Gangbang Initiation

He entered the dorm room e****ted by one of the b*****rs. He was the youngest of the pledges and was first in line to try for b*****rhood. Jimmy was 19 and had herad how hot the all gay frat house was. He had heard how hot the initations were and had a throbbing dick before things ahd started as he imagined what awaited him. He didn't have to wait long.

The oler house member turned to Jimmy "Well, are you ready to pledge" "Yes" replied Jimmy with a horny smile. "You must pledge without question, do you accept whats to become of you?" "Yes" replied Jimmy almost out of control. "Then you must pick from the deck of cards" said the older house member as he handed him a deck of cards. Jimmy nervously pulled a crad from the deck. It was the 5 of clubs.

Jimmy handed the older member the card, trembling with excitement. "Five!" exclaimed the older member "You must take the load of five of us...including me" before you are pledged. "Now strip and submit to our will" the old member pledged ordered. Jimmy didn't need any prompting as stripped naked to reveal his achng young cock and tight young ass. "First you suck me" ordered the odler member. Without hesitation Jimmy dropped to his knees and took the older mans cock from his pants and sucked it hungrily.

After severeal minutes of intense sucking the older man slid Jimmy's mouth off his cock and pushed him onto the bed in the room. "Present your ass for sacrifice" he ordered, and with that Jimmy got into teh doggy position, his young tihgt ass in the air, ready to be taken. His dick was oozing with excitement at what was to come.

The older man, wrapped his hands around Jimmy's waist as he nudged the head of his thick cock into his beckoning asshole. "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" moaned the older man as Jimmy's ass finally gave way to his cock. The older man then reached around and grabbed Jimmy's sweet young cock, milking it as he slid in and out his sweet tight ass.

It wasn't long before Jimmy lost all control and trembled uncontrollably as he rammed himself hard onto the older mans cock and shot a messy load onto the older mans hands. The older man began pumping even faster and harder after this until eventually the time came. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck" he moaned as he shot a hot stream of jizz into the young tight ass before him. "Stay right there" he smiledat jimmy as he slid out of his ass. No sooner had he left that the door to the room swung open, it was another member, unzipping his jeans as he made his way to Jimmy's cum filled ass.

This member showed now mercy as he flipped Jimmy onto his back, raised his legs over his shouldres and pile drived his cock into Jimmy's ass. Each thrust pounded Jimmy deeper and deeper into teh bed, until mercifully he came with a masssive moan. The next member was already in the room while the last was finishing. He quickly put Jimmy back into the doggy position and began pumping his cum soaked ass. The next member couldn't wait fot the previosu to finsih to he then entered the room. He quickly deliverd his, thick hairy balled cock to Jimmy's face. It was like Jimmy was skewered by one big hairy cock as they both slid in and out of him.

By this time Jimmy was ready to cum again and the two members could tell so they flipped him onto his back as they both took turns tugging furiously at his wet hard cock, until it finally shot a stream of hot come across his chest as he took his mouth away from teh big thick hairy cock to let out a moan of excitement

This seemed to icense the member that was alraedy pumping his sweet ass as he began pumping harder then any of the others before. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah" he maoned as with several final, intense jolts he gave Jimmy every last drop. The other member quickly flipped Jimmy back on to all fours and took his place. He didn't last long "fuuuuuuuuuuck" he moaned as he let loose another load into Jimmy's ass which was leaking cum uncontrollably by now.

Then came in the final member of his pledge. His jaw dropped as the member took of his pants to reveal probably the thickesst and biggets cock he'd ever seen "holy shit!" cried Jimmy "please take it easy" he pleaded "no fucking way" siad the bear as he approached his ass.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" moaned Jimmy, even with a cum lubed ass the massive tree trunk of a dick still stretched his ass as it made its way in. Mercifully the bear was horny from all that he heard fromt he other side of the door and seen on the camera that was beaming the live recording into the other room. "Arrrrrrrrgh" he growled as his seed shot into Jimmy's cum filled and now tingling ass.

"Well" said the bear "looks like your in" he finished as an exhasuted Jimmy dropped to his chest, cum still oozing from his ass. "You can join us on the next pledge night!" he finsihed and with that Jimmy let out a wry smile as he rolled off the bed, knowing that he would be doing the fucking next time.

If you like this story, or any of my others, and would like to meet in Melbourne, Australia (or set up an online session) to live out some of them, message me.

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3 years ago
3 years ago
That was a great story, had me hard right out the gate
3 years ago
Can I pledge?????????????????