An Old Man's Story Continued

Well as I said before, that was the best summer of my life. In my long life I've had sex with countless women of all descriptions: well-built, skinny, fat, hairy, hairless, blonde, brunette, redhead; truthfully I never shied away from any type gal. I always found something attractive about them and fucked them all. And more than a few men as well. And all because of that wondrous summer so long ago.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, riding my bike back home after my first blowjob. I couldn't think of anything but sex on the way home: Miz Jean's big ol' titties and her huge ass, Tom's great big dick, and of course the feeling of Miz Jean's mouth on my cock as I spurted cum for the first time. I got a hard on thinking about things and had to hide it as I unloaded supplies in the kitchen. My Ma was at the counter rolling out biscuit dough, and said "Supper's
ready in an hour, Mose, don't disappear on me." Just then I noticed Ma in a different light. With her back to me sorta bent over working, I realized she had a beautiful big ass. The gingham dress she wore was kinda tight and with her apron tied around her small waist, her ass looked real big and heart-shaped.

My pecker was throbbing at the sight, so I left with a "back soon, Ma" over my shoulder. I saw Big Tom (I've ever since called him "Big") standing beside his car way over in the yard, drinkin' a Nehi. The hood was up so I figured he'd be tinkering awhile, so I set off for the barn. I really wanted to see his big cock again, man was it somethin', so thought I'd do something about it.
I got a gimlet from the barn and sneaked back into the house, then upstairs to the little utility closet at the far end of the hall. You see, this closet was
right next to Tom's room and so I drilled me a peephole where I figured he couldn't see, but I could see the whole room. Nobody locked doors in them days,
so I snuck in his room and cleaned up the shavings from the drill.

At supper, Tom was his usual boisterous self, making everybody laugh with his jokes and stories. I noticed he was especially attentive to my Ma as she served, putting his hand on the small of her back and winking at her and such. She never seemed to notice, but I sure noticed her big butt as she bent over the table. I was the first to leave the table, and squirreled myself away in the upstairs closet to see what I could see. It warn't long til Tom entered his room and started undressing. We had them old washstands with basins in those days, and Tom started soaping and cleaning himself all over. The washstand
wasn't 10 feet from my spyhole and I could see a perfect side view of him clear as day. His cock was long and limp, but after cleaning the rest of himself, he started on his privates, and washed and soaped that dick til it got huge again.
I could hear him talking to himself as he stroked his dick. "Damn, that woman is fine. What an ass. I've gotta have it." And so on. The sight of his big dick fully hard was awfully exciting to me. I got hard as a rock myself, and pulled it out to stroke in sympathy to his. He suddenly stood straight and stiff, and with a groan shot a big load of cum into the washbasin. I had an almost overwhelming urge to rush in and suck his huge cock clean, but instead shot my own load onto the wall of the closet. I was scared he'd heard me, but he never noticed, so I buttoned up and snuck out real quiet. I jacked off in bed later that night, thinking of everything I'd seen and done that day. This time, though, as I jacked I thought of Miz Jean's big titties and my Ma's big ass.

Ridin' my bike to our little one-room school the next morning I felt a little scared about what Miz Jean would say. She was a scary, big woman and had a frightful temper to all us k**s. But she seemed calmer than usual that day, complimenting some of our work and generally bein' nice. I never looked her in
the eye, and paid more attention than usual to my schoolwork, and was surprized at noontime to hear her say, "c***dren, this is cleaning day, I'm giving you the afternoon off." She pointed right at me, though, and said, "I'd like you to stay and help me wash the blackboard." The other k**s laughed and thought I was being punished, but I had a feelin' this wasn't gonna be a bad thing.

After the others left, I got out the mop bucket and sponge and washed that old chalkboard fast as I could. Miz Jean watched me from her roller chair and I could see her pinching a big boob with one hand and squeezing her crotch with the other. I was getting hard just from being close to her, she smelled real good, and suddenly she rolled her chair over to me and grabbed ahold of my cock.
"What've you got moving around in there, son, It looks bigger than it was yesterday." She slipped the overall straps off my shoulders, they dropped to the floor, and as I didn't wear underwear in those days my dick was right in front of her face and hard as a rock. "Why it is bigger...have you been thinking about me and what we did?" "Yes, maam", I sputtered.

