My Friend's Mom Part 2

She kept sticking her tongue down my throat for almost another 5 minutes. I was in heaven. She finally took it out and grabbed my hand.

“Follow me baby”

I did as commanded and followed her down the basement. His basement was pretty nice. It was a huge carpeted room with a 50’ flat screen mounted on the wall with various rooms connected to the main room. She led me down into a back hallway and into the washing machine room. She tried to whisper something but I couldn’t make it out because the washing machine was going.

In one fluid motion she hopped up on the washing machine and pulled her black thong out from under her. I just looked at her in all her beauty. I motioned down towards her juicy pussy but she didn’t want that. She instead undid my belt, pulled my pants and underwear down and felt my hard dick. I consider myself average, 7.5 inches, but my dick looked even bigger in her hands. She began stroking it up and down as we locked tongues.

She guided the tip of my dick into her already moist pussy. I was in heaven. Her pussy felt so warm and comforting that I collapsed on top of her. Without even realizing it, I was already half way in her. She let out a slight moan. I’m not gonna lie, at first she was somewhat loose, but after I started to push in more she began to get tighter. She moaned as I shoved the last 2 inches into her. I just looked at her with her eyes closed and mouth wide open from moaning I couldn’t help myself. I leaned in and kissed her really hard. She began to kiss back and I slowly began to guide my dick back out of her. I felt the washing machine move and shake especially when I pulled out, that really got me going. I began to thrust into her pelvis slow. She seemed unsatisfied and grabbed my neck and whispered

“Go faster you little pussy!”

I was surprised but determined. I began thrusting faster and faster. I started going so fast that the washing machine began to move along the floor. She must have begun to feel the machine move and put her hand on the pipe over her. I tried my best to hold on as long as I could but could feel myself about to cum. She wrapped her arms around my butt and began to nibble at my ear. That really sent me over the edge and I began cumming. She jumped at the cum gushing into her pussy and then she tightened her muscles all over my dick. She began screaming and realizing it, I covered her mouth so Matt wouldn’t hear us.

Her muscles kept constricting and releasing my dick and I just kept cumming into her. I must of shot 10 or 11 loads into her. I was really surprised because I just had cummed on her not even 12 hours before. She finally released my dick from her juicy pussy. I regained my strength and looked up at her. She was red and beads of sweat were dripping down her face and her neck. I couldn’t help myself and just shouted out

“You’re the most beautiful being I have ever seen!”

She looked into my eyes as if to see if it was real. She just smiled and kissed me. After about ten minutes of kissing my dick began to go hard. She started to feel it and pulled away from me

“How about we take it out before we put it back in?”

I looked down and it was still in her. I chuckled and slowly pulled it out. Suddenly gobs of semen came gushing down her leg. She looked down and began to laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh as well. The washing machine finally stopped and she hopped off of it. She grabbed her thong that she was wearing and pulled it up her leg, collecting the gobs of semen on the way up. When she finally pulled them up all the way, I patted down my semen into her pussy. She kissed me one more time and went back upstairs. I went to the bathroom and wiped off my dick.

When I went upstairs, Matt was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. I walked over and sat down next to him.

“Morning sunshine!’

“Mmmm.” He was still asl**p.

I knew that I just gotten away with it. I was so ecstatic. I could not believe that I just got away with fucking my friend’s mom while he was under the same roof. I couldn’t contain myself and when Matt went upstairs to take a shower I jumped for joy. I decided to sit down in front of the T.V. and watch some cartoons or whatever.

After watching for five minutes I became bored. I soon heard the water from Matt’s shower run. Just then Ann came sprinting in from another room. She jumped from behind the couch over my head and onto my lap. I could not believe how young she acted. I tried to talk to her but she simply but her finger over my mouth. She then slid down off the couch and pulled my pants down again. I hadn’t even realized that I had not gotten rid of my erection from the last time I saw her. She just looked and examined my dick. It was almost funny how interested in it she was. She then put my entire dick into her mouth. I could not believe she did that so fluidly. She kept it in her mouth for a while too. She just chocked on the end and licked the shaft of it. After what seemed like forever she pulled it out of her mouth and began stroking it.

“My husband’s is only 6 inches.” She said without missing a beat.

“Wow. That must suck.” (Sorry, really corny.)

“Ha-ha yea, but I like your tool even better.”

With that she just went at my dick. There was no stopping her. I just stared down at her gorgeous blonde hair bobbing up and down over my dick. I couldn’t hold back anymore and gripped the back of her head on my dick. I exploded in her mouth. She choked on the first load but after that she swallowed every squirt into her mouth. She finally emerged with no cum to be found. Just then the water turned off. She stood back up and began walking away. I grabbed her hand and she fell right back into my arms. I kissed her, tasting my own cum mixed with her saliva. I patted her thong one more time and still felt my gooey cum in them. She pulled away from me.

“I know you go back to school in two days for final exams. I don’t know if I can wait for you that long, but I’ll try.” She winked and gave me one last peck on my lips.

With that she was gone. Matt came down soon after that. I thanked him for letting me stay the night and told him I would pick him up on Sunday to go back to school. As I walked out the door and turned on my car I looked up into his parent’s bedroom, thinking that maybe I would be able to see the gorgeous body of Ann. No luck.

As I drove away my phone vibrated. I opened it up to see a text message from some number I had never seen. I opened the message.

“Until next time…


And then a picture of her naked body with cum dripping down her leg posed in front of a mirror.

I knew that would be the longest two weeks of my life.

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2 years ago
awesome part 3, 4...
3 years ago
Very good. Thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good story,hope there's more.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Love it, hope there's more especially if they get caught and get Mat to join in.
3 years ago
great story, anxious for part 3