he moans again. I am halfway; still have a fist around the base when I have him as far as I can. I come back up and lick the tip then back down on him. Up and down several times and he is fully hard and making precum and starting to push up as I go down.
His hand takes my head at the neck and he gently pushes me up and down, encouraging me to go deeper. I pull him in as far as I can, and then with his precum and my saliva I ready my neck and I push him into it. He groans loudly. I come off him and catch my breath and take him easily again. He pushes me down with f***e now. I have his nuts in my hand and I am taking him over and over deeply. After several minutes of this, he puts his hand on my forehead pulling me up and off.
"Dude I’m about to cum, but I want to fuck you." I jump up grabbing my belt and kicking off my shoes. He is way bigger than me, but I like that. I weigh in at 130 and he is at least 180 to 200 and all solid. I drop my pants and underwear and step out of them, he grabs my shirt and pulls it up off me roughly. He grabs my half his size dick and roughly massages it. "Nice". I blush and smile "thanks". I lean on the couch my knees on the seat, pushing my ass out toward him. He gets behind me and I look back at him. He examines what he is about to hit. His hand comes up to his mouth and he spits in it, he rubs the spit around my ass hole then he pushes a finger in me. I wince and go forward, he doesn't let up just pushes harder.
"Nice tight hole" he says and I breathlessly say "thanks". He spits again and pulls his cockhead up to my ass and milks it then spreads his precum and spit around, my hole is very slick all of a sudden. He takes my ass cheeks in both hands pulling them apart slightly, his cockhead is on my tight hole, with a hard push he grunts and half his cock slides in me, I cry out in pain. He fucks me like a bitch for half hour.
My car was fixed and ready to go…

had been in college long enough to make a few friends and get to know all the "who’s who" on campus. There was this one particular jock that was loud and brash and very good looking. Everything about him was hot; his crotch was stuffed in appearance.
One of my friends invited me to a party that was just a bunch of guys getting together to drink and have a fun. Being a small guy I was seriously nervous, but wanted to go because the jock was gonna be there and I just wanted to "watch" him.
We get to the party and there is the jock, Byron, being the center of attention, only about 8 other guys there, all drinking already and really buzzed.
I pretended to drink, but only actually drank maybe one full beer. By 1 am almost everyone was d***k out of their minds and guys started crashing anywhere that was convenient. Much to my surprise, I am one of the only guys that are still coherent. Byron was paying a lot of attention to me and he also was seemingly not all that d***k. My friend had passed out long ago with most of the other guys. Bryon, who I hardly knew at all, was all of a sudden my buddy.
He said, “Look at this bunch of losers, man we ought to blow this joint and leave ‘em here.”
I agreed, “Yes we should, it would be funny when they wake up and we are gone.”
He looked at me a moment then slapped the top of my knee and said, “Let’s get some fresh air. I get up and follow him to the door. Outside it’s cool and dark, only a faint street light on one side of the house, which was sort of out in the country a little away from anyone. As we clear the door and onto the porch, Byron slows a little and I walk up almost beside him. I want to look at him, he is only wearing a jock tank top and board shorts and sandals, but I don’t' want him to see me looking at him, so I follow him at a respectful step back. He hesitates and I am beside him at the end of the porch, I can only faintly see him since our eyes have not adjusted well, but I see him looking at me. He looks down at me and I see he is smiling a little, and he reaches and takes my hand, at the same moment he whispers, "Come on lil’ dude." As he goes down the steps I follow being led by this giant of a guy compared to me, bewildered that he has taken my hand, is he coming on to me, is he just a nice guy and doesn’t want me to fall, am I crazy and this is a dream???
As we descend the steps and are now on the ground going toward the cars, he pulls me up to his side, his hand pulls my hand up and he takes it in his other hand and then puts his arm across my shoulders, pulling me up to him. Looking down at me he smiles, his white teeth glow in the dim light, blue eyes sparkle, his hair so short it’s only a tinting of color on his head now that shows like little spikes from the light that manages to pass through it. I just stare up at him like an idiot still not sure what’s happening; he could after all just be the protective older b*****r type and thinks I’m cold or something like that.