"Well, you keep your trap shut about what you saw and what we do and you'll be
one happy little feller. You talk, though, and you'll be one miserable little peckerwood. Are we clear?" I could only nod yes as she undid the buttons on her dress, opened it to display those glorious titties and then bend forward to suck my cockhead. She took hold of my hands and placed them on her tits as she licked and sucked my dick. I caressed those huge orbs and her nipples grew to an astonishing length. Those nipples were as big as my thumb and over an inch long. To this day I've never seen anything to beat 'em. Them, and the wet mouth working my cock were too much and I groaned aloud and shot several streams of cum right in her mouth. She kept sucking greedily, and swallowed it all down with gusto.

She stood, and with a gleam in her eye said, "I figured that first time wouldn't take long, but you young fellers have got lots of spunk and I'm just the one to show you how to use it." She then took off her dress, her slip, and her panties to show me that magnificent body. Her cunt was the first I'd ever seen and she had a triangle of thick, light brown hair. Her titties hardly sagged at all, but were big and round with those long, delicious nipples surrounded by half-dollar sized aureola, light pink in color. She sat upon, then laid back on her desk, spreading her legs and saying, "Take a good long look. We've got the whole afternoon to play". I hurried out of the rest of my clothes and did just that. As I said, her pussy was covered in thick fur, but there was a moist pink crack that looked so inviting I couldn't help but touch it. She made a soft moan as I spread the lips to see a glistening, already-wet pink hole that was contracting slowly. As I pressed a finger slowly
into it, the hole actually felt like it was sucking my finger as it got wetter and wetter. "That feels good, hun, use your other hand to play with that little button at the top," she murmured. I complied, and was surprised to see that little button got swollen, red, and actually looked like a tiny cock. I wet my fingers with her juice and tried jacking it like I would my own, and soon I could tell it worked by the gasps and moans she let out. "God, that's good," she cried. "Now lick it a little." I bent closer to do so and for the first time smelled a real woman's pussy. It was like perfume to me, and smelled so good my cock throbbed back to full size as I licked, then sucked, her
luscious cunt. She grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face hard as she could to her pussy. I licked and sucked for all I was worth, and she bucked and moaned "yes, yes, yes." It felt like a squirt as all of a sudden her body went rigid and my face was covered with a sticky, delicious liquid. I thought all women came like that at the time, but she was one of the few I've ever seen actually squirt when cumming.

"Come up here and fuck me now, boy," she said. I'd never heard the word 'fuck' before, but I got her meaning and climbed up into the saddle. She was a big, strong woman and grabbed my pecker and fit it to her pussy so I just
started stroking in and out and soon we were going at it like old pro's. Her strong pussy muscles were moving up and down my cock the whole time and it actually felt like a mouth down there sucking my dick. That was another way I've never seen her equal. Anyway, it wasn't long before she started "yessing"
again and my prick was covered in her juice. That did it for me and I was about to squirt when she bucked me off, saying, "Don't come in me, boy, I got enough k**s to watch with this class." She then sat me on her desk and sucked my dick as I played with her big ol' titties and nipples, til I came in her mouth again. Once more she swallowed every drop, saying, "young boy's cum tastes so sweet."

"No more on that desk," she said. "Too hard on my back. I'm gonna show you where I live, and you can come over and play when I tell you. Get dressed." She was bossy as ever, but I did as told, watching her cover her own charms as I did. I noticed a movement out one of the school's windows, but they were so cloudy I couldn't tell what it was. Miz Jean grabbed my hand and said, "I'm gonna show you a shortcut to my place, but you keep it to yourself." I nodded, and she locked up and led me back thru the woods down a little path I'd never noticed. These were thick woods, and I thought I heard somethin' behind us, but Miz Jean plowed ahead til we crossed a little stream and up a small bluff to a clearing with a house in it. I could see the road a half-mile behond the little house and now knew why she never drove a car to school.

