My first virgin

Nikki and I has been dating for around 3 weeks getting hotter and heavier. She'd told me she was a virgin so I didn't want to blow my chance at scoring her so each time I'd go a little bit further waiting until she told me to stop. This one ay was different.

We were in my room, I was home along all day, so was determined to make the msot of it. I'd finanly gotten her fully naked and the sigth of her sweet white skin with just big enoug C cop tits and lovely pink nipples was only beaten by the sight of her pussy with a lovely little bush leading down to some wet lips.

Uusally this where she'd only let me go to my underpants but todya she surpirsed me by pulling them off for me. She smield as she eyed my rock hard dick with pre-cum dribbling off the top "you better cover that thing if you're going to fuck me" she smiled "You sure?" I asked shaking with excitment "Yeahhhhhh" she nodded and spread her legs wide to beckon me.

In an instant I had a condom on and was ready to find out if she really was a virgin. My hear raced faster and faster as my dick touched the edge of her warm, wet pussy and she let out a little sigh. Then I got my proof, I hit her hymen, it was like a wall blocking my path. I began to thrust a little harde and Nikki wrapped her legs around me tight and pulled me down for a kiss "Break it" she moaned "Please break it" she begged and kissed me pationately.

With that I took a big thrust into her and then another and then "aaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah" she moaned as I finally broke through "fuckkkkkkkk me" she creamed as her who body began to thrust with my dick, faster and faster. "Now give mea ll you got" she ordred as our bodies jolted togetehr. Her hot tits bouncing below me and her eyes staring straight at me begigng for me to blow.

I began to thrust harder and faster, my dick throbbing more and more ach time "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah do it" she ordered and with that I finally lost the last bit of control and with one big thrust "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" I moaned luldy as Nikki also let out a yell.

We fianlly slowed down and were holding each other when she looked me, smiled and said "now that's out of the way,we can get some real fucking done" we then ahd a shower to clean up before starting again. I slept soundly that night, knowing that I'd had my first virgin.

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3 years ago
Hot time!
3 years ago
great job,,hope we git pics of her and more info..good luck