We get to his vehicle, one of the large SUV types, obviously probably his parents then given to him to use. He uses the key to unlock even though there is a clicker. He opens the door and the light from inside is bright, he says for me to hold on a second as he gets in and puts the key in and turns it on. The dash lights glow red, the radio comes on and he adjusts the volume, turns on the ventilation fan then gets out and closes the door and goes to the back seat door and opens it and nudges me toward it.
“Let’s get in the back lil’ dude." Half way in I turn and ask, “In the back? You want to sit in the back?”
“Yeah dude let’s sit in the back," he chuckles. I get in and sit to the passenger side and he gets in behind me with much more struggle being about a foot taller than me. He closes the door and the tinted windows hide the outside world and we have the glow of dash lights which are surprisingly bright, I can see everything.
He sits in the seat next to me and cocks one leg up facing me leaning toward me smiling. "Lil’ dude, come here; I know what you want." He leans forward and takes me by the shoulders and pulls me to him. Now my heart is racing thinking am I gonna really get to be taken by this Adonis of a man? As he leans in and pulls me to him our faces meet and his lips close over mine, his tongue tip traces its way into my mouth and I open and suck him in. His tongue fills my mouth; his lips completely cover mine leaving wetness all around where they touch as he rotates his mouth around mine. I melt into him and his strong firm body absorbs me as he leans back pulling me on top of him. His hard dick lies between us pressed into me laying pointing up toward our chins as he begins to grind his crotch into mine.
My very, very much smaller dick had sprung to attention. The grinding was intense I could feel his massive dick and also his nuts pressing against me, still his tongue flicking in and out of my mouth as he f***efully reaches down and lifts me up and he grabs my shorts and expertly unzips and unbuttons and slides them and my underwear down off my butt. I kick them off and he raises my shirt and off it comes; I kick off my shoes and now I am naked on top of him still dressed, he only stopped kissing me long enough to pull the shirt between us up.
He grabs his shorts and drags them off, kicking them off and pulling his hard dick down and letting it flop back up smacking his belly making a solid hard thump. He drags off the jock tank and I smell his manly musk and a faint smell of beer.
As he pulls me back on him, the feeling of his hard body against my dick is more than I can handle and I feel my orgasm begin as my dick is pressed against him; I grab it and try to stop it, but I shoot and it’s a large amount that escapes my hand onto his skin. I look anguished at him and I say, "Sorry man, I couldn’t' help it". He laughs as he reaches for it and as he wipes it with his fingers he says, "No problem lil’ dude, it just tells me how hot you think I am. You can bust your nut anytime you want with me.” He scoops a large amount of my cum with two fingers and then pulls me back down on him, his hand goes around and behind me and I feel his fingers press between my ass cheeks, wet and warm from my own jizz.
His fingers rub the cum around my ass crack then find my tight hole and he stops kissing me and says, "Ohhhh lil’ dude you’ve got a tight one," as his finger pushes in my hole. I grimace a little; he pulls out and rubs around my hole fast and hard, but not entering it. He whispers, "Hold on lil’ dude, this will loosen you up a little." A few moments and he pushes his finger in and it glides in tight and painless. He pushes in until I feel his hand pushing against my cheeks, then he pulls back and positions himself under me, lifting me up and moving his hips, pulling my knees up. One hand goes down and pulls his hard dick up off his tummy and points it at my ass, he lowers me down until his massive cockhead is planted exactly on my hole.
Like a pussy I whimper in his ear, “Byron don't hurt me.” he says, "It won't hurt dude, you’re swelled up and ready for cock." As he said that, he raises his hips slowly and his hands pull down on my hips and to my amazement his huge cock slips tightly into me but no pain. As I moan he grins proudly and pulls me more onto his cock. His massive meat slides into me tightly, I feel the skin of his cock being pushed down along side the hard shaft, about half way in I am losing my breath and I whisper, "Stop, stop for just a second." He smiles and stops, "Too much meat for ya lil’ dude?” he questions with pride in his manliness. I breathlessly say, "Yes, yes hold on--just let me get used to it.”
