On the way home from Ruth's, Charley said, "Dammit, I'm still horny." "How
could you be?", I asked. "If you don't believe me, just look", he replied.
He unzipped and pulled out that big cock and, sure enough, it was hard again.
"What does it take you to calm down", I asked. "Pull in here and I'll show you,
he replied. It was a strip mall with a 24-hour adult book store. I figured he
was wanting a stroke book, but he was to surprize me yet again.

He pulled out the vial of poppers, and we both took a big hit, and all of a
sudden I'm also hard and ready again. He said, "follow me" and I walked behind
as he went to the counter for a $10 roll of quarters and led me thru a dark
hallway to the back video booths. This was another first for me, and he ex-
plained you could get a blow job thru the 'glory holes' in the booths. We took
opposite sides of the aisles, and I went in, locked the door and sat down. The
little booth smelled of sex and kinda turned me on a little just being there.
I saw the hole and as I bent forward to drop some quarters noticed the booth
next door was empty. The video started up, and though there was a choice, all
of them were gay. I'd never seen two men together and I was mesmerized by the
way they were worshiping cocks. My dick got hard again and I pulled out to
stroke it when I heard someone step in next door.

I was nervous, but excited. A hand came thru the hole offering me poppers!
What the hell, I thought, and took a big snort in each nostril. The rush was
incredible and my dick seemed to pulse in my hand, growing larger and redder.
My neighbor then stuck two fingers thru the hole, beckoning my cock. Rising to
my feet, I stuck my dick thru and into a warm, wet mouth. It felt so good, at
first all I could do was stand motionless as the anonymous stranger licked and
sucked my dick. Soon I started thrusting in and out of that hot mouth, and I
could feel the back of his throat clenching on my cockhead. I came, shuddering, and fell back onto the bench, totally satiated.
88% (21/3)
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3 years ago
Horny but to short
4 years ago
now thats what i need tobe sucked off thanks
4 years ago