the smoking rubber slut lodger

I'm now a prisoner of my own addictions and lust. only a month ago i moved into this new house as a lodger after my marriage failed. i soon discovered that my landlord was really a rubber tv landlady. her house had a rubber fetish playroom, full of huge heeled white platform boots, rubber dresses, hoods, dildos and glistening pvc macs. And of course there were cigarettes everywhere, long Rothman royals, black sobranies and Marlboro red 100s - perfect whore cigarettes.
Anne caught me one day wearing one of her rubber dresses and those thigh boots all made up in front of her full length mirror taking deep quick snap inhales from a Rothman Royal 120, sniffing hard from a bottle of poppers and wanking in elbow length red rubber gloves - i was now the dream fetish whore id been desperate to become for years. i heard the door open and there she was smiling at me smoking hard and rubbing her she cock through her black shining pvc mac. my new life was just beginning

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