As I catch my breath, I feel his cock jumping in my ass. I tell him it’s good to go; he takes my hips and rolls his head back, closes his eyes and pulls me down on him fully. I almost cry out, but catch myself in time and I just sit on him feeling his cock pushing into my guts, feeling like he is in my belly. He grinds his hips and moans loudly then pulls back and slides his dick back into me filling me again. As I adjust to him, he begins to fuck me with slow deep strokes, groans and grunts with every thrust. He now takes slow strokes that pull completely out of me and then glide his cock back into me to the hilt.
He fucks me like this for a long time then his pace quickens, holding me tightly at the hips feeling like he is bruising my hips with his manly grip. With the limited room in the SUV it’s hard to do, but he manages to slide the seat back and put me on my back with him on top of me giving him the leverage to really pound me. I feel the SUV rocking back and forth with his thrusts. My ass feels like I’m being pulled apart, filled with each push. He grunts loudly as he pushes deep into my tight ass, his skin hitting my cock has the same effect as before and I start to shoot cum again, I tighten as I cum and he squeals, "Dammmnnn dude do that, do that, ohhh yeah do that!" As I cum my ass tightens without my having anything to do with it, his massive cock already has me stretched to the limit and this causes him to go over the edge and he starts to cum.
He pounds me hard, sliding me against the side of the car until my neck is bent and still I slide with each thrust. He grunts as he starts to cum, and then a very loud shout, "I’m I’mmmm I’mm cummin I’m cummin imcumminggggggggggggggggg, OHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YEAHHHHHHH EYAHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK YEAH"
Each shot he shouts and it’s loud. As he finishes, he glides his dick in me slowly rolling it round and breathing heavy, "Dudddddeeee… man you got one hot ass on you!" As he slowly softens he pulls back and when the head comes out of me there is an audible suction sound and I feel my hole slowly close back to where it used to be, almost, as he pulls back and he sits down, grabbing his limp cock he milks out some of his cum.
I stand stooped over to find my shorts and I feel a lot of liquid run down my leg, I look back and it’s white cum flowing down from my ass. I grab a paper towel from the roll on the floor and wipe it off my leg. Pulling my shorts on I glance over at Byron, he is still holding his dick, his muscular belly rapidly moving in and out and he is staring at me.
"Lil’ dude I hope that felt as good to you as it did to me." I smile and turn red and tell him that it was awesome. He leans up and grabs his shorts and pulls them up under his ass. "Next time maybe we can take it slower." He grabs his tank and pulls it back on. I smile in delight at the thought of "next time". As he sits holding his package, I sit again, not really knowing what to do. He puts a hand on my shoulder and pulls me toward him. Leaning into him the gentle giant of a man hugs me warmly and whispers, "Thanks lil’ dude, you are awesome.”
After gentle kiss on my lips, he pulls away and opens the door and gets out, reaching for me to join him. I get out and before starting back to the house I say to Byron, "Do you think the guys will know?"
He looks at me with a little grin, "Dude, you knew I was into dudes didn't you? Everyone knows, right?"
I reply, “I had no idea.”
He says, "Mannnn dude, everyone knows and I thought you did; it’s why I had Tim invite you. I noticed you looking at me and well I like guys your size and I thought you knew and were well, you know, wanting to, ahhhh shit…”
I stop him at this point and say, "Byron you were right; I was looking at you but I had no idea, but I’m glad you thought I did. But what about the guys; what do we tell the guys tomorrow, anything?”
Byron looks at me with a serious look and says in a low tone, "Umm dude they all knew what I was planning, the plan was to get you to come out here so I could put the moves on ya; I told them all if I had my way I would fuck you tonight. Some even have bets on it so, they sort of already know."
I just blush in embarrassment knowing that from this moment on I am "out," but at least I’m “outed” by the hottest guy in school, and I’m okay with that.

