First time with a shemale

I must have been 16 back in the day, but I always looked older so it didn't really affect anyone's judgement in the sex world that I had loved since I can remember jerking off for the first time.
I was walking the streets of Amsterdam that day, the Red light Disctrict looked like paradise on earth, all those hot hot girls smiling and telling you to come in...I don't even know how much they wanted, I didn't care, just walking in those tiny streets and seeing those creatures was more than enough.

There pretty much everything there, from the porn starlet straight from Poland to the big Colombian mama with tits falling to her knees, all of them special in their own way I guess.

So here I am, walking and finding my self say "No thank you" to girls that I knew I would never ever meet in real life and to who I don't really see myself saying "no thanks" to many things in a real life situation, but that place isn't real life.

But there she was tight small Asian girl, I don't know if my memories are playing games, but I remember her really really cute and splendid... As usual she offered me to come inside her room with a delightful smile, again I said my typical "No thanks" but than came a BANG "No! I like you, I want you...For free!". I was shocked! "What?", she asked to come closer and said again "I want a good time and for you its free"...
Even back at that age I wasnt stupid, I knew nothing in life is for free and was actually thinking that the lady must have seen I'm a tourist and was looking to rob something, but I was confident...As I usually am, "let's see what she really wants" I thought to my self and as I walked in slowly I saw what she was wearing, a tight tiny ass exploding in a mini skirt with dark stockings...Looked like she had really small tits but her lips and that ass just drove me crazy...
She showed me a door at the end of her room and said "Don't make too much noise, if they know I do for free I'll be in trouble".
We talked a bit, she was from Indonesia,always smiling...In the middle of a conversation she sat on the bed with me standing in front of her, "I want your cock babe!" she said will grabing my cock throught my pants and started right away opening my pants....

93% (8/1)
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3 months ago
great story
2 years ago
this story is just hypnotizing me to read more... and the i want to meet you.... waaaaaaah! finish the next part...
2 years ago
2 years ago
O(K you goty attention now write therest of the story