Golf Outing

Ed and I met through a site like this one. We talked back and forth through emails about our different sexual preferences. He let me know he was experienced with both men and women in threesomes and that he was a bisexual. He was older and his wife wasn't interested in sex anymore but he still had a strong drive.He told me enjoyed bothe sexes equally and had a man and a woman he saw on a regular basis.
It tokk a while to get together. For a long time he would send me pics of him and another guy sucking each other off and him fucking that guy. He also sent pics of the both of them in a threesome with the woman with them going down on her and screwing her and she going down on them. All of this really had me ready to meet with him but it was frustrating missing connections numerous times.
Finally the day came. His wife was working and I told my wife that i was going golfing with some guys from where I work. I drove to his house which was about an hour's drive, to meet. With him being retired and her working he had the house all to hinself. Once I got inside we wasted no time in getting started. I was wearing a tee shirt and short with an elastiv band and no underwear. I planned on making it as easy as possible. He took a little longer so I was already done stripping before he was. I was watching his cock come into view. It wasn't very long but it had a huge girth to it> i could hardly get my hand around it. We moved immediately to the bead and got into the classic 69 position. I had a little trouble fitting him into my mouth but being determined I managed to get it done. He was sucking me hard and it felt great. I was sucking him the best that i could andevidently it was doing the trick because he started grunting and then came in my mouth. I couldn't last any longer and shot my load down his throat and he never missed a drop. We then moved into the living room and watched a video tape of my wife and I fucking that I had brought with me. He played with me while we watched and i did the same to him. Then he knelt down and sucked me some more but I was spent. It did feel great though. I returned the favor including licking and sucking on his balls and then moved up and swallowed him down again and getting him off.
Both of us spent it was time for me to head back home. I'm not sure when I will get to have another "golf outing" with the "guys"
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