ad been living with my dad for a little over a year and he had been working the evening shift for a few months. I had become used to doing pretty much whatever I wanted with no one around to keep me in line and this included a lot of Internet gay porn, cruising chat rooms and personals looking for hookups with older guys.
I liked guys my age fine, but just loved the attention of a mature man. I had met this guy that was in my area and we had chatted in the evenings for a few days. He would have to chat a while, then leave for a bit, then come back and this would go on all evening because he was at work; and we never exchanged pics because he couldn't from his work computer and said it was not fair for me to send any, so when he couldn't so we just settled on not seeing pics of each other for now.
One evening I was extremely horny, jacked off 3 times this day and still found myself wanting more. So I got online after dad was gone and the man was not there so I watched some porn and waited and about 2 hours he came online and we began to chat, me telling him how horny I was, teasing with him to see if he would hit on me. He told me he was very horny too and had not had sex in ages, so being a tease I told him maybe he would get some sex soon.
He asked me a few more personal questions than usual, finally asking my real name, I told him Alex; there was a pause and I figured he had someone in his office or something; then he came back with what do you look like, I used the normal I did for that "5'2/110/lite brn/hazel" another pause and he asked me what my size was. I told him I was a skinny 5 and a half inches; being totally honest with the guy, because I was totally comfortable with him.
He told me he was 6ft 190 lean, brn/brn and I asked "size?" and a pause and then he typed wall I’m a little bigger than you, hope that’s okay , I am about 8 inches, pretty thick, and uncut. I told him I loved big cocks and loved uncut. A long pause, then some more questions, what kind of car I drive, what my favorite color is, my favorite restaurant. I tell him all this and never think to ask him, little self- centered I guess. Each time there was a pause. Then he said, “Alex you know I’m old enough to be your dad; how do you feel about that?” I tell him how I love men my dad’s age and have been with a couple sexually and loved it. A long pause then he asked if I ever had those feelings for your real dad. I launched into a long story of how I look at my dad and he is so hot and how I make an opportunity to see him naked at any chance, going in the bathroom to brush my teeth just as his shower if finished, pretending to look at myself in the mirror, but looking past myself to him drying with the shower door open then going to my room and masturbating thinking of him fucking me.
A long pause, then he asked if I would play a fantasy with him which was for me to leave the back door open and blindfold myself and wait on my bed for him and not say a word to each other and for me to keep the blindfold on while he come in and fuck me. This sounded great to me and I was all for it, scary but exciting so we agreed and I told him only if he would be here early enough to finish and leave before 12:30 because that’s when dad would be home.
He said he could be here at 9:45, which was only about half hour from now. We planned it and I jumped in the shower, wrapped in a towel and soaking wet I go to the back door and looked out the window; no one around so I unlocked it. I go to my room, it is 9:40, I dry fast, mess up my hair with wax, go to the drawer and get my Willie Nelson style bandanna and look out the window. It’s 9:43, my heart races as I fold the bandanna watching the main road that’s not very well traveled as far out as we live. I think, he has a problem and maybe won’t come, so I wait. 9:44 a car headlight comes in sight and my heart pounds as I watch it slow and turn in our driveway, which is a long one. I watch as it comes nearer and before I can see the type of car, I turn and put on the blindfold and lay on the bed in a spread position.
Heart racing, I hear a door close, then the back door open, then steps up to my room, then my door slowly opens, my nerves are on end, knowing this could be a serial killer or idiot that hates fags or something so nervously I lick my lips and tense up knowing there are eyes on me but I don't see them.
I hear him undressing, clothes hitting the floor. A hand touches my tummy, it traces around my navel, then down to my pubs. I start to speak and he shushes me so I lie aback and relax letting him know he has me. His hand touches my nuts, gently massaging them then up to my dick which is leaking precum and immediately his hand is wet and he slides up and down my cock milking it. He goes between my legs and I spread more letting him find my ass crack then into it and he finds my hole and massages the precum around it.