She had some comfortable bent-wood chairs on the back porch, and we walked past them and she unlocked the door to a beautiful great room with lots of window light and nice things everywhere. She walked into another room, saying,
"make yourself at home and get naked. Be right back." I walked to a window, and as I took off my clothes again saw the flash of a redhead in the trees. The
only redhead I knew was Molly, a girl my age who I never paid attention to because, well because she was a girl. "Nah, I thought, It couldn't be her." At
that moment Miz Jean walked out and erased any other thoughts because she was only wearing a garter belt and stockings. I was awestruck, it was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen - her big tits standing out boldly in all their glory, the garter belt framing that beautiful bush, and the stockings making her legs look sleek and muscular. She was beautiful, and I can still see her today in the corner of my mind reserved for permanent memories.

"I've gotta admit", she said, "when I first sucked you off it was just so you wouldn't tell on me. But I like your quiet, gentle ways and your little pecker is growing on me. And in me. You're not pushy and quick-like like most of the men around here. But I make them pay for it and you are gonna get it for free. I'm leavin' this one-horse town for Dallas as soon as I get enough money,
but til then you and I are gonna have lots of fun. Starting now. Just remember, no cumming in my pussy - you can in the other two, but not there." I didn't know which two she meant, but figured I'd find out soon enough. She walked up to me and kissed me right on the mouth as she held my dick in one hand, gently squeezing it. She was a little taller than me, and leaned down to put her tongue in my mouth and pushed it in and out, wrestling with my tongue. This, too was a new sensation, and coupled with her hand play, I got hard in no time. I could feel those big breasts on my chest and the nipples were poking me in a delicious way. Her strong legs in the stockings were against mine and I can't describe how wonderful the nylon felt on my legs. My hands were at my sides at first, but I brought them up quickly to fondle her big ass with one and that delightfullly hairy pussy with the other. Our tonguing and groping made us both mad with lust very quickly, and I felt another deluge over my hand as she came again.

"Let's get comfortable," she said, and led me by my dick to the bedroom. It had nothing in it but a big old 4-poster bed and she led me to it and we kissed again as we fell back into it. "Eat my pussy", she ordered, as she scooted up and opened her legs to give me roomy access. It was just what I'd have asked to do, and I eagerly moved to it, first inhaling the wonderful fragrance, then burying my tongue inside. I knew what she liked now, and busily moved between her hole and her button, licking and sucking until she once more spurted onto my face. I licked her clean, and she pulled me up to lick her own juice off my face, saying "you are going to be hard to leave, young man."

She was quiet for a time, but knew I was anxious by the throbbing of my cock as she gently rubbed it with her hand. 'I'm gonna give you a special treat now,
she said, "and teach you something else you don't know about women." She then bent down, taking my dick in her mouth and wetting it with her saliva. Next, she straddled me with her beautiful ass aimed at my face, raised up on one leg and placed the head of my cock at her asshole. I was astounded at this, never thinking there could be any use of this hole but the obvious, yet was so stiff and horny I could only comply. "Some, but not all, women like this", she said.
"I happen to be one who does." She slid down on my cock and it seemed to go in effortlessly although it was extremely tight, tighter even than her cunt had been. Completely inserted, she rolled around in a circle for a short time, moaning, and suddenly I felt her familiar spurt drenching my balls. She had come from just the insertion, but began to bob up and down, then moving from her knees to her feet she bent over and slowly let my prick slide in and out of her puckered hole. The sight of that magnificent ass and the feeling of that tight ring squeezing my cock was too much and I came what seemed buckets. She
seemed to enjoy the feeling my spurts gave her and squirted a little more before
pulling off me with a plop and collapsing beside me on the bed. Wanting to pay
homage to her, I rose and leaned over to kiss and tongue the ass which had just given me so much pleasure. It, too, tasted sweet, though looking back what I was probably tasting was my own sperm.

She pulled me down to her, kissing me passionately again, saying, "You are going to be of my same tastes. I must try not to fall in love with you. Out, now, to your own home and leave me to my privacy. As delicious as you may be,
I will feed you your own balls if you betray me. Keep silent and you shall have as much pleasure as a man can get from a woman. Goodbye for now." With that, I silently left the room, got dressed and headed for home the way I'd come, thru the woods to retrieve my bike. But yet another surprize, in a day filled with them, awaited me.

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3 years ago
Excellent continuation. Love your writing style. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
Another great story can't wait for more
4 years ago
Well that was jack off time man i've jack off once already today now i've jackoff two more times with this story man this was fantastic this could turn into a serial.
4 years ago
i do believe that it was not that long ago there are places in New Mexico & Arizona that are off the grid