f***ed to Watch and Suck

Johnny had lost the bet and he had to let Billy watch the sex tape of his girlfriend that he always bragged about. As Johnny reluctantly hit play, Billy was getting harder and wetter in his pants as he knew he was about to see the girl he ahd alwys fanatsised about , but never gone near because of his friend, naked.

She stripped in front of the camera, her white smooth skin and D cup breasts made Billy's dick throb out of control. "that's enough" said Johnny as he went to press stop "fuck no" said Billy as he grabbed the remote and threw it on teh floor. As he did this Tammy was finally stood in front of him on the TV screen, soft white skin, smooth D cup tits and a pussy with just teh right amount of hair. At this exact moment the door to the room opened and in walked Tammy.

Both boys tried to get to the remote but ti was too late "What the fuck?!!!" she yelled. "How could you, prick?!!! she yelled at Johnny "I...i" he tried to mutter as she stormed into the next room. The two boys stared at each other in shock not sure what to do "Dude you better...." began Billy when Tammy walked back out of the bedroom totally naked.

"Is this what you want" she yelled as both boys stared on stunned. "Baby...really" exclaimed Johnny "I'll show you" she said and with that she grabbed Billy and took him off the couch "Seeing as you want your mates to see us fuck, I'm going to fuck him" she said as she made her way back to the bedroom "come on!!!!!!" exclaimed Johnny "dude!!!" he pleaded to Billy "please"

But it was too late he was captivated by Tammy's naked body and he wasn't going to miss this chance. She took her position on the edge of the bed just so Johnny could see what was about to happen. "Fuck me Billy" she ordred 'show him how its done" Tammy finished. With that Billy dispparead into the room and climbed around behind Tammy's tight, pear shapped ass. Her pink pussy was hungrily awaitng his cok so he obliged.

Slowly his cock was eaten by Tammy's softw, warm and wet pussy "MMMMMMMMMMMMM Yeah" she moaned loudly so Johnny would know exactly what was goign on "Fuuuuuuuuuck me" she continued. Bilyl began to pump her more and more while Johnny watched from the couch as his woman's tits bounced at the thrust of another man's cock.

Johnny found himself strangely horny and began to rub his crotch. "You wnat some don't you?" said Tammy as she noticed his stare "what do you think Billy?" she said as she glanced back athim "uuhhhh...." he muttered "I know" said Tammy "You can join in if you taste my juices" she said lustfully. With that Johnny got up and was naked before he even got in the bedroom. He quickly joined Billy on the bed. "Pull out Billy....he's going to tase me" Tammy said. So Billy pulled out and Johnny began to make a move for her wet pussy.

"Waiiiiiiiiiit a minute" she said, "You can taste my pussy.....on his cock" she said as she pointed at Billy's throbbing,dick "What the fuck?!!" exclaimed Johnny as the boys looked at eachother stunned. "The only way I'll elt you fuck me ever again is if you suck his cock right now" Tammy finished. Confronted with an impossible choice Johnny looked at Billy in the eye and said "sorry dude, you've fucked her...what would you do?" "Do it!" barked the now dripping Billy.

With that Johnny leant down and took Billy's cock in his mouth. He sucked on clumsily and with hesitation hwne Tammy put her hands on his head and said "like this" and with that she moved his head up and down Billy's cock. "Yeah that's it" she said as Johnny's head gained momentum. Billy too began to join himself when Tammy pulled Johnny off Billy and took his place. "Let me show you how it's done" she said as she took Billy's wet cock in her hand and went straight to work. "Ahhhhhhhhhh yeah...I'm gonna cum" moaned Billy as Tammy beagn to suck harader and harder. Tammy stopped for a minute to look up at Johnny who was watching all this with dick in ahnd "You know how I never let you blow in my mouth?....well take this" and wih that she began working on Billy's cock harader and harder.

Then finally Billy moaned a loud "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" and jolted as he shot hi hot load into Tammy's waiting mout. She took each jolt with Billy's cock thrusting deeper and deeper until he was eventually spent. Billy slipped outof her and collapsed to the bed. "Now I suppose you want to finish" she said to Johnny "fuck yeah" he smiled. "Well...." She smiled "do it yourself" she barked as she headed into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

The boys stood next to each other in complete, Johnny still with a hard on and Billy with his dick still oozing from th awesome blowjob he ahd just received. "Sorry man" said Billy "Sorry my ass" said Johnny and with that he threw Billy on the bed and pinned him down so Johnny's cock was in his face. "Return teh favour prick." Billy looked at the dick in front of him, smiled and then, to Johnny's shock, opened his motu without a fight.

Johnny proceeded to fuck Billy's mouth like it was a pussy until eventually "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" he moaned as he shot his laod into Billy's warm mouth. As he rolled off Billy the bathroom door creaked open "Now that's more like it" came Tammy's voice from the bathroom. "Now you can both fuck me...get in here" the boys looked at each other and jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom together. Billy and Johnny's friendship would never be the same again!

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2 years ago
3 years ago
That was faggot
3 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
Story was good until it turned gay. Just not my thing.
3 years ago
Very hot keep them hot stories coming
3 years ago
gay fuckin story
3 years ago
twist is what i call it ,but a great start,,keep us informed
3 years ago
very nice story with a twist
3 years ago
Nice twist to this.
3 years ago
interresting and hope the change was for the better
3 years ago
like your stories