Ruth and Charley

Ruth invited Charley and I over for dinner the next weekend, and I was sort of
disappointed he was coming - I wanted her to myself. I had thought about our
experience all week and must have jacked off at least 10 times thinking about
it. Usually while sniffing the panties she'd left behind, imagining her big
ass in the air with my cock pumping in and out of it.

Charley rode with me, and surprized me twice on the way over. First that Ruth
was rich - her husband had been the CEO of a major local company. And second,
that she had told him about our wild night of sex. Turns out he was one of the
very few she'd had besides her husband, though it had been years ago. Hubby
had been suspicious, before his illness, and Ruth had cut Charley off.

Wow. Charley was right about her wealth. The winding drive we turned into was
immaculately landscaped and led to a 3-story mansion. Ruth met us at the door,
wearing a clingy red silk dress - very sexy yet classy. The foyer was marble,
with beautiful art on every wall, sculptures and huge plantings. Ruth explained
the oversized elevator led to the upper floors and allowed her hubby's hospital
bed access. As Ruth showed us thru her beautiful home, I couldn't help admire
her outfit. The high heels she wore made her calf muscles stand out, and the
sheer dress fabric showed how small her waist compared to her big ass and thighs. The way her long nipples protruded I could tell there was no bra.

She was a perfect hostess and great cook. Charley told interesting stories of
his Navy life, and I spoke of my recent photo assignments. Ruth looked en-
chanting over the candlelight, and after dinner broke out a bottle of expensive
tequila. After more good conversation and some buzz-inducing drinks, Charley
said "I've got some great wanna?" Ruth answered "Gosh yes, but let's
go out by the pool." The pool area was as sumptuous as the rest of the estate
and Ruth invited us to change into swimsuite in the cabana so we could smoke the
joint in the large hot tub beside the pool.

As we were undressing, Charley exclaimed "Damn, that woman turns me on...wish
I'd known she was getting it on again." He pulled down his pants and the
biggest cock I'd ever seen popped out. It was the size of a beer can, the head
the same size as the shaft, even to the end of it. "Damn, Charley", I laughed,
"put that thing away before you hurt somebody." "I need to hurt somebody", he
replied, "I'm horny as a goat." He shook it a few times for emphasis, and I was
in total awe of such a big dick. No wonder Charley got laid all the time. I
noticed pre-cum oozing out of the head of that big dick, even dripping on the
tile. I'd never been attracted to a man before, but that big cock was fascin-
ating me, and gave me a hard on as I pulled up the borrowed trunks.

At the hot tub, Ruth was already in up to her neck and said, "I'm glad you two
aren't shy", pointing to our bulging trunks as we got in. I realized that Ruth
had set this whole thing up, and wanted us all together. Charley fired up the
joint, and after passing it back and forth awhile, said, "I brought another
surprize", and showed us a small, dark bottle of amyl nitrate. Neither Ruth or
I had ever done it, so Charley showed us how, explaining "it gives you an incredible rush." We all three hit the little bottle and boy was he right. I
felt my heart pumping and my dick expanded to a size like never before. Ruth
must've felt the same way as all she could say was, "Goddamn, I feel sexy".
80% (10/3)
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good continuation
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Now you've got my attention hope there alot more