IGave up my load

I hadn't been to the club for a while so for something different I decided to try one of the glory hole booths. There was a nice thick dick waiting in one so I decided to go and and have a play. Afetr only a few minutes teh dick pulled out, I thought he must have got a better offer.

I went to get out of the stall when this tall, thin old man barged in and pressed me against the wall. Before I could react he dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth hungrily. At first i tried to resist so I could get out of there but as he begun to olick my balls my body went from resisting to enjoying.

I decided to relax and enjoy one of the best blowjobs I'd ever had. After a few minutes I decided to up the ante to I grabbed the back of the old mans head and began face fucking him hard. This only seemed to excite him as he bgean to grown and mumbled "beautiful" between mouthful.

I began to get more and more into it, thinking the old man would stop any minuted, but his sucking and licking only began to get more intense. I felt my body began to tingle as I whispered "I'm gonna cum" thinking I'd wanr him so he could pull off. "Good" he said as he bgean to suck with even more strength "you want my load?' I asked surprised "yes please" he panted again. "Fine by me" I said in between waves of ecstasy.

Finally I felt my body lose its last bits of control, I knew it was time "come get you're rewward buddy" I moaned as I began to thrust with his sucks "come get it" I moaned as I began to tremble and then finally "fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah" I moaned as I jolted and shot my load into the old man's hungry mouth.

After a few final jolts he got to his feet and siad thanks. "Good job" I replied and with that we exited the stalls and I went home. As I left I though, maybe next time I might surrender my cock to an old man easier next time.
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3 years ago
Fuck that was so awesome ...
3 years ago
hot hot hot !!!!