Cock Ambush

Timmy was a swet 21yo with a nice tigh body and ass. As he was lead naked and blindfolded down the hallway he wondered what awaited him. After what seemed like an eternity they thre him into a room. He could feel that someone was in teh room but before he had a chance to think the blindfol was ripped off his eyes and he was confronted with a brute of a man, naked, in front of him. He ws 6ft2 150 kg and had raging hard on and he stared happily at Timmy like the piece of meat he was about to come.

The brute approached Timmy as he eyed of his young naked body. Timmy was struck by a mixture of fear and excitement as this mass of flesh and cock approached him. They stood face to face as the man began to run his hand along Timmy's body to his shoulders. He didn't even bother to wait to see whe they were going, he knew what the man wanted, and without hesitation he got onto his knees and began running his tongue over the brutes cock.

"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeaaaaaaaaaaah" moaned the brute as Timmys licks turned into sucks and ebfore long he was gobbling up the rod with great pleasure. A few minutes passed when teh brute yanked Timmy off his cock and pushed him to the floor. "Surrender that sweet ass and I'll go easy" he growled. Timmy quickly obeyed and turned on to all fours. His sweet, pear shaped ass was in the air for the taking and the brute did not dissapoint. He spat first and ran his fingers alon the rim of Timmy's trembling ass "you want it don't you?: he asked "y-y-y-yes" tremblemd Timmy and with that the Brute plunged his rod into the young studs beckoning ass. First only short pushes as the hole initally resisited but with each thrust the hole relaxed more and more and the big, thick rod slid inside.

The brute began thrusting stronger and deeper and Timmy lost control "That's it fuck me!!!!" he moaned "Let that monster explode inside me" he added. That was all the Brute needed to hear as began thrust faster and faster until the time cam. Timmy's body tensed as he felt the rod inside him ebgin to harden and shake. The brute then arched his back and yelled "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" as he shot stream after stream of hot cum into Timmy's sweet ass.

With that Timmy fell to the floor his body still pulsing. He barely had enough time to recove when teh Brute flipped him over and took Timmy's cock in his hands. "Your turn" the brute smiled and with that he turned and presented his huge ass for the fucking. Timmy couldn't wait to pound the ass in front of him so he quickly got onto his knee and took the brute ass.

His dick getting harder and wetter, Timmy slowly slid his young cock into the big ass in front of him. As his dick disppaeraed into the brutes hole it was clenched hard and tight "Give it to me" barked the brute so timmy obliged. The big ass bounced harder and harder off Timmy's young fame as he slowly lost control and then "aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" yelled Timmy as he shot his load into the brutes hole.

As he lay they lay there on the ground Timmy new he'd have to come back to his club again soon.
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3 years ago
great story.