More Surprises

Driving home after Jim dropped me off, I couldn't help but get hard again thinking about what I'd done and seen that day. I was amazed by my good fortune finding out that my buddy Jim not only liked to suck dick, but had a nice one for me to suck. I pulled out the card the stranger handed me in the woods. It read 'DUI? CALL SY!'. Another surprise - this local attorney was all over late nite TV, soliciting cheap services for divorces, wills, DUI's, anything to make a buck. I'd seen his face 100's of times, but not with a dick in his mouth. I slipped it into my wallet as I pulled into the drive, thinking maybe to call him sometime.

My wife Cheryl and I had some great sex that night, driven partly by my adventures that day, but mostly because I just love fucking my wife. Cheryl is a petite natural redhead with big-for-her-size C-cup titties and a beautiful big heart-shaped ass. The light sprinkling of freckles on her pearl white skin sets off the light red V of hair on her pussy and the hot pink nipples of her breasts. After giving her two orgasms, first missionary style then doggy style, which always makes her climax, she gave me her 'special treat'. She pulled me down beside her on my back, then went down to first suck, then lick, my balls, jacking my dick using saliva as lube. I had come this way countless times with her, but this time she gave me yet another surprise. She gently dropped one of my big balls out of her mouth, then pushed my legs up to gain access to my asshole. She first licked and sucked it, then wet a finger to circle it and gently touch it, probing just a little with the tip of her finger.
"Do you like this, honey," she asked, then gobbling my thick, hard dick with her wet mouth, slobbering down my crack to lube it as she slowly stroked her finger in and out. All I could do was moan as I shot several hot streams of cum into her mouth. She drank it down as she usually did, then smiled up at me.
"I heard men like that," she said, "now I know it's true."

I pulled her up to kiss her and licked her lips and the inside of her mouth to taste a little of my own cum. She, and it, was delicious. "Thanks, Cher," I gasped, "What made you do that?" "I just thought we needed a little change in our sex life," she replied, "We were getting too predictable." As we settled into a spoon position to drift off, I thought about Jim's offer to wife-swap and it now seemed like a possibility. His wife Lisa was totally different from Cheryl - she was big in every way - big tits, huge ass and long dark hair.
Hmmmm, I thought, this just might work out. I'd never been jealous of Cheryl, I knew she'd had many lovers before me, so thinking of Jim's big cock inside her only excited me. sl**p came as my dick started to throb thinking of it.

The plastics plant where I work is big - it covers almost an acre, but due to the economy almost half our work f***e had been laid off. I work a milling machine, and only saw Jim from a distance the next day, driving to and fro in his golf cart, heading for the empty part of the plant. I thought he must be avoiding me out of embarrassment or shame. After work, I stopped to buy a pint of Jack to relieve the day's stress and in an empty parking lot took several pulls, thinking things over. The warm whiskey calmed me and, on an impulse, I took the lawyer's card out of my wallet, dialing his number on my cell phone. After dodging his irate secretary's questions, pleading a 'personal and private matter', he finally answered "This is Sy, how may I help you."

When I told him I was the one spying on him at the park, he was silent for a moment, then said, "It was uncharacteristically indiscreet of me to give you my card. I must've liked what you were packing to have done something so blatant."
"I don't know about all that," I replied, "but if you want to get together now's the time." After pondering this silently for a few moments, he said, "I have a permanent room at the Plaza Hotel. Give me a half hour, then meet me in room 413. OK?" I agreed, then hung up to sip my whiskey awhile longer. The plaza wasn't far from me, so I got my nicer change of clothes out of the back and changed in my van. The Plaza was semi-posh and I didn't want to look as out of place as I felt. Taking the elevator to the seventh floor, I knocked softly. The door opened immediately to reveal Sy himself, in a bathrobe. "You will want a shower, dear boy, I just got out," he said. "Here's a drink, the loo's just back there." He handed me an icy tumbler filled with expensive scotch and I walked thru the fancy suite to undress in the biggest bathroom I'd ever been in. Standing in the doorway, robe undone, stroking a very big cock, he spoke as I stripped off my underwear. "Ah, yes, now I remember. You are the one with the nice thick cock, the kind I love so much. I remember your friend's was longer, but not so thick. Perhaps he can join us at a later date."
After a long pull on the tasty scotch, I opened the glass door to the shower, slightly bending to turn on the water. Sy walked over to me, began gently handling my growing dick with his right hand as he pulled his long cock with his left. "I do hope you'll let me wash this for you," he said, "I promise to get it squeaky clean."

