My Best Friend (continued)

Pete and I hardly spoke on the long walk to the cabin other than to remark on the occasional wildlife we saw on the way. Both of us were lost in thought about what we had done that morning, and maybe thinking of what was to come. I can't speak for Pete, but I was getting aroused thinking about it.

We finally made the cabin, stowed our gear, and talked about what to do next. "Let's go skinny dippin'", Pete said with a grin. "That was a long walk and it's hot." I agreed, and as we walked toward the swimmin hole said, "I need to pee first." I stepped behind a tree, unzipped, pulled it out and was peeing a swift stream when Pete reached around from behind me and grabbed my dick like it was his own. I was shocked, but at the same time it felt so good I was glad he did it. "I always wanted to see what this felt like", he said.

As my stream started to dwindle, Pete pulled out his own cock and started peeing, but his dick was swollen so I could tell he was getting a hard on. As Pete shook the final drops off my dick it seemed to start growing and I quickly
got hard watching Pete relieve himself. He never let go and started rubbing my
cock up and down as I did the same for him. I suddenly realized there was no one around for miles and we could do whatever we wanted with complete privacy.

We stroked each other for a few minutes and boy it felt good, but I said, "let's go to the swimmin hole." He nodded his agreement, but said, "just
like this", as he led me down the wooded path to the creek by my erect cock. It must have been comical to see us stumbling thru the woods with our hard dicks in each others' hands trying to jack each other off and walk at the same time.

As we walked into the bright sun of the little clearing I'll never forget the sight of Pete with his hard dick sticking out of his blue jean cutoffs as we got undressed. As I said before, his cock was very dark and quite a bit thicker than mine, but the head was smaller than the shaft and kind of triangular, whereas my cockhead is bulbous and mushroom shaped and much larger than its shaft. My cock is probably 7 inches or so when erect, and I'm guessing Pete's was about 6 inches. Six delicious inches.

The ground was covered with a thick mat of pine straw from all the trees, and Pete immediately got down on his knees to suck my cock. After the early morning session and all the evil thoughts and dick jacking since it was all I could do to not come right away. I meant to make it last awhile, though, as I'd never felt anything as delicious as his mouth on my throbbing boner. He sucked slowly and lovingly, occasionally backing off to gaze at it as if mesmerized. He would lick the head, tongue the peehole, then slowly try to take it all in his wet mouth. He could take most of it, but the last inch wouldn't go at first. He was determined, though, and as he was finally able to get my big cockhead down the back of his throat I came what seemed buckets of cum and he eagerly swallowed every drop. As I shivered and shuddered at the sheer delight of the feeling, he kept sucking and licking until he was sure there wasn't another drop to be had. I dropped down on the ground totally spent.

When I recovered a little I asked "Where did you learn all this, Pete? This
aint the first time you've done this." He was still on his knees stroking his
hard cock, but sat back on his heels before replying "My cousin Andy and me have
been doing this to each other since we were little k**s. When he moved away last year I missed it like crazy, and was hoping I could talk you into it. Or suck you into it." He grinned that devilish grin of his, then laid down beside me on the pine straw. "I sure hope you'll return the favor, cause I'm as horny as a puppy with two peters" I had to laugh at that, and as his cock looked so inviting I knelt over him and started sucking. I tried to remember all the sweet things he did to me and licked and sucked the head as I bobbed up and down on his fine dick. His balls looked huge to me and were very inviting, so I licked and sucked a little on them, too, but I could tell he liked the dick sucking best. Before long he groaned "Oh God, yes, I'm coming." He spewed a geyser of cum into my mouth. I waited til all seven or eight spurts passed, then dribbled the cum over his big balls then onto the ground. I hadn't yet acquired the taste for hot cum, but I did lick the tip of his dick til there was nothing left.

As I lay back beside Pete, I was startled to hear a gruff yet feminine voice from the treeline. "If you two little squirts are thru diddling each other, there's a real woman here now." We both shot upright to see Crazy Nora
walking towards us in her usual dress of boots, jeans and a flannel shirt. Nora was 2 years older than us and was known to be wild and a little off in the head. Stories about her abounded, but most people were afraid of her and she had no friends that I know of. She was a big gal, almost 6 ft tall, with short
red hair and freckles. Even with the oversized shirts she always wore you could tell she had big ol' titties, and I had even jacked off thinking about them once or twice.

Walking up on us, she spoke. "I was quiet so you could have your fun, but a grizzly bear could've stomped up that trail and you wouldn't of heard him".
I knew she was right, but was so embarassed at what she'd seen us do I had no response. "Let's go swim while you little farts recover," she said. "Dang nice peckers on you two for such young twerps." With that, she quickly undressed and I couldn't believe the beautiful body her clothes were hiding. Her breasts were big and bottom heavy with silver-dollar sized aerole surrounding stiff nipples pointing at the sky. She had a full red triangle of red hair on her beaver, and as she turned to walk to the creek I could see a monstrous hard and heart-shaped ass. All this with porcelain white skin and a fine sprinkling of freckles.

As she jumped into the pool, Pete grinned and said, "You heard the lady" and
we both went over and walked into the clear water. It was cold and shriveled my
pod when I got waist deep. Nora was in the deepest part, and as she tread water her breasts floated and looked wonderful in the full sunlight. She still scared me a little, but felt I ought to befriend her so she wouldn't tell on us. Well, that, and I wanted to play with them big old titties. Also, I'd never had sex with a girl before, or even been this close to a nekk** one, so she was like the flame to my dick's moth. irresistable. "How'd you find this place?", I asked her. "You two little peckerwoods aint the only ones like to go camping", she replied. "Is this your dad's place?" "Uncle's", I replied, but she just answered with a grunt and swam to shore.

As she got out, Pete said, "Damn, girl, you are built like a brick outhouse." "Yeah, but it's probably wasted on you two turds", she replied. "You'd better stop insultin' us - you might just like what we're packin'", Pete said, walking out of the water already jacking his almost hard cock. As Nora leaned back on her elbows, her big boobs fell a little to each side, but they were so firm they kept their shape. Her legs were spread a little and from my line of sight from the pool I could see glistening water drops on her red bush and the sweet lips below. "Oh, please", she said, "it'll take everything I got to wean you little douches off dick sucking". I didn't know what a douche was, but from the sentence figured it to be negative.

I got out of the water then, and Pete and I sat on either side of Crazy Nora
as she started telling us her story. "I gotta admit", she said, "watching you two jerk and suck each other kinda got me wet. My own daddy started boning me when I was younger than you, but I didn't start enjoying it til lately." "Your own dad?", I exclaimed. "Yeah, and my uncle and my b*****r and my cousin and most of their friends. But let's not talk about that now."

The head of the sun and the closeness of this statuesque, though scary, beauty, had given me a chubby, but Pete was ahead of me with a full blown hard on. Nora sat up and started jacking us both off at the same time. I couldn't believe the day I was having, but never wanted it to end.

To be Continued
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