Cum Drenched Stranger

I’d been having a bit of a drinking session with Peter, his flat mate Tim and one of his friends Sam.
As we got d***k I wasn’t sure if we were going to fuck again because I didn’t know Sam. He was younger than us , about 20, and had a tight body that I wanted to see and his jeans made me want to tear them off and fuck him raw.

We were all well and truly pissed when Tim turned to Pete and I and blurted out “so we going to fuck or what” we all looked at Sam and he said “sure” and with that the four of us came together. I made my way straight for Sam and began rubbing his crotch which was already bulging while my dick was dying to be set free.

As I began to unzip his pants, Tim worked on taking Sam’s top off. Meanwhile, Pete began undressing me. Within seconds we were all naked, on our knees with hard, wet dicks, facing each other. I couldn’t wait anymore “I want to fuck Sam” I blurted out “fine by me” he said and with that he pulled me towards him as he fell to the floor. Meanwhile Tim worked his way over to Pete and they began kissing as they jerked each other off.

I kissed my way down Sam’s body until I got to his dick. It was a bit smaller than mine, but was as stiff as a rock. He grabbed my head and pushed into his young bush, and with that I took his dick in my mouth.
“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah” he moaned and at the same time Peter and Tim pulled up either side of us, stroking their wet dicks and watching with a grin on their faces.

“Fuck him!” ordered Pete “Yeah” said Tim and with that Sam lifted my face from his crotch and said ‘do it” I eased down to his arse crack and began running my fingers around the edge. Tim then leaned in and spat on the hole and said ‘go for it buddy” and with that Sam placed his legs over my shoulders. I then grabbed his young, soft waist and drove my dick into his eager young crack and he let out a moan as he slowly let me in.

At the same time Peter made his way around to Sam’s face and placed his dripping dick to the edge of his mouth. Sam took it eagerly , moaning in between sucks. Then Tim worked his way behind Pete and then guided Pete’s arse hole onto his rock hard dick. I was thrusting in Sam, Pete was getting fucked and sucked, so I released one of my hands from Sam’s waist and began jerking him off – it was a sight to behold.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck” Tim moaned suddenly as he yanked his dick out of Peter’s hole and squirted a load all over Sam’s body. Then Peter arched his back and let out a massive “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah” as he shot his load across Sam’s face and body. He too grabbed a beer and sat alongside Tim.

Being watched while I pumped Sam’s young arse made me lose the little control I had left so I whipped out my dick and just as I began to cum, Sam let out a huge “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and blew all over himself” this made my dick pulse out of control when I finally shot my stream straight up onto Sam’s chest and face. We then lay their laughing, our spent dicks still oozing with cum before we all went to wash Sam off, but that’s another story
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4 years ago
4 years ago
really nice. Short but sweet.
4 years ago
OMG I'm still jacking off thanks
4 years ago
cool, right to the point, and hot!