Young man surrender's his asshole

Joe was 50 weighed about 130kg had a big beer belly. Mark was 21 weighed abut 70kg and had a tight ass covered by some sports shorts. The rules were simple if Mark lasted 5 minutes wrestling against Joe he got $1,000 if not he got his sweet ass fucked.

Both men in loin cloths with Joe's belly pouring out over the edges and barely hiding his short, fat, hard dick. Mark's cloth hid a some sweet cheeks thta you could just see when he moved. A lean 19 year old muscular body. If he were to lose the fuck would be sweet.

As they neared the final 2 minutes Mark had done well but was weakening with each blow. Joe layed an impressive move that flattened Mark and with that he removed Mark's cloth to reveal a soft white skinned ass and a sweet looking dick that was semi-hard. You sensed it wasn't long before the killer blow came and sure enough it did.

Joe smack Mark onto the mat taking the wind out of him. Joe moved in for the kill. Mark struggled to get of Joe's grip as he slowly tightened his bear arms around the seet yung things body but Mark was too weak. It was time. As Mark struggled with his last bits of energy Joe removed his own cloth to show his hard, fat cock glistening with pre cum. Mark let out one last squirm but it was too late Joe grabbed the young piece of meat and thrust his old bonner into Mark's young ripe ass.

Mark cried out in pain as Joe began to thrust in and out of the young man's asshole. Mark's younf soft body arching as you could see the old man's fat dick plungng deeper and deeper. Then it came......... "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" screamed Mark which was Joe's sign that he was ready to finally submit and with that the old man slid his wet dick out of Mark's sweet young arse and lay on his back.

Mark got up on to his knees and then Joe barked "come eat daddy!" and with that Mark reluctantly made his way to the bulging crutch and gut in front of him. Joe then grabbed his head and buried his old sweaty shaft into Mark's mouth. Not only was Mark tasting his own asshole but his face was also buried in this fat mans groin.

After a few minutes Joe lifted Mark's head and guide him to ride his shaft. What a beautiful sight it was a young, tender body riding a fat, hairy one. The old man then took Mark by his waist and rammed his sweer arse down on to hsi cock with greater and greater f***e until Mark took over ramming himself with now frenzied excitement.

The old man took Mark's stiff young cock ni his hand and wanked it with his big thick bear hands that had claimed the prize only a few minutes earlier. As Mark continued to ride the old man he then arched his back and his sweet young cokc shoot cum onto the old man's body "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" he screamed as it shot out. The old man stopped wanking him and said "time to finish the meal" and with that he flung Mark of him and on to his back the man then walked over to mark until his dick and balls were over his face "open that sweet mouth" he ordered and squatted down onto Mark's face.

He plowed his old thick cock into the young mans mouth, plunging deeper and deeper with each dip until finally "fuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah" the old man yelled as you saw his body jolt as he shot his load into the young man's mouth. "Maybe next time boy" Joe said triumphantly as he emptied the last drops of his laod.

And with that Joe walked away leaving Mark spent and with cum dripping out of his arse and mouth.....ready for his next try.
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3 months ago
great story hope you are going to carry it on
4 years ago
Thank you thatt was very good i'd like tobe mark and get my ass filled with joes cock thanks