How I found I like older women part 1

I am 27 now but the below happened wheni was 25.

It was my works christmas partyand I hadn't been with the company all that long so I only new 2 or 3 people well enough torelax and have a drink with. It was at a hotel with dinner and a disco and most of us had booked a room to stay the night.

Now my work has a mixture ofyounger and older womenranging from 18 to 60. Some of the younger girls were dressed slutty and were flirting with managers and directors most probably to get free drinks. I was sitting with a couple of the older guys and girls I have always beenmature for my age and often will socialise with older people.

Anyway, i got talking to one of the ladies in accounts lets call her Beth, she was 51 medium build with shoulder length died red hair. Nice ful figure with 36dd (I think Tits) As the night went on we were laughing a the young girls getting d***ker and the horny bosses lapping up the attention it got to about 2am and they were just shutting the bar so Beth suggested we go back to her room as she had a bottle of jack in her room. I thought what the hell and back we went.

We talked more and things got more personal as I asked about her husband and f****y she explained that she and her husband were no longer lovers but were friends. She then sighed and told me how she felt old because he husband no longer wanted to fuck her. I was startled as she said this and told her he must be mad. "why if you were my husband would you" I said I wouldn't have tobe her husband. AT this point the jack was kicking in and i started feeling braver and bolder.

beth moved off her chair and came and sat on her bed where i was sitting and filled my glass. I now had a great view of her cleavage and legs in her black dress."are you looking at my tits?" ............"er yeah actually i said with a slight laugh" pulling down her dress to reveal a strapless bra she said "here then have a proper look" as she did this my cock started to throb in my tight grey trousers, was i getting turned onby a 51 year old women, fuck yeah, it was her confidence something younger women dont always have, for once i didnt have to make the first move.She pulled my had up over her large breast and squeezed my had grasping it tightley,the throb in my trouses was noa full hardon, I grabbed her bra and pulled it down releasing her huge tits with the most amazing thicklong nipples i had ever seen. I was thinking do i kiss her but i didn't have to think to long she grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my face towards her tits "make me feel sexy" she said as i opened my mouth and took he nipple softly between my teeth and then a sucked licked and bit it as it got harder.

At this point she must have noticed my erection trying toburst out of my trousers "mmmmmmmm" i heard as she took hold of it and started to wank me through my trousers but they were so tight that she had to take themoff to get a proper feel as a squeezed and suced her tits she started wanking my cock mmoaning and wringling with every lick of her nipple.I grabbed her hand and ushered her to stop only because i was going to cumright then.

she stood up with her dress and bra around her waist i went to stand upto but she told me just to sit there at this point she slowly pulled her dressand bra downto her feet revealing black french panties she most have been getting excited as her panties had slightly moved up her slit exposing her pussy lips on one side. i pulled her close and slowly took off her painries revealing a moist lightley haired pussy i could smell n couldn't wait to taste..................TBC

Leave mesome comments especialy if you are a mature lady looking for a young cockand i wll tell the rest of my story
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Please carry on, next
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Great stuff; don't be a tease!
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carry this on please