More Charley and one more gloryhole

The next week was so busy I hardly came up for air, but in my few spare moments
I daydreamed of my adventurous night with Ruth and Charley. Three things kept
popping into my thoughts: Ruth's gloriously fine big ass with my dick in it as
she sucked Charley's giant prick; the feel of his big dick sliding in and out
of my mouth; and the incredible sensation of anonymous sex having my dick sucked at my 1st glory hole. I beat my meat 3 or 4 times that week standing up
in my dressing room, cumming in seconds reliving in my mind the outrageous new
sexuality opened up before me.

I was still a little ashamed and embarassed about Charley, but when I got home
Friday night he'd left me a little package. A note read 'Don't feel bad, dude,
it's all good.' Inside was a fat doobie and a bottle of poppers. I kicked
back on the sofa, drank some whiskey while smoking the pot, and thinking about
things. Still somewhat embarassed of Charley, the anonymous blowjob thought
started making me erect and horny. A few more shots of Jack Daniels got my
courage up and I decided to try another trip to the Adult Video.

I guess 11PM is rush hour at the peeps, cause when I got there the parking lot
was full, and after I got $10 worth of quarters, the aisle to the booths was also crowded. Most booths were open, though, the guys seemed to just hang around the entrance checking out new arrivals. It took all my liquid courage
to brush past all these guys, but I managed to make it to a middle booth, close
and lock the door. The narrow booth had the heady aroma of sex and cum and
poppers all at the same time. It brought out a lusty feeling in me.

Someone stepped into the booth to my right as I slipped in several quarters. I
opened up the poppers and took a big hit as a really bad porn movie started up
just a few feet from my face. A great rush came in waves over me and I dropped
my pants to start squeezing and jacking my cock. I noticed a hole in both sides
of the booth as the one from my right went dark. A head was blocking the hole
as he checked out my dick. I tried to give him a show by bending it down, letting it spring back up, and shaking it with my fist.

Soon he stuck 2 fingers thru the hole, beckoning for my cock. This was what I'd
been waiting for. I quickly stood and put my dick close to his face. He first
reached thru and gently jacked me off, apparently enjoying the feel of my cock
in his hand. Someone else stroking your cock feels wonderful, whether it's man
or woman, and he had a gentle touch that got me rock hard. He tugged my cock
thru the hole, and started licking the precum off my dickhead, then sucking just
the head. God, it felt good.

He then gave me one of the best blow jobs I've had to this day. Ever so slowly
he sucked up and down my shaft, going a little deeper with every thrust. His
mouth was juicy and wet and warm, and I could feel he had a moustache that
tickled a little. It really felt like a willing pussy and the sensation was
quickly taking me to the edge. All I could do was stand there with my head
against the rough plywood of the booth, and revel in the sweet feeling of his
warm mouth.

Someone had entered the booth on my other side, but I could care less, I felt
entranced by the blow job I was enjoying. I jumped slightly, though, when I felt a touch on my bare ass. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the new neighbor
had reached across the narrow booth through the hole and was caressing my ass.
I still didn't care, fucking that wet mouth was making me totally uninhibited,
so when he reached under to cup my big balls I was in heaven. I began pumping
the hairy mouth-pussy, the hand receded then returned to tickle my asshole with
a wet finger. I'd never felt anything so good. He stuck that wet, thick finger
up my hole to the first knuckle, wriggled it around then in and out, and I came
like I never had before. It seemed to come in ropy, long spurts. The anonymous
mouth never let up, greedily sucking my sperm and continuing after. He came off
my cock only after it started to soften. I disengaged from the finger in my
ass and sank back on the bench, totally spent.

My new neighbor almost immediately stuck his hard prick thru the hole, but by now I was slightly disgusted with myself and tired of this place. Zipping up
my pants, though, I admired his cock and squeezed it once to feel its girth. It
was thicker than mine, though not as long, and it looked nice to me, but I'd had
enough of this and left it sticking thru the hole as I exited.

