My Peeping Tom Phase Part.1

I first became interested in spying on people when i was about 8. I use to only do it because i was bored at target. I never saw anything but the rush and the idea that a person might not see me was an awesome feeling. I actually didn't see any women naked until I was about 12 when i was my aunt changing at a cabin that my f****y use to go up to. I couldn't really process what was going on at the time but I got that same rush.
It wasn't until i was about 14 that I really got sexual about looking at women naked. I saw my s****r first. She was 16 at the time and from going through her drawers I could tell that she was 36 C. She was fat but she still had some nice breasts. On days during the summer that were really hot, and my mom would be away at work, I would plot and plan how i would see my s****r naked. After about a month of trying to duck under doors and other things like that, i finally found a perfect spot to see her naked breasts for about five seconds after she would get out of the shower. I'll possibly post a picture of the spot later if you guys want to see it.
Every night my s****r would take showers and I would turn the lights off in the kitchen and watch her get in the shower. I would usually see her fat back. When she got out, I would see her nice erect nipples. They were perfect nipples with a huge breast behind them.
If you guys want better stories I'll post some more. Possibly including some pics.
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3 years ago
yes pictures are great
3 years ago
yah dude the pics and more stories pls
3 years ago
Yea me 2
3 years ago
yes more i would luv to see some more stories and pics :)