Alice - 1st Date

The following few days were frustrating because I couldn't stop thinking about Alice, yet I couldn't speak to her. I didn't know where she lived, her phone was unlisted, and at work there was never an opportunity. Our workplace was casual, everyone wore casual, soft sole shoes except Alice. I could hear the sound of her high heels hitting the tile floor from across the building. She walked slowly with a confident roll of her glorious hips, and I almost always knew where she was by the sound of her heels. She always dressed as if going out, and I would try hard to get a look at her sweet ass, even at a distance.

I'd about given up on seeing her, but found an envelope on my desk the last day before the holiday break. All it said was "New Years? Call me.", followed by a phone number and a lipstick kiss. I could tell by the lip imprint it was Alice, and got extremely excited thinking about where those lips had been. Of course I tried calling that night and many times daily over the Xmas holidays, but it just rang - no answer. Finally, the day before New Year's Eve, she picked up. She explained that she needed the time to break up with her guy, Frank, and to get him moved out of her house. "Hope you didn't make plans," she said, "because I've made reservations for us at the Maxwell House. Not the best hotel in town, but still very nice and not much chance anyone we know will see us there."

I can't tell you how happy this made me - the Millenium New Year in a fine hotel with a beautiful woman I'd been dreaming about. She wanted to meet me there, so I packed an overnite bag, slowing down only long enough to jack off thinking about her. That day I splurged on a new sport jacket, tie, slacks, and even new shoes. She was a classy lady and I wanted to look my best. I was over an hour early in my excitement, so I went on up to the room and hid my overnite stuff away, so as not to appear too anxious. I met her as she parked her car, and as she got out she flashed me with those beautiful legs encased in black hose. Her dress was a skin-tight beaded expensive-looking number in a deep blue which accented her blue eyes. As she popped the trunk she bent over to retrieve her things I took in her tiny waist and the wonderful heart shape of her ass. I was relieved to see she too had brought an overnite bag.

That evening was a blur. We had a fine meal, drank expensive cognac, and danced until the ball dropped on 2001. Still on the dance floor, we kissed deeply as the confetti and balloons dropped all around. She was giving me a
"full body hug" as we french kissed, oblivious to the crowd around us. "This just feels right," she said, "Let's go back to the room." The room was a suite on the top floor and had a sweeping view of the Nashville skyline. The snow that had fallen that day and the light snowfall now gave the view a picture-postcard quality. We made out like teenagers for awhile, but things soon got too hot and we began removing each others' clothes. Her breasts, though small, were delicious with hard, thimble sized nipples. Her belly was flat and her bush was as blonde as her hair and well trimmed. Alice grasped my raging hard dick, bent it downward and straddled it, hunching back and forth in the wetness of her pussy lips. I had to slightly bend my knees to accomodate this because of her petite size, but the feeling was delicious, and my cock was soon covered with her juice. I picked her up, sat her on the dresser, and as she spread her legs wide I placed my cockhead to her now-dripping pussy and slowly, lovingly, thrust it all the way in.

"God, I love your big dick," she said. "Fuck me slow and hard." I complied, and slowly sawed first in then out of her beautiful pussy. We soon were too hot to go slow, so I hooked her legs under my arms, picking her up to fuck her hard while standing up. She hardly weighed anything, but she was muscular as she clung to me and met my every thrust with one of her own. We both came at the same time, her with fingernails raking my shoulders, me with the many squirts of cum reserved for someone you've been waiting to fuck. I backed over to the king-sized bed and lay back with my still erect cock buried in her glorious, sweet, dripping-wet pussy.

We lay like that for awhile, catching our breath, occasionally kissing each other. My cock never went limp, getting as hard as before. Alice slowly, deliciously, slid off it and said "I've been wanting to suck it since that first time." Bending down, she licked the head slowly, slightly tonguing the tip to taste my precum, then slowly sucking as much of the shaft as she could take. Her small mouth seemed to grow, as each stroke she was able to take a little more of it in. She wasn't able to deep throat me, but got close enough, as she extended her tongue as she took it in, licking the top of my ball sack. She came up for air after awhile, but immediately scooted between my legs, parted them and began sucking and licking my balls. I was in paradise, but what she did next nearly sent me over the edge. She lifted my balls, gently, then burrowed underneath to lick and suck my asshole. I almost came at that, but she suddenly rose, spun to the reverse cowgirl position and slid up and down on my by now steel-bar of a dick.

I fondled and caressed her beautiful ass as it rode up and down on my cock, knowing this to be the best fuck of my life. She had one more surprise for me, though - she reached back and guided my dick from her sweet pussy to her asshole, crying out "Fuck my ass, Joe, fuck my ass." Her pussy had been tight, but her brown puckered hole had its own muscles, and they worked my prick as if they had been a hand, jacking up and down. No more than 2 minutes of this and I was shooting cum as if I hadn't done it for weeks. Spurt after spurt, with her grinding away, her hungry hole sucking me dry as if it had been a mouth.

We fell apart in exhaustion, but clung to each other in the love-lust feeling that is so wonderful and yet so rare. As we drifted off to sl**p, I wondered how we could possibly top this wonderful night's excitement. You see, as yet I didn't really know Alice.
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3 years ago
WOW. Very hot.
4 years ago
Very sexy nite for you - great story
4 years ago
got me good & hard excellent