My First Time

It was after one of our threesomes that I started realizing that I was as turned on by another man's cock as I was the threesome itself. I started wondering what it would be like to suck another man's cock, to feel it swell and cum in my mouth. I also was curious if I could actually do a good enough job to make a man cum. I never shared this with my wife knowing that she might be repulsed at my curiosity. So I set about "looking" for a third for our play. I finally foud someone and we agreed to meet...just him and me. When we met I asked him if he would show me what he had. He opened his pants and pulled down his underwear. When he had his cock out it was almost hard so I knew he was a little excited too. I told him there was noway we could do the threesome right then but that I didn't want him to go away emty handed.
He put up very little resistance to that suggestion and I moved over and took him in my mouth. I licked and sucked around his head and moved my lips up and down his shaft. I reached between his legs and ran my finger around his asshole. I sucked him in as deep as I could but wasn't real far because my gag reflex is great. I really was so turned on I wanted to swallow him down but couldn't. I started moving faster and I could feel him responding. The more he swelled the faster and harder I sucked. My precum was flowing freely without my ever touching myself. When he started pumping I knew the cum was going to be there soon and I wasn't disappointed.
Soon after he left and I have not seen him since. I felt he was just a lttle selfish because when he came he tried to f***e my head further when he knew I couldn't take it.
That was my first experience with my bi side.
73% (9/3)
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2 years ago
nice one
3 years ago
nice even if he was selfish, I always like to have it my self and will always give it