He goes back for more precum this time pushing on the hole, as his finger enters me; I yelp a little being very tight and nervous he shushes me again. He returns for more precum and reenters my hole, pushing into me deep. He moves between my legs lifting me up and putting my feet on his shoulders, finding my hold with his cockhead he massages up and down over my hole then stops in position to enter me, I tense up and catch my breath he begins to push. After a few seconds of resistance my hole gives way and his head enters me, another yelp and a whimper and he shushes me, he rolls me up and slowly but firmly pushes into me, I had never had a dick this big and it felt like it would tear me apart, he pushes into me for what seemed like forever then bottoms out with his nuts pressed against my ass.
I am holding my breath as my ass is on fire he pulls back and begins to fuck me; I can't help but moan and grunt as he does, him shushing me each time. His pace quickens and I feel my own cock bobbing hitting him and my own tummy, my breathing quickens as the pain mixed with pleasure increases. He takes my dick in his hand and beings to jack me off; I start to cum almost immediately. A shot of jizz hits my chest and another and another; it runs down between my ribcage and pools in the concave part of my tummy. he begins to fuck me hard then pulls out fast, and I hear him jacking his wet cock, a splat of cum hits me and then another and another running down and mixing with my own cum and running off the sides of my body.
He finishes and I feel his hands on my knees; he leans down and licks the cum mixture and then runs two fingers through the pool. I smell cum and open my mouth and he puts both fingers in my mouth and I suck the cum from them tasting my own and this stranger’s mixture.
His hands glide down my thighs and past my dick and up my wet tummy and then over my chest and I feel his breath and his lips touch mine. I take his tongue and he explores my mouth his hands come up my shoulders and neck and side of my head and I feel him take the blindfold on each side. He pulls it up over my forehead and I keep my eyes closed for a moment; then I slowly open them. His face moves back from mine and I look in his eyes and I see my dad.
All this suddenly worked itself out in my mind; I talk to him after dad goes to work, and only then. He asked me many personal questions tonight, and then asked about how I felt about sex with my dad, then we plan to meet and fuck and he doesn't want me to see him or hear him. Then he never asked for directions but showed up exactly on time! I then realized my dad wanted me as bad as I wanted him and this was how he did it.
After the shock wore off and we began to talk; he gave me the lecture on how young boys like me letting strange men come in the house was dangerous and that I should never agree to anything like this with anyone again.. I told him I was sorry and that I was glad it happened.
This began a long time close relationship with my dad, sl**ping in his bed waiting for him to come home from work to fuck me. When he would cum he would whisper, “I love you” to me and I would melt in his arms. Even after going away to college, I come home to his dick every chance I get, and some weekends we spent the entire time almost totally naked fucking several times a day to make up for the week apart.

rarely stop at this particular rest stop, but nature called. While I was in the stall doing my business, I felt a little horny and started to stroke off a bit. I leaned back against the wall and noticed that cubicle wall did not mount flush against the wall and I had a clear shot at the first two urinals.
As I sat there stroking, two men in khaki overalls entered. The dropped the bib fronts and exposed two huge sausages as they pissed into the urinals; neither had underwear on. When they were done, the on closest to me reached over and shook his buddy’s cock free of any remaining piss. Then the second guy reached back and did the same for the first buddy.
I stopped stroking and dressed quickly and followed them outside. They went to the vending machine for soda. I did the same. While standing there I casually groped myself so one of them could see me. He nudged his buddy and they both watched as I rubbed my crotch with a visible hard on down my pant leg. Both men reached into their overalls and removed their t-shirts and slung them over their shoulders. We exchanged nods and I followed them back to their cargo style van. The driver asked if I had the time, I answered sure, always. He laughed and said so do we, follow us to the next exit.
We left the rest area and they passed as the passenger was removing his bib overalls. I followed them to the next off ramp and we turned west on the country road. A few minutes later, we came upon two older storage or small warehouse type buildings. They pulled off the road and drove to the back of the buildings. I followed suit. At the back, the garage door was raised and the van drove inside. I stopped at the garage entrance and got out of my car.
