Alice's Story - as told by her Mom

To set the scene, it was Saturday morning, about 10 AM, and having just fucked Alice's Mom twice, she lay back on the sofa naked as she told her tale.
I sat in a plush armchair directly across from her, amazed I had never noticed how sexy and hot she is. Generous, D-cup titties with very puffy pink nipples, a tiny waist over ginormous hips, which surrounded a deliciously hairy V-shaped crotch. I could see the bl**d-engorged lips of her cunt were slippery and wet from our previous fucking, and as she spoke she dropped her hand to pinch and rub her clit, which soon grew to very large proportions.

"Alice was always sexually precocious," she began. "Even as a tiny girl I would have to make her stop rubbing herself in public thru her little dresses. She would lock herself in the bathroom for long periods and I could hear her gasping and grunting with orgasms. I made her stop locking the door, but she only became slyer about her masturbation, sneaking off to the wooded corner of our property or under the tarp of our boat. My kitchen window was up high above the basement, so I could see right in the boat when she climbed in, though when she went to the woods I had to use the binoculars I kept handy. At first I only watched to make sure she was safe, but soon my own pussy would get wet in sympathy for hers."

Mom paused to take a sip of her martini, then continued. "She would pull up her dress, then rub her pussy thru her panties with her legs spread wide. She would use one finger then two to slide into the groove her wet panties made,
then buck and hunch her hips until I could tell she was cumming. Every time after this she would poke a finger down her panties, then bring it up to her face to sniff then lick off the wetness. She was a real gusher - when I washed clothes her fresh-worn panties were full of a gushy clear liquid, the older pairs were crusted. I never disturbed her, thinking it harmless fun, and she couldn't help her horniness, hell, I was horny too with my husband gone so much, and masturbated at least twice a day myself, sometimes while watching her do it."

"I remember just after she turned 12, it got a little different," Mom continued. "I would find a carrot or a banana in her bed, crusted the same way as her panties. She also went deeper into the woods, where I couldn't see what she was doing. Of course this made me curious, so one day I slowly walked out to see what she was doing. I slipped thru the trees to a real shock - Alice was
on her knees sucking the big red cock of Tommy, whom I had thought of as a little k**, but not now. He was seated on a stump, shirtless with his jeans at his ankles. He was probably only 16 or 17, but his physique was becoming quite manly due to farm work and football. Tanned and muscular, his eyes were closed as she bobbed up and down on his lap until he gasped 'I'm cumming, drink it, Al'. She did just that, I could see her throat pumping and swallowing. After licking and kissing the big head of his cock, she jumped up pulling her dress over her head, saying 'It's my turn now, Tom, you promised to lick me.' Alice was naked under the dress, and I was surprized to see how her titties had grown, and the spread of her bottom. Most surprizing, though, was the blond hair that now covered her pussy. It was V-shaped and very thick, and it seemed such a short time ago it was completely hairless."

"They traded places, and as she leaned back on the stump, he dropped to his knees in front of her to lick and suck her little gash. In no time, she came. Once, twice, then a third time, moaning and chanting 'mmmm Oh God yes, Oh God yes', as she grabbed his head to pull it deeper between her legs. She let go after the third gushing, and he rose giggling at all the juice she had left on his mouth, chin and nose. It was actually dripping on his muscular chest until he wiped it off with his hand. I moved quietly back the way I came, and was flushed when I got to the house. I couldn't believe my little girl was already sucking cock, and I masturbated furiously as I watched out the kitchen window for her return."

"I used the wooden handle of a serving spoon on, then in, my pussy as I thought of Tommy's gorgeous dick darting in and out of Alice's mouth, though now I imagined it in MY mouth. I resolved to keep him away from my daughter, but truthfully I wanted him for myself. His body, and his dick, were like catnip to my still-young pussy and I came hard thinking about it. As I finished, I could see Alice returning and quickly washed and put away the spoon.
'What's for dinner, Ma?' was all she said as she flounced into the house. Not waiting for a reply, she went straight to the bathroom, apparently to clean herself up."

"The very next day, I watched Alice slip into the woods, and followed after awhile to take up my 'spy post'. She was sucking his cock as before, but this time she rose, stripped her dress and using it as a pad for her knees knelt over the stump with her big-for-her-age ass in the air. I was about to stop this fucking, but Alice said, 'Only in the ass, Tom, I won't get pregnant.' She
reached back to spread her cheeks while Tommy knelt behind her to some of her gush on his dickhead. He then slipped it in her asshole with an ease that let me know he'd done it before. 'God that's good, she mumbled, then met each of his thrusts with one of her own. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, til she cried 'mmmmm I'm cumming'. 'Me too, Tommy cried, and they went at it fast and furious for a few seconds until they both grunted loudly and came at almost the same time. Satisfied that my little girl was not fucking yet, I slipped back to the house and masturbated again, still thinking of Tommy's dick."

I had to ask the question now, "Did you ever fuck Tommy?"

She paused as if to ask herself whether or not to tell me, then went on. "Yes I did, but not like I planned. Plans never work, you know. My husband came back about that time and he and I acted like we were on a Honeymoon, fucking everywhere, all the time. Occasionally I would think of Tom while fucking my husband, but my husband has a really nice, big dick for such a small man, and he satisfied me completely. I stopped spying on Alice for a while, and a year or so later Tommy got drafted and the next time I saw him, he was home on leave before going to war. He never made it back." Mom was starting to tear up at this, but shook her head to continue. "He stopped by, looking so handsome in his uniform. Everyone was gone but me, and he started to leave, but I pulled him into the house and seduced him on the spot. I dropped to my knees in front of him and pulled his big dick out of his uniform slacks and sucked him to a quick orgasm, swallowing every drop, then kept sucking until he was hard again. In no time, he had me undressed and was fucking me on the carpet. We fucked all over the house that day...he probably had four orgasms...I probably had twelve. He left not ten minutes before Alice returned, but I think he accomplished more than he came for and was quite happy when he left. Alice, though, was angry at me for several days for letting him leave. I've always wondered if she knew what happened, tho, I'm sure the whole house smelled of pussy and raw sex."

