It took me a long time to get into Alice. Her Dad owned the company where I worked, so she came in whenever she cared to, despite making 100K per year. I first noticed her walking away from me down the hall in a '50's style tight skirt. She dropped something (on purpose?), bent at the waist to pick it up, displaying a beautiful heart-shaped ass. She was petite, with waist-length beautiful blonde hair. She had virtually no boobs, but after ogling her sweet butt, I couldn't care less.

Working late one night, she made the first move by sliding up behind my chair and complimenting my work. We went out for a drink and she told me her long-term boyfriend wasn't treating her well. I played it cool, let her do the talking, but constantly thinking of her shapely ass in that tight skirt. Over the next couple weeks, I remained friendly but aloof and I think that's what did it - she was used to getting everything she wanted.

Walking to my car after work, I noticed her expensive BMW parked beside mine.
It was late, no one else around, and she got out wearing a full-length mink, spike heels and black hose. "Let's talk," she said, so I popped the rear door of my SUV and we sat on the rear deck. "I never date men who work for my father, but you really intrigue me."

Sitting close to me with her hand on my thigh, she asked me personal questions - was I dating anyone, had I been married and the like. She crossed her pretty legs and I was surprised to see the tops of her hose had the snap connectors of a garter belt. This is another of my fetishes and to see one this close gave me an immediate hard on. She must've felt it grow, as she moved her hand to cover it and gave it a squeeze. "Mmmm, I like this," she said, "I won't fuck you til I break up with my boyfriend, but at least let me play with it." Some men might've turned that invitation down, but not this ol' cowboy, so I stood facing her and watched her unbuckle, unzip, and pull out my cock. She seemed mesmerized, not speaking, as she gently stroked my thick 7incher with one hand, cupping my big balls with the other.

Precum started leaking out the tip, and Alice put one finger in it then placed it in her mouth. That was probably the most erotic thing I'd ever seen up to that point, and I immediately started to come. She leaned forward to catch the cum in her mouth and greedily swallowed it all. "Didn't want to get that on my coat," she said as she tucked me away and zipped me back up. "You go home now and dream about me." I was kind of in shock as she got in her car and drove away, blowing me a kiss. We'd never even been on a date, she was living with someone else, yet she'd just d***k my cum like a cheap hooker.

That was only the first of many adventures with Alice over the course of our tumultuous 3 year affair. I never really liked her, but the sex - Oh God the sex. I'm going to tell more of her stories at a later date.
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