Fun Night

" I'm going to strip you naked" I said. " I'm ready go ahead and take my clothes off, I began by unzipping her dress. The straps of her bra came into view, arousing him. I drew the dress off her creamy white shoulders and soon had it at her waist. I slid the bunched up material down over her succulent thighs and down her shapely legs, leaving her in her bra and panties. I began to stroke her smooth thighs. Reaching out and around I cupped her perfectly shaped ass cheeks. I went on stroking her thighs up and down coming right up to where I could feel the wetness from her pussy. The bra came off next exposing her beautiful large breasts with her nipples poking out. I bent down and ran my tongue around the areola and sucked the hard nip into my mouth moving it in and out slowly. It was time to have her completely naked so I hooked my fingers into the waistband and tugged them over her shapely ass and let them drop to the floor. I slipped a finger inside her as I kissed her neck. By this time she had started to pant. I whispered in her ear " Does it turn you on more to have him watching us from his chair?" "Ohhh Yesssss", was her breathy answer. I slipped in a second finger and moving slowly in and out as I felt her hips responding and she was getting wetter. She slightly spread her legs and I used my other hand to finger her rosebud asshole. My cock was rock hard as she started to come, the first of many. He moved from his chair and came up behind her. He nuzzled into her neck as he ran his hands slowly up and down her supple body. He was already naked and his dick was moving near my fingers at her sweet ass. I reached out and gave him a couple of strokes. I could feel the wet of a little pre-cum on the tip of the head. I already had that as we were all extremely turned on. He joined me and our fingers both moved inside her pussy stretching it and making it twitch and pulsate. She was moaning louder now. We slowly guided her to the king sized bed and.......
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