The van stopped, the driver got out of the truck and had one side of the overalls unbuttoned. He walked to the back doors of the van and opened them. The passenger, BuddyTwo, I never did get their names, was standing in his work boots and sox but with nothing else on and sporting a raging hard on. Both men were hot looking, just under six feet, comparable builds, both muscular form the heavy lifting and work they did. Both looked to be in their late twenties. Both were Mediterranean, Spanish, Greek or Italian decent. Both had big brown nipples that stuck out about an inch when hard. Both had shaved balls and no hair above their cocks, but they had hairy pits and a tuft of hair between their chest mounds and across the bottom of their chest right up to those delicious nips.
I entered the garage and BuddyOne lowered the door behind me. He stepped out of his overalls and climbed into the van with his good buddy. They swapped sloppy kisses and grabbed and stroked each others man meat while I undressed and joined them. They continued to play with each other while I alternately sucked each one’s nips, licked pits and slapped their asses. The van smelled of testosterone, stale cum and man sweat. Finally we would get to real business.
BuddyOne explained that they were cousins and shared an apartment, shared sex and sex partners. BuddyTwo was mostly a bottom and BuddyOne was mostly a top, but also loved to get his ass pounded some times while seeding his cousin. BuddyTwo was the younger (by months) and thus he had to always submit to his older cousin. What they had in mind for today was Two would hold onto the seatback while One fucked him and I fucked One in return. While this sounded hot and lots of fun, I wanted to use my many oral talents first so I suggested they both hold onto the seatback while I rimmed them first. They agreed. Both holes tasted sweaty and musky. Both of them had been fucked recently as the taste of man seed was clearly deep inside both chutes. While I rimmed One, I finger fucked Two. Then while I rimmed Two, I finger fucked One. One was really into getting fingered so I reached around Two with my other hand and stroked him to keep him hard while rimming him.
I grabbed Two by the cock and led him over to One and aimed his cock right at One’s now very moist man hole. I shoved Two’s ass forward and he slid right inside One with no effort at all. I mounted Two’s ass and slammed my cock all the way in with one shove. I whispered into Two’ ear, do what I do. I grabbed Two’s chest, squeezed both mounds and pulled hard on both nips at once. He did the same to One. I held Two’s nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinched as hard as I could. He did the same to One. They both howled and moaned like tow hot bitches in heat.
I stuck my tongue into Two’s right ear, and then nibbled on the right side of his neck and back of his neck. He did just as I had done to his cousin One. Next, I stuck my thumb in his mouth for him to suck while I slapped his left chest mound then pinched his left nip again. Two repeated my actions on One. For the next fifteen minutes we pounded ass, played with nips, nibbled ears, slapped chest and munched on necks. Finally, two let go several volleys of hot cum up his cousin’s ass. His own ass spasmed and I shot my load deep inside Two. Buddy Two pulled out of BuddyOne’s ass and began to suck out his own cum from One’s ass lips. He really chowed down on that hole. As he squatted to lick clean the ass in front of him, his own man hole began to drip cum out of it onto the floor of the van.
One was still standing there holding onto the seat back with trembling knees. We both looked at him and he had shot several loads on cum all over the back of the seat and it dripped onto the floor. Two asked him how many times he came and One said he shot four different loads--the first right after being mounted, the second when his nips were crushed the first time. The third was five minutes later and fourth was when Two unloaded into his ass.
The boys thanked me for their afternoon workout. I dressed; they opened the garage door but did not dress. I left.

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2 years ago
Nice stories, enough hot parts left even when skipping the anal parts (which I don't like, sorry). Would like to read a continuation of the first story, about Jim.
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great job!
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made this old man cum
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Excellent stories! Keep up the great work
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What a wonderful collection of surprize stories, Hot Hot Hot!!!! thanks for sharing
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really hot stories
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Yes, Jim! More! More! and Dad, too? The 3 of them? Wonderful possibilities!!
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loved every fucking shot of cum out of my cock....please keep writing & we promise to keep cumming :P:P:P
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Awsome stories.
Would really like to hear more about Jim..... the first story.