Loser gets soaked

The two young studs faced off. They both knew they didn’t want to lose this match. The room was full of horny old men who were cheering wildly, waiting to see who would be their victim. Timmy made a fast move and managed to pin Mark to the floor. He knew this was his chance so he made his move. He quickly slid his hand to Mark’s dick to make the closing move.

Mark managed to wriggle out of Tim’s grip once and then a second time but the third time he manage to pin him properly and go in for the kill. Tim managed to get a good hold of Mark’s cock this time and began tugging furiously. Determined to make his opponent come first and suffer the punishment. Mark fought the f***ed wanking as best he could, try to squirm out and look away.

But there was no hope. His resistance began to tire the more Tim stroked his fine young cock. With each stroke he found himself more and more aroused until it was too late. His cock was now fully erect and he knew it was only a matter of time. “Do itttttttttttttt” he moaned half in agony half in pleasure. As the room erupted into a wild frenzy in anticipation of what would happen next and they didn’t have to wait long.

Mark was spread helpless on the floor, his erect, thick cock now at the mercy of Tim’s feverish wank. Then it happened, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. “Oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” moaned Mark as he arched his back and shot a massive load of hot cum across his young, slim chest.

Mark lay there, covered in his own cum, defeated but terrified at what would happen next. Tim let go of Mark’s dick and made him face the crow By now the crowd of horny old men were standing around the ring. They all had their big thick dicks in their hands. Mark’s time was up! “Cover him!. Exclaimed Tim and with that the crowd closed in surrounding Mark.

All Mark could see now as a sea of cocks surrounding his body. He braced himself for what was to come next. He didn’t have to face long as from the crowd the first cry came “ooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuck” and with that a stream of hot cum shot from the crowd onto his body. Then another load, then another until one by one each of the men had taken a turn covering Mark until only Tim was left standing over him. He wanted to be the last to blow. By now you could barely tell Marks body from the pool of cum that covered him. But Tim anted to make the humiliation complete.

He squatted down and placed his cock over Mark’s mouth. “Suck it” he barked. Beaten, exhausted, humiliated Mark had no choice but to take the hard cock in his mouth. Tim then proceeded to face fuck Mark’s sweet mouth. It wasn’t long before he arched his back and moaned “yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” as his whole body quivered and shot a big, warm load into Mark’s sweet mouth.

As he laid there completely humiliated Mark knew he never wanted to lose again…or did he?

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3 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
Is the loser the winner?
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
mmmmm so hot and sexy, yes was there a rematch mmmm