I stepped into the huge shower and used some expensive body wash to lather up all over under the 'rain shower'. Sy stepped in beside me, filled his hand with the soap and began stroking my dick with it. I became hard as a rock in no time, and began returning the favor by soaping Sy's dick, which became even longer and harder. His big cock looked to be almost 10 inches long, not very thick, but with big blue veins and a red head. We jacked each other using the soap as lube for a time. We did this slowly at first, alternating hands and using different grips and strokes to lengthen our pleasure. Finally too hot to wait, we rinsed and dried, then took our drinks to the bedroom.

The room was very large, with a king sized bed, nice furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of the whole town. Sy sat on the edge of the bed, pulled me close by my still-erect cock and said, "I want to suck you first, but hope you'll save something for my ass, as that's my major letch." With that, he began to lick and suck me, murmuring between slurps "God I love thick pricks like this." He easily deep throated me, holding it in all the way as he rolled his tongue all around it, then pulled back to tongue the head and lick the precum out of my peehole. This was too much, and I came in spurts, six or seven it felt like, and he greedily drank them all down, sucking with delight. Boys, I've had many a good blow job, but none as good as ol' Sy the lawyer! I collapsed back on the big, comfortable bed, but Sy just kept talkin and stroking that huge boner he had.

"Normally I'd never go to that park," he said, "police go there to arrest gays, then publish their names in the paper! Dangerous for a man of my position. Perhaps that's why I did it." Lying down beside me in the 69 position, he continued. "I met that man when I walked by his car and he had his pants open, pulling on his big prick. I didn't want to take time to drive here, so invited him into the woods. While we were on the table I saw you and your friend enjoying the show with your cocks out, and couldn't resist the sight of yours, so handed you my card. How do you like the sight of mine?" With that he lay back and began slowly jerking and bending his cock just inches from my face. It looked positively delicious, and without speaking I rolled over and sucked it into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on it, but couldn't take much more than half of it. Remembering what my wife had done the night before, I dribbled some saliva down his shaft, over his big balls down into his crack to use as lube for my finger while I continued to suck that big dick.

One finger slid in so easily I tried two, then three. It felt like a well used and lubed cunt, and he moaned as I made it four fingers. "That's it," he said, "you are my new best friend. But I want your thick dick back there as soon as I can get you ready." My cock had already started stirring again, thanks to the look and feel of Sy's nice dick, but when he began his delicious suction it sprang back to life. He used his deep throat technique for awhile as I continued to suck him and finger his hole. I was as hot as ever before, and he suddenly moved to all fours in the doggy position and begged me to fuck him. I'd never fucked a man before, but I was so horny at that moment I'd have fucked a cowboy boot. I rose to my knees behind him and started to slide in gently, but he was having none of that, and pushed back on my cock quickly to the root. "Oh yes," he murmured, "I want it all." He rolled his buttocks in a circle with my meat buried in him, then using his anal muscles, actually jerked my cock as if it were hand-held. I'd never felt anything like it for pleasure, and shuddered as I came again. Sy also came, jerking off on the expensive bed clothes, with my cock still up to the hilt in his ass. We both froze like that for several moments, moaning and shuddering with delight. As I pulled out, I heard a 'plop' sound as the big head of my dick exited his hole.

As we composed ourselves and I got dressed, Sy was effusive with praise for the size and thickness of my meat. "It's the perfect size for me, dear boy, I do love a thick one with a large head. We must do this again soon. And bring your friend. I love to get it from both ends." I told him I'd have to think about that, and left feeling that 'feeling of well-being' that only comes after great sex. I knew what we'd just done was wrong, but couldn't figure out why if it felt so damned good. Things were going great for me, sex-wise, and I couldn't wait to see what happened next.
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Loved it, and so perfectly natural not at all wrong. Go for it.