Gulping some clean, fresh air in the parking lot, I thought about that cock and
almost returned, but said "not tonight", as I drove off. A couple blocks up the
road I noticed Charley's very distinctive '69 GTO behind me. At the next light
he pulled up beside me, with a guy I'd never seen in the passenger seat. "This
is Dan", Charley said, "C'mon over to my place for a drink and a smoke. I want
to talk to you." As it was on the way home I replied "Sure," though I was
still sated and tired.

Seated in his den, after some tequila shots and a few bowls of Maui Wowee, I felt re-invigorated. We swapped jokes and stories for awhile and I noticed Dan
staring at me whenever I looked his way. I finally asked "What the fuck?" and
he shocked me with his answer: "That was my finger in your ass and my dick you
stroked in the arcade." Charley cracked up laughing at his bluntness, taking
the edge off my embarassment. "I saw your car outside and knew that had to be
you in that booth, but you didn't see me as you left", Charlie said. "Dan came
out right after and we had to rush to catch up to you." He continued, "Hope
you don't feel bad about last weekend. Did you get my package?"

"Yeah, you fucker", I replied, "that buzz you gave me is the reason I went to
that sleazy place tonight". "Guess I ought to thank you for that." We all
three started laughing at that and the ice was broken for good. Dan said,
"Hope you liked my dick, Joe, cause I'm horny as hell and I want to get started
if we're going to." With that, he stood, unzipped, and pulled his hard dick,
including his balls out of his jeans. With his meat sticking out thru his
clothes, I was reminded of the glory hole sex and immediately got turned on.

"Damn, Charley," I said, "You get more pussy than anyone I know, yet you still
have time for all this gay stuff." "Don't knock it", he replied, " you know you
like it or you wouldn't still be here." I couldn't argue with that, and as my
jeans were getting suddenly tight, I rose and pulled out my now hard dick.
Charley did the same and we all 3 met in the center of the room. We rubbed our
cocks against each other's and the smell of lust was in the air. Charley's dick
was by far bigger than ours. His was probably 10 inches long and very thick,
the same ample girth all the way to the end of the blunt head. Dan's was no
more than 6 inches with a nice thickness and a bulbous mushroom head. My cock
is more slim, about 7 inches with a very big red head.

After some jacking and jerking, things heated up and we shed all our clothes.
Charley passed around a joint and more poppers and we got down to business. I
liked the sight of Dan's cock so much, I went down on him as he sat on the sofa.
Meanwhile, Charley straddled Dan while standing on the couch and fed Dan his
massive penis. I could hear Dan slurping as he struggled to fit that big dick
in his mouth. I remembered that feeling and enjoyed the smaller size of Dan's,
I actually worshipped his smaller cock, relishing the fact I could fit it all
in my mouth. I slobbered on it and tried to give him a blow job as good as the
one I'd gotten in the booth only an hour before. I guess it worked, cause after
just a few moments he clenched my ears and pumped several spurts into my mouth.
I swallowed some, liking the taste, then dribbled the rest into my hand, using
it for lube as I watched Dan finish Charley off into his mouth.

We kicked back and relaxed for a time, but I kept stroking my cock with the
lube of Dan's cum. Charley noticed my inflamed boner and said, "C'mon back
here, I've got another surprize." He lit a candle in his spare bedroom and
showed us his very own glory hole setup. He'd drilled a hole in the closet door
for just this purpose. He stepped into the closet and spoke thru the hole. "Give me that cock, Joe." I couldn't resist and as Charley sucked and
licked Dan's sperm off my cock, Dan dropped to his knees behind me to lick and
tongue-fuck my asshole. He then moistened his thick middle finger and slowly
inserted the whole thing into my tight ass. He must have massaged my prostate,
because I immediately shot my load into Charley's mouth. I could hear him
swallow it as I hugged that closet door in ecstasy. I left soon after, being
fucked out and tired, but it seemed the two of them were still going strong,
as Dan said, "I want to try that glory hole next."
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2 years ago
hot, I wish it was chaley sheen for real....
4 years ago
great story
4 years ago
love your stories manxx
4 years ago
This was so good i had to jackoff and almost did it twice thanks that was great
4 years ago
Wow you guys are really hot thanks