Ruth and Charley - continued

Ruth then rose above the surface of the water, exclaiming, "Look what that did
to my nipples." She had been nude the whole time, and her nipples were so
swollen they looked the size of my thumb, but dark in color. Charley and I
couldn't resist...both of us bending to suck those glorious nipples as if they
were giving milk. At the same time, I was feeling her ass and tickling her
puckered little asshole, and could feel Charley's hands playing with her hairy
pussy. Ruth was busy, too, gripping and squeezing our dicks thru the swim
trunks. "Slow down, boys, let's enjoy this", she said. "I want to say a few
things". We all sat back in the hot tub - I was turgid with lust and could tell
so was Charley. "I want us all to be best friends", Ruth explained, "Charley
has the biggest dick I've ever seen, but Joe has the best fit in my ass. I
want both of you inside me tonight."

I was floored at her words, but was so horny by this time I'd have fucked a
cowboy boot. Ruth led us out of the hot tub to the cabana, seating Charley
in a chair, then kneeling in front of him helping him wiggle out of his trunks.
"Watch a while, Joe, then join in" she said. She grabbed that huge dick with
both hands, then licked the head before taking a few inches of it in her mouth.
Charley came in her mouth very soon, I could hear her swallow the cum, but she
kept sucking and his cock never lost its size or hardness.

Meanwhile, I stripped off my wet trunks and was slowly stroking the biggest
hard on I'd ever had, watching her head bob up and down on that big dick. I
noticed her pussy clenching in and out, oozing juice, and couldn't help get
down to lick that creamy discharge. It tasted sweet and delicious. I then
moved up to her asshole, licking it, then pushing my tongue in as far as possible. Her hole clenched and unclenched on my tongue and I could hear her
moan "God that's good" when she came up for air on Charley's cock.

I couldn't stand it any more, and rose on my knees sliding my dick into that
tight wet hairy pussy. I've always had a big cock head, but it felt the size
of an apple that night as I stroked in and out. It wasn't long before I came
in 8 or 9 big spurts, feeling like all my insides were coming out the head of
my cock. As I kept stroking, my cum was running out her pussy and down her
big thighs. I heard Charley come again, too, and Ruth sucked it all down like
it was her favorite food.

Time for a break. We all kicked back on the comfortable furniture, imbibing on
some more tequila and pot, feeling like kings after such great sex. Ruth play-
fully asked "have either of you had sex with another man before?" I said no,
but was surprized when Charley said "Sure, lots of times. I'm horny all the
time and I'm not about to count out half the population." He laughed when he
said it, but I got the feeling he wasn't k**ding. "I want you both for myself
tonight", Ruth said, "but maybe we'll try that another time." I couldn't believe what I was hearing from this elegant, refined woman, but in my hazy
state it didn't seem to bother me.

We were all playing with ourselves by now...I was watching Ruth tickle her clit
and slide a finger, then two, into her hairy pussy while pulling her long
nipples with the other hand. Occasionally, I would glance at Charley to see him stroking his big cock...even semi-erect it was the biggest dick I'd ever
seen. Once I noticed him push his pinky finger down into the urethra up to
the first knuckle. That would have been painful to me, but he seemed to enjoy it. I slowly stroked my dick until the head got red and inflamed. I was stiff
as a board, and Ruth said, "Damn, you two have nice cocks."

She then pulled out some cushions, and laid Charley on his back, mounting him
and sliding up and down. He was cupping her breasts, thrusting and moaning.
Ruth then bent forward, saying "C'mon, Joe, give me what I want." As they
faced me, I walked forward and said, "lube me up first, Ruth." She giggled,
then started sucking and slurping on my cock, still fucking Charley like mad.

As I fucked her wet, open mouth, I was surprized when Charley leaned up and
started licking my balls! This great sensation was followed by a greater one
when he lifted higher and tongued my asshole. It was almost too much, before i
came on the spot I disengaged, walked behind and tried to fit my cock into
Ruth's puckered little asshole. Her cunt was distended with Charley's beer-can
sized dick and I wouldn't have gotten in except for the copious saliva on my
cockhead from Ruth's mouth. Squeezing in at last, it once again felt like the
o-ring and gloved hand sensation of before, with the addition of feeling a big
cock thru the walls of her anus. Ruth began coming immediately, grunting and
moaning with excess pleasure. Charley and I seemed to squirt simultaneously,
I could feel his big dick spurt, and it made me cum at the same time.

We were all spent and exhausted. Ruth said, "I wish we could do this again, but
it's 2 in the morning and I have to meet with lawyers in the morning. Please
come back next week." After dressing, she walked Charley and I to the door.
She was still naked, and after all these years I can still see her big tits
swaying and her perfect ass atop those big thighs. Ruth was wonderful.

Charley and I had one more adventure on the way home...more to come.
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3 days ago
Damn! That's what I call a great time.
4 years ago
o m g that was great now if you don't mind i'm going to finish what i started ok thats better looking forward to reading more of this
4 years ago