Dawn and julie part 2

So here I was 15 yrs old, I had been fucking Dawn, fucking her s****r Julie and her Mom and Dad as well all for the past year. It was a hot summer day in mpls.
and me and Dawn decided to go swimming in her above ground, piss yellow, tin with white braces and blue liner swimming pool from Sears. The pool had a cover over it and for some reason we thought it would be fun to fuck around in the pool with the cover on and fuck around is just what we did.
It didn't take long before we were butt naked. dawn stroken me off and me with a hand full of tittys and a mouth full of nipple when the cover opened and it was Julie "what are you guys doing" she said and as I looked up Dawn said "FUCKING NOW GO AWAY" NO I'm getting in Julie said. So she climed in and long behold as me and Dawn were getting it on Julie started stroking my cock. I could feel her big juggs pressed against my back as one hand was on my cock and the other was massageing my balls.Can you belive this a 3 way with s****rs..HOLY FUCK PABLO!!
At one point Dawn was going under water to suck my cock and I was sucking Julies Big cans. Fianally one of them said okay I had enough lets take a shower and we all got out.
We went into mom and dads master bathroom with the his and hers shower heads and we all took a shower. I got to wash them both as the girls did not touch eachother. after drying off we went into mom and dads room to the king size bed where I layed down with dawn and we began making out when I heard Julie say "God you guys I want some" and as me and dawn were kissing Julie began sucking my cock. I asked dawn "don't you care if I have sex with your s****r"? And she said "I don't care do what ever you want" then Dawn went down to share my cock with her s****r who were taking turns sucking me off. This was only the beginning, After they came back up it was my turn to suck some pussy and thats exactly what I did with my tonuge tag teaming both pussys until I looked up and WHAT THE FUCK they were kissing and sucking each others tits!!!! I opened up Dawns legs and slid my rock hard cock in her and as I was fucking her Julie got up and put her tits in my face when Dawn grabed her leg and pulled Julie on to her face. There Julie was riding her older s****rs face as I sucked her tits and fucked Dawn.
Julie Then got off of Dawn and said It was her tun to fuck so she bent over and I fucked her soaking sloppy wet pussy as she buryied her face in Dawns pussy.
Suddenly Dawn jumped up as I thought maybe somthing was wrong but nope she was ready to cum so she put her wet pussy in my mouth and as she took her finger and played with her clit she began to gush. Both my hand were grabbing her ass to bury my mouth into her pussy as I sucked the cum out of her and at same time pounding Julie from behind. No sooner was she finished and Julie bagan to yell out OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! I'M GUNNA CUM and when she I could feel her warm jusies running off my cock and balls. i pounded her a little more when it was my turn to cum so as i pulled out to throw a snack on Julies Back Dawn took it in her mouth and sucked me dry like so many times before.
I asked them about doing eachother and they said they been do this for a long time but just secretly..Stay tuneded there is more to cum
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2 years ago
Hmmm.. Nice!! More to come? pls do.. lol Cheers!