"Kinda like this one does now," she said, licking a middle finger then pushing it up her pussy as far as it would go. She added another finger. I was hard as an iron bar now, between the stories and the sight of her only wearing a garter belt and hose fingering her wet pussy. I slowly pulled on my dick as she slid her big beautiful ass down to the edge of the couch, inviting me to "come on over here and fuck me." I slid off the chair onto my knees, then crawled over to lick the juice from around her wet fingers as they darted in and out from her pussylips. She moved her hand to the back of my head and pulled it forward to bury my nose and lips in that fragrant, hairy bush. I licked and sucked for a short time until she shuddered with a long 'Ooooooooh', as she came with a gush over my face.

I raised up now to place the red mushroom head of my distended cock between her puffy wet pussylips, then thrust inside her as lust overtook me. Hunching hard against her clit, I fucked hard and fast for several minutes until we both came at the same time, both of us gushing - me inside her delightfully tight pussy, and her all over my pubic hair and balls. I was soaked with her juice.

"That was delicious", she said after we had enjoyed the after-soak awhile.
"Let me clean you up, then I'll finish my story." She then rose and walked that Marilyn Monroe-ish walk of hers into the bathroom. Her truly huge and beautiful buttocks swaying side to side made my dick twinge, and I vowed to get into that once more before I left that day. She returned with a warm, wet towel to push me to the far end of the sofa where she gently washed my wet cock and balls til she felt my growing dick might get out of hand again. "Dear boy, you are a swordsman, but let me finish my story. We can play while I speak." At this, she leaned back on the opposite end of the sofa. Both of us propped up on pillows, we could view each other's naked bodies and we both began masturbating as she resumed her memories of Alice.

"Boys were swarming Alice like flies to honey by age 14," she said. "Maybe because she got an 'easy' reputation, but she was so pretty with her long blonde hair, and that great little body, her bubble butt was like a magnet. Anyway, I wouldn't let her date, but did let her sit in boys' cars parked under my kitchen window, and spy on her. Many times I watched from the darkened kitchen while they took off her top and bra to suck her titties. She would always give them blowjobs and swallow it while her little hand was moving furiously in her own crotch. She was apparently content with that, because I saw her give countless blowjobs, but except for Tommy I don't think anyone else ever fucked her even just in the asshole."

I could tell Alice's Mom was getting wet telling this story as her hand began making a squishy sound as it moved around her clit and pussylips. My dick was full length again as I stroked it, tho not as rock hard as before. I was stroking slowly as I enjoyed the sight of her and the tale she told.

"About this time", she continued, " I noticed a change in my Rat Bastard of a husband. He was spending a lot of time trying to build his company, but he hardly ever fucked me any more, and I knew he was getting it somewhere. My suspicion rested on his secretary, who was kinda ugly and mannish, but had a great body and dressed like a tramp. He ended up marrying that skank years later, and happily she has made his life miserable ever since. But she wasn't it as I soon found out. I left for a weekend jaunt with an out-of-town girlfriend and came back early to get the shock of my life. I wasn't due back til Sunday, but Saturday afternoon I felt bad and decided to go home early. It was dark when I pulled up and the only light was in our downstairs rec room. I thought my husband might be sl**ping, so I quietly opened the door a crack and
saw a porn video playing on the big-screen. My husband's back was to me and at first I thought he was jacking off alone, but suddenly heard 'suck it for Daddy'
come from his lips."

"I soundlessly moved into the room until I could look over his shoulder, and was shocked to see a naked Alice on her knees giving him a blow job. As you know, he's a small man - 5'6, 150 pounds, but he's got a big dick and she was gobbling it like it was a SnoCone. She was bobbing up and down, dripping spit from her mouth to lube it up and I could tell this wasn't the first time. I silently backed out and peeked thru the door crack to see how far the Rat Bastard (as he would evermore be known to me) would take this."

"Then he stood and led her by the hand to bend her over the leather sofa, I guess so he could fuck her while he kept watching the porn. He squatted down first, to lick her, and she said, 'yeah, daddy, my asshole.' He then stood to thrust his big cock all the way into her butt, obviously he'd been there before, too. This was too much for me, and I burst into the room, began pounding on his back, screaming 'You Miserable Shit-Eating No-Good Cock-Sucking
Mother-Fucking Rat Bastard!' He fled the room, and Alice sunk to the floor crying and racked with guilt. I chased him to our room, and as he dressed I packed up his clothes in a big suitcase and pushed it out the window, right thru the screen. I was still screaming and hitting at him but he never said a word, just left. "

Well, this story had taken the stiffness right out of my dick, but she had more to tell, and it wasn't long before I got that stiffness back, with interest, and another surprize was just around the corner. (2bcontinued)

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can't wait to hear more
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i was hoping for part 2 still awesome
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Please tell all of us more!!!!
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Can't wait for the next installment. Great story and told very well. Thanks for posting.
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Great story! More!! please! :)
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excellent & yes a lot more part 2, 3....