surprise at the park

Finishing up our work shift, my buddy Jim asked "You wanna go to the park and smoke some herb? I just got some great stuff." "You bet", I replied. Our wives worked together as nurses and wouldn't be home for several hours. I knew my wife would be mad if I was buzzed, but what the hell, it was Friday.

We stopped on the way to buy a six-pack of beer and a pint of Jack Daniels. I was slightly leery of this because of a possible DUI getting home, but also because I get a little crazy on the hard stuff and am liable to do anything.

Jim was driving and pulled into a little remote parking spot surrounded on 3 sides by trees maybe 50 feet away. We toked and joked awhile, chasing swigs of Jack with cold beer, and my week's worries were washed away by the buzz and the friendly conversation. Two other cars pulled in to park as far away from ours as possible, and two middle aged guys got out to walk into the woods. "I bet I know what they're doing", Jim said, "They're gonna queer each other." I knew he was right, but didn't want to seem like it, so I answered, "Get the fuck out of here." "Really, he said, I saw a news story where the cops busted a bunch of guys out here going down on each other. Let's see if we can catch them."

Now nothing would have pleased me more than to watch, and even join in on their fun, but I didn't want Jim to know it so I suggested we drink some more first. He was agreeable, and as we passed the bottle and the roach back and forth I noticed Jim was getting a noticable bulge in his jeans. I started to get a chubby also, from the sight of his package and the thought of those two guys slurping each other in the woods. "Let's go, I said, just be quiet, we don't want to spook them".

We circled far around the edge of the woods to the spot they'd entered and found
a well worn path leading back to a covered shelter with 2 picnic tables and a fire pit. We crept up slowly, using trees as cover, til we could see one man with his pants at his ankles being sucked off by the other man who had his big dick sticking out of his pants, jacking off while being face fucked. The guy doing the fucking was grunting and groaning, pumping in and out of that wet mouth like it was the best pussy ever. Jim and I watched awhile, and I couldn't help but squeeze and rub my meat outside my jeans. I glanced down at Jim and was surprised to see him doing the same. "This is making me horny, he
whispered, do you mind if I jerk off?" I shook my head no and Jim pulled out a very impressive cock. It was at least 7 inches long and had a big, red, bulbous mushroom head. As he watched and slowly stroked, I pulled mine out to do the same. As we watched them, the two guys moved to the top of the wooden picnic tables, lay down for a 69 and were sucking each other with relish.

Glancing at Jim's meat again, I noticed precum dribbling out the head as he continued slowly jerking. Jim saw me looking and stared down at my own hard dick, suddenly saying "I can't stand it anymore." He dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his mouth before I knew what was happening. My dick is only 6 inches long, but very thick and veiny with a big head, and Jim took it all in as if he'd done it all his life. He sucked slowly up the shaft, then back down to throat the whole thing. I started to thrust in and out of his warm, wet mouth; then came in several spurts which he sucked up and swallowed like it was mother's milk. He then stood, jerking his big dick over mine til he squirted right on top of it, letting it drip on the ground.

As we were composing ourselves, getting our clothes back in order, the two guys we'd been watching walked past us on the trail. One of them scurried quickly past, but the other, in a business suit, walked up and slipped a card in my shirt pocket. "In case you want to do more than watch," he said. He then disappeared down the path toward his car. Jim and I waited for them to leave, then walked to his car. "I hope this won't ruin our friendship", Jim said, "I don't know what got into me." "Don't worry, buddy", I replied, "My motto is whatever feels good, and it's not like I haven't done it before."
You're the last one I would've thought to do this with, but I'm glad." He was all grins after that, like a weight had been lifted, and we had a pleasant ride back to my car.

As I got out, he said, "You know Lisa (his wife) has no idea I like doing this, but we talk about swinging, and maybe you could talk your wife into it, then while they're together me and you could have some fun." "That would take some doin, my friend, Cheryl is as straight as they come", I replied. "But you and me can still mess around, right?" He murmured his assent, and as I drove home I had no idea of the surprises to come.
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4 years ago
great story..
4 years ago
excellent story. brings up old memories....
4 years ago
i'm jealous!
4 years ago
great i love it
4 years ago
great story would love to hook up with someone this way