The Fuck Game

I had gone to a club where they had different fantasy nights. For a small fee you got to role play and get a good fucking too.

It was hunters vs prey. The game was simple. The hunters were a gang of older men who wanted younger asses to fuck and the prey were young guys who had to try and out last them. The idea was to last as long as you could so as to limit the number of big guys you would get fucked by as the numbers where about 4 to 1 in favour of the hunters and once you were caught you could fucked by whoever found you. I was young enough to be "prey" and the thought of getting ravaged by strangers made my dick rock hard.

We marched into a room which had been made into a maze for us to run and hide with. All of us down to our jock straps - there were 7 of us and you could see all of us had hard-ons. A voice came over the speaker "hunters enter" then from another door enter and in walked about 20 older men - about 40+ - all completely naked and with hard ons at the ready. They turned and faced us. "The rules are simple" the voice said "run into the maze." "The longer you last the less likely your are to get gang fucked" the voice continued "Once you are cornered you must submit" it paused "For your viewing pleasure we will show the orgies as they happen in the fuck zone" and with that a big screen activated showing the area where the hunters would enjoy the fruits of the spoils of capture.

“You have a 30 second head start” sounded the voice and a siren sounded and off we went into the maze. I wanted to get caught and fucked but not straight away so I ran into one of the corners as fast as I could. “Let the hunt commence” boomed the voice and with that the game was on. After a few minutes a siren sounded and sure enough on the screen appeared two hunters carrying a young stud back for the fuck. A huge cheer rung out over the maze. They stood the young man up and ripped off his jocks to reveal his hard cock and then the chant started “suck, suck suck!” and with that they f***ed the young man to his knees. One of the two hunters then grabbed the young man by the head and buried his hard cock into the young man’s mouth and with that a huge roar erupted. After a few seconds the other hunter then grabbed the young man and f***ed him onto all fours. The hunter raised his arms into the air and the chat started “fuck him” and without delay the hunter impaled the young man who writhed in a mix of joy and pain and with that the game was back on and I kept moving all the time looking back at the screen to watch the fucking that was taking place.

Over the next few minutes a few more studs were brought in for the fucking and as the orgy on the screen grew I got more and more distracted wondering when my time would come and then it happened I ran face on into a hunter. Fairly chubby with a big thick dick that was as hard as I had ever seen one. “Your mine” he smiled as he grabbed me and f***e me out into the fuck zone. On the way out another hunter appeared out of another corner and followed saying “I’ll get some of that” “sure buddy” said the other hunter and with that I was on my way to the orgy.

Within seconds they had me naked and the first guy put my legs into the missionary position and said “just relax, your mine now” and with that he slid his thick cock into my asshole. The initial pain was soon overtaken by pleasure. As he began thrusting his firm cock in and out the other guy crawled over to my face and placed his cock into my mouth and I took it. I could tase his sweat mixed with cum as his older thick meat filled my mouth. “Yeahh” both hunters moaned.

Then, the guy who caught me looked down to me and smiled while he exclaimed I release my catch to the group !” and with that he arched his back and yelled “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” as he i felt his dick throb and shoot cum into ym hungry asshole. He quickly slid out and walked away to watch another group and before I could even think the guy who had his cock in his mouth quickly replaced him while another hunter came over from another group and replaced him at my mouth.
Within minutes I had felt this second cock throb in my ass and he too filled it with hot cum.

The guys who was t my mouth was a pretty chubby guy and as he slid his dick out of my mouth I waited for teh inevitable visit to my cum dripping ass when he smiled and said "ever fucked a fat ass before" "No" I said shyly. Then to my surpirse he moved his balls to my mouth and said "kiss them and you'll get to" and with that I sucked his balls. After a few minutes he lived up to his promise and wne down on all fours offering his fat ass to me. I immediatley buried my hard dick into it.

As we thust together another hunter made his way over and exclaimed "hunter getting fucked" I looked at him nervously not sure what to think and then it happened. Within a few seconds I was surrounded by another three hunters all stroking their cocks as I fucked the ripe fat ass in front of me. "You will not come in that ass" barked one of the hunters and as I looked at him nervously he grabbed my shoulders and thrust me to the ground.

The fat guy I ws fucking grabbed my dick in his firm hands and began tugging away, the otehr three all stood around me stroking their cocks. "Ready to go swimming boy?!" It ws then I realised I was about to cop my firt cum shower. The thought of it made me so hard I lost control of my load and squirted it all over my self.

With that the fat guy stood up and the other hunter said "owner first" and with that he shot a massive laod from his dick and covered my chest and some of my face. Then the other three closed in on me and one by one let there massive loads of cume shoot onto my face leaving me coverd in a pool of cum as well as it still dripping from my asshole.

By the end of the game all 7 of us studs had been fucked by at least 3 men and were dripping with cum. As we all walked to the showers the voice over then said “hope you enjoyed yourselves …hope to see you next time….

If this made you as horny as it made me go to my tribute in the video section – make one dedicated to me and I’ll tell the next chapter
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Wow Joesal that was so hot I jack offwhile I was reading your story it was hot I'